3 tips for creating an LGBT-friendly workplace

A recent study has shown that about 4% of people in the US fall in the LGBT group. Surprisingly, only 50% of these people express their gender identity. Most people hide their gender identity, especially in the workplace, in fear of losing jobs, not getting promoted or being discriminated. Companies should take steps to make their workplace more LGBT-friendly. Here are some tips to do that.

Look up to role models

There are now many business figures who are expressing their gender identity openly. You should consider them role models and show your support for them. You must show your support for various gay movements. Many Apple employees marched in the Pride Parade that took place in San Francisco. Burger King had their new burger named ‘Pride Burger’. You should follow their footsteps to demonstrate that your company doesn’t discriminate the employees.

Encourage LGBT community within the office

You should encourage your employees to form an LGBT community inside the office to show your support. This way, the employees will feel more comfortable and accepted. They won’t be afraid of any discrimination. From time to time, they can share their feelings and thoughts with each other.

Make some changes

You should have gender-neutral toilets in your office to show your support for LGBT group. You should change your parental leave so that LGBT people don’t feel being left out or discriminated. You should use proper languages in meetings and other times so that the LGBT group don’t feel offended.

You should make your workplace LGBT-friendly in order to promote diversity in your business. You will be able to retain talented people without any kind of discrimination. You should constantly educate your workforce on this matter as well so that they can also support their colleagues who are LGBT and create a healthy work environment.