3 tips for creating an LGBT-friendly workplace

A recent study has shown that about 4% of people in the US fall in the LGBT group. Surprisingly, only 50% of these people express their gender identity. Most people hide their gender identity, especially in the workplace, in fear of losing jobs, not getting promoted or being discriminated. Companies should take steps to make their workplace more LGBT-friendly. Here are some tips to do that.

Look up to role models

There are now many business figures who are expressing their gender identity openly. You should consider them role models and show your support for them. You must show your support for various gay movements. Many Apple employees marched in the Pride Parade that took place in San Francisco. Burger King had their new burger named ‘Pride Burger’. You should follow their footsteps to demonstrate that your company doesn’t discriminate the employees.

Encourage LGBT community within the office

You should encourage your employees to form an LGBT community inside the office to show your support. This way, the employees will feel more comfortable and accepted. They won’t be afraid of any discrimination. From time to time, they can share their feelings and thoughts with each other.

Make some changes

You should have gender-neutral toilets in your office to show your support for LGBT group. You should change your parental leave so that LGBT people don’t feel being left out or discriminated. You should use proper languages in meetings and other times so that the LGBT group don’t feel offended.

You should make your workplace LGBT-friendly in order to promote diversity in your business. You will be able to retain talented people without any kind of discrimination. You should constantly educate your workforce on this matter as well so that they can also support their colleagues who are LGBT and create a healthy work environment.

4 ways to help LGBT child to tackle bullying at school

According to a report, about 50% of LGBT children experience bullying at school. This is a very high figure and is something of great concern. If your child is experiencing bullying, here are the things you should do as a parent.

Know the signs

If you see that your child is having a frequent change of mood, stomach ache, sleepless night, or loss of appetite, then you should be worried. You should as them about their experiences in school and relationships with their friends so that they express themselves. If necessary, you should take your child to counseling to find out reasons for the changes in behavior.


You should take the time to listen to your children. Listen to their stories of being bullied and share your similar stories as well so that they feel that they are not alone. You can also tell about celebrities who have experienced similar situations.

Show sympathy

You shouldn’t show any anger about your child’s sexual orientation. You should show sympathy and support. Many LGBT children commit suicide for not getting accepted by family or the community. Be careful not to hurt their feelings.

Inform school authorities

You should inform the school authorities about what your child is experiencing in school. The teachers can talk to the other students and explain why bullying is bad. The teachers can educate the children about LGBT.  They must be supportive to LGBT children in case they complain about being bullied in school. You can suggest starting an anti-bullying campaign in school to raise awareness among the children.

You should support your child always and try to understand your child’s feelings. No matter how hard it is for you to accept your child’s sexual orientation, you must show any anger or negative feelings. You must remember that the suicide rate of LGBT children is high. So, your child’s life is in your hands.

How do you know whether you are gay?

The number of gay people in our community is increasing. People are now being more expressive about their sexual orientation than they were in the past. If you are wondering about your own sexual orientation, then here are some advice for you.

Don’t be a stereotype

You may be more boyish or more or effeminate. That doesn’t mean that you are gay. There is no particular look of a gay person. Some gay people are very masculine. Another thing you should know is that you cannot be 100% gay or 100% straight. You need to identify where on the scale you fall into.

Explore your sexuality

You should find out your feelings about people of same sex. Do you feel any physical or emotional attraction towards people of the same sex? How do you feel when you are with a man compared to when you are with a woman? If the physical and emotional attachment is more with the same sex people, then it’s a sign that you are a gay.

Test yourself

You can test yourself by masturbating. Find out whether you are fantasizing about men or women when you masturbate. If more male figures come to your mind, then it’s a sign that you are gay.

After you find out about your sexual orientation, you should express it to your friends and families. The acceptance level of gay people in our society has increased. People are now more open to these. So, you shouldn’t have a problem dealing with it. If necessary, you can seek a support group to help you.