6 Best Dating Apps for Bisexuals

hi today I'm going to be talking about the best dating apps for bisexuals this video is brought to you by my latest best-selling MMF bisexual romance beauty and 2 beast I will talk more about it the end the video and also quick reminder if you haven't yet voted to the bisexual representation awards for the BET or your favorite bisexual TV character you can do it by going through the link right here the link is also in the description below now let's get to it what are the best dating apps for bisexuals so why this is determine this I took six popular apps and I gave them a score between 0-3 in 4 different categories after it I will give you an overall score further I'll tell you which one I would actually use if I were to use a dating app so which apps am I talking about well the first one is OkCupid which many of you are familiar with it's a free app mostly free you have to pay for certain searches and also remove your footprints from someone else's profile next to the match comm which is the biggest dating app dating site dating app in the world so most people know that by Cupid by Cupid is a dating app and a website for bisexuals who is looking to date other bisexuals tinder is the most popular swipe left swipe right hook up dating app in the well I guess in the world bumble bumble is like tinder one thing if you are only looking for some of the opposite gender you only the female can write to you for a shower note if you are if you say that you're interested in both male and female then anyone can write to anyone first and what kind of makes it stand out just past the fact that you know if you're only looking for one gender the female has right first is the fact that because of the structure with the women who tend to be on that getting up tend to be a higher let's say success in terms of you know what they do how much money they make in online stuff simply because I think the structure allows them to feel more comfortable then I could be creeped on on such an app and then the final one is but do badou is a very popular dating app and their specialty is like you get a lot of like awards for being the most communicative for being the most picky which is the word that I got um and also is a lot of opportunities to like like pictures and to write people and stuff like that and it tends to be the opposite of bumbles so is bumble tend to attract people lawyers and CEOs and vice presidents of fortune 500 companies and stuff like that well Badou would be for more common person you know sort of like just click the average person sort of thing um so what did I think of these apps well I'll tell you in the form of my ratings in the various categories in which categories are they the first category is can you search for other bisexuals on these apps OkCupid OkCupid I give a solid three four because as many of you know you can search for both not only can you search for bisexuals but you can search for people who are mostly straight for people mostly gay pansexuals whatever identification that you want to search for you can search for that on OkCupid 303 perfect score match com I gave them a 1 why did I give them a 1 out of 3 because you can type the word bisexual into the keyword search function and people will come up like I'd search for women who identifies bisexual and put bisexual in there I think about 5 or 6 people came up but about 2 of those people it came up because they had written in their profile not interested in dating bisexuals so did I find bisexuals yeah I found 3 in the United States great so they get a point because you can search it's just you know so by Cupid by Cupid you can search for bisexuals on the site because it's nothing but bisexuals but can you go and break down and say well I'm this type of bisexual so I'm looking for this sub is bisexual can I find them no you can so they get 2 out of 3 on that stool pretty good tinder bumble Badu 0 why because you just can't search next category is number of bisexuals OkCupid again 3 out of 3 why because they're just a ton of people about identifies bisexual on their match com again a 1 why because there are the United States about three women who identifies bisexual in their in their description section by a cupid number bisexual I give them a two out of three they're all bisexuals on there the problem is though it's not quite yet weeks to point where there's maybe there's probably a quarter of the amount of people on by Cupit bisexuals and by Cuban as there are bisexuals on OkCupid so yes you know number bisexuals are all bisexuals but it's just they're definitely people but just not a ton of them tinder bumble Badu well you can identify as bisexual many of those sites so they all go to zero encouragement how encouraging are these in terms of your dating processes of bisexual which is very important is bisexual actually bisexual male OkCupid of three I give them a one I give OkCupid of one and there's a reason for that because I've used OkCupid more than any other dating site and I gotta say OkCupid is more responsible for Milo dating app self-esteem than any other dating site like if I think part the problem is the fact that I know there's so many bisexual women out there and available it's just that over the past few years I've been using it so few bisexual women have written me back so few and basically I'm only interested by such a woman so yeah there was times and I reached out to non bisexual women even then I didn't get a lot of encouragement I get responses back whether I had bisexual in my description or not like it's just I just don't get a lot of responses there so the fact has broken my spirit many times I give them a one out of three match com I give a three out of three now there is a surprise I did not see coming match calm I just so you know I use the exact same profile across all of them I use the same pictures descriptions everything but match.

com I got so much like picture likes profile likes messages that I was just shocked I couldn't I couldn't understand it I think me the difference between match.

com and okay Cuban has do the algorithms I think the reason why I got so much attention of match is because they constantly put you in front at least they put me in front of people and if your profile is in front of people in terms of pictures in Austin it's more opportunities for people respond to you so when OkCupid I get no response from OkCupid I would think like a half or three-quarters of that is the fact that they just don't promote you you can pay to be promoted for like a minute or five minutes or some crazy thing like that but generally speaking no one could pick you they don't really exist so Masha calm got a three out of three by Cupid you know what I gave him a one out of three in terms of encouragement because my rule one all this was I like it was a swipe left swipe right thing I did however I didn't write to other people so I had to wait back we'll sit back and wait for people to respond I did get one person writing to me on on by Cupid maybe even got two but they're both people I weren't I was originally interested in so it was not it wasn't terrible but I would hope that if there was a website or dating app specifically by sexuals that I would get more than the few responses I did get especially considering patch com so they get a one on a three tinder bagel zero I like to say I just experiment for one month's time and I and I did a lot of swiping laughs and swiping right and not a single match in a month in a month best-selling author blah blah blah blah blah great pictures blah blah zero so tinder screw you something I think screw you tinder they get a zero out of three bumble you know what three out of three because where's I only got like two matches on bumble during that month period there were two matches of people I was legitimately interested in and I'm Badou I got like the pickiest person award um but yet still on bumble I was able to match with people did we go on a date something like that no because well they I was thinking they had to write to me first NATO write me but in terms of encouragement hey three out of three but do I give them a two out of three not because there weren't a lot of because there were there were definitely a lot of people who you know liked my pictures and and all that stuff it was great it's just that in terms of encouragement of finding someone that I am I actually interested in two out of three still good just two out of three value in terms of like what you would have to spend versus what you get for OkCupid you know what um you get a lot for not a huge amount so you can pay to search very specifically which might have helped my chances even though I have paid for them and bash and had zero luck I still say it's not that expensive when you get a lot for your money so I give them two out of three matcom is the most expensive dating app out there it's like 40 bucks or 35 bucks or something along those lines um so it's the most expensive however if I were to use any of these I would use mass comm because yes expensive but man I really believe if I paid for I would find someone to date on match.

com bicubic by Cupid is mostly free can pay to have certain searches but it's mostly free so it's mostly free I got two responses um I give them a score of two out of three for that I would I would hope that you know that you get more but two out of three isn't bad for by Cupid so yeah tinder value it's a free app I gave it a one I don't give it a zero because it not to pay anything but for like it's just a waste of times investment time as well so value I give them I give them one point tinder bumble bumble grants I didn't go on any dates but I did get two matches so I figure if I kept on using it I would continue getting matches and eventually I would end up going out with people so I give them a two out of three and badou but do I can even figure out a way to pay for stuff on that on bumble at least they said well hey extend out the time that someone could talk to you by paying this amount that's about you um what I'm Badou I didn't even see how I could pay on it I got all these responses and all that stuff so in terms of value they get a three-on-three so what does that mean the overall score well that means that in sixth place tinder has one point you sucked in there you heard me say that you suck on fourth place we have tied for Badou and bumble and I think the choice between just who you're looking for would be your choice between bumble and badou tie for second place would be a mere maybe slightly lower by Cupid and then on top of that match calm and again I say if I were to spend money on a dating site or dating app I would spend money for match.

com because it just had the most potential in there but according to this scale they're not the overall winner the overall winner here is OkCupid now like I said there's no dating site it's done more to destroy my dating app self-esteem than OkCupid but I just want to point out that if not necessarily the company is the problem because I can two years ago I put together the first-ever large-scale dating event for bisexuals United States of America and I was looking for a partner to do this way I reached out to OkCupid and they quickly wrote me back saying they will support me and they they they made this like a partnership between OkCupid and myself and the people I was partnering with it was a really fantastic thing they did everything they could to help really kudos man kudos so um they deservingly they deserve to win this this category for all the things they do but I think there might be some sort of problem with their algorithms where there's just not putting people in front of other people enough they rely too much on their rating system all the questions and stuff is just hey what can I say they're the overall winners they got the most amount of points but they have destroyed my dating app self-esteem I hope this is helpful I hope this inspires you to go and put yourself out there and I hope this also shows you that you could admit to being bisexual on dating apps and still find people today especially match.

com especially and certainly appear bisexual female OkCupid is a tremendous option for you as well as is by Cuban and how even bumble is was in the subpoena be pretty good for me so there you go I hope that was helpful I now let's talk about let's talk about my most recent best-selling bisexual romance beauty and two beasts I'm very proud of it I'll read the description to let you know this is about it is experience the world's most enchanting in timeless love story retold with a romantic MMS twist that's male male female twist deep in the dark forest is the enchanted castle in it lives a beast with curling horns and jagged fangs there is no one who could ever love such a creature unfortunately love is the only thing that could break the castles curse the Beast isn't all bad however seeing a man being chased by wolves the Beast gives him refuge in his castle but when the man steals an enchanted rose as he leads the enraged beasts locks him up with a beast will the Beast allow the man's beautiful daughter to take his place could she be the one to break the curse and will the Beast heartbreaking secret change the way this classic tale is told with steaming encounters a gorgeous prince who visits Belle at night and unexpected twists and turns beauty and two beasts is in tantalizing retelling of a classic fairy tale that you will never forget and I promise you it is a very very interesting tale it is not your classic view in the Beast it's definitely different and the reviews have been stellar on Amazon fairy tales back in the day were written to kind of tell to teach children like lessons about life and what to do and stuff so why does I do this as I took doing the piece and I thought what would be great like moral lesson for the people who read this would be you know people are interested in mmm at stories so I completely liked or the story apart and put it back together in a very sexy very cool very entertaining very fulfilling way for you if you happen to be a bisexual looking to read a romance so I hope you check it out if you will explore the channel you can check out this book and also you can check out my t-shirts on teespring and don't forget to vote for your favorite bisexual TV character and the bisexual representation award you can go to the link here and also there's a link to it in the description below if you liked the video please give a thumbs up and subscribe I do many videos of my sexual topic but I don't don't frequently so if you want to know when a new video comes out you have to click on the bell and that will tell YouTube to let you know when a new video is coming out to the next video just take cooler my bisexual friend stay cooler and check out beauty and to Beast I promise you it will be a very interesting sexy and fun read goodbye.

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