I think we only like women well yeah I think do you think do you think we like men comment down below right now pause the video pause the video right now coming down below you know they have a new flavor for the unicorn it was recommended to my

little girl a little girl tastes like candy I wonder this is a question first of all there's somebody plow enough in the car the question today is are you please one world came we're safe we are safe it is crazy out here in these streets who are isolated

in the car though it is very scary to to know how much control we don't have thought that has been an eye-opener for me but anyway we're not here to talk about that we are here to talk about whether or not we our daddy first do you think

do you think do you I think we only like women yeah I think do you think we like men coming down below right now pause the video pause the video right now I'm coming down below so I know like I know that I've gone through kind of phases

within my coming-out journey I guess and really just trying to understand myself as a human being I feel like my my journey is like a roller coaster really my journey is like a roller coaster II do I only like women I don't think I've ever only liked women

we tagged our videos well you may have seen in a title on YouTube lesbian lesbian couple this that's only two that's only for the YouTube algorithm because you need to be classified as something right in order to in order to attract people and to appeal to a specific

audience right as far as sexuality I've always just liked people like to me it's that simple I'm attracted to two people just what my lady right here she just has a beautiful I'm not even talking about outside just like the inside is so beautiful I am so attracted

to her mind like she is so intelligent iLike there's a lot of things that I that I just like about you okay and that's those are qualities I would like in other people you know what I'm saying you're special of course like we are just like soul mates

I would never just go off of someone's gender or how they look physically I don't know I don't know how to explain it like if we just if we connect of course you have to be kind of cute you know what I'm saying you have to be cute

like yeah duh you think I'm cute baby you are so cute you're so beautiful but um yeah I think a lot of people think that I only like women I don't know I don't know if I don't care to like go deep into it I really care what

people think it's just interesting right it's interesting because I think that we are two people who like people and not one gender okay I may choose one gender over the other but I think that both of us like people so we may be considered bisexuals you know like

we may just be considered a bisexual couple but it's interesting because a lot of times you hear things about bisexuals although my soto bisexual whatever they don't have all of those crazy stuff like i think we are very far from being confused about who we want and like

i don't know it's like so dumb all the things you hear yes we can like tag to bisexuals can be together that's another thing i never really thought about like that's something unique about us right when do you see that it's to me it's not common I don't

see it often but I'm sure it's it anyway I want to stop talking and I've had so much ice cream that my mouth is numb so my thing with sexuality is that I've never really identified with a label and I really always like just like the label of

oh you're straight or gay lesbian you're bi let's do that whatever mm-hmm when I first came out I had a strong attraction to women but I had only been in heterosexual relationships prior to that so when I first came out I had this strong attraction to women and

almost denied the fact that I could or could not have an attraction to men still but I was just like all for women like women are who I want to be with and then I took that even further and actually started to deny the fact that I had

any type of attraction for men I would say things like I would never be with a guy again I don't understand women who flip-flop you know I don't know how you could be with a woman and then go back to a man I don't I don't think it's

a real thing to be bisexual I said all that and I don't know what right like I was like genuinely lying to myself because like Bonnie said like I've always been attracted to people right I've always been attracted to genuine people people who are very intelligent like Lonnie

said you know people who are just good people and so like I would find myself in situations where I was like becoming very attracted to a male and I was like I felt like I had to keep that secret longer than I had to keep the secret that

I liked women you know I mean like I feel like I really had to keep that inside because I had convinced myself that bisexual or flip-flopping was a bad thing or I was look down upon it really the ultimate thing was like I was caring too much about

other people's opinions so when I started to grow spiritually and started to really understand myself I was kind of understanding that nobody else's opinion really matters even if that opinion is the opinion of my partner so even in my last situation I found myself you know thinking like

if this situation goes bad I don't I don't want to be with another woman like I just wanna like I just want to be with a guy I want to have a couple kids you know like I just want to be with it with a good man like

love doesn't matter I just you know I just wanna like I just want to like be able to be a mom and like do certain things right and I don't want to be complicated right just I just wanted to kind of just like get out of all the

complication that a a non heterosexual relationship brings and just make everything simple right and that's kind of where my mind was like that's that's genuinely like kind of what I was thinking but I'm learning to you know don't think I know everything I'm learning so now a bar

no you know when when I met Bonnie again I just had this connection to her but it was just her like it was her energy and like the way she moved and the way she spoke it how she viewed the world it was just like instantly connecting and

I learned in that moment that my attraction to people has nothing to do with what's between my legs my attraction to people has everything to do with what's between their ears and how you know just how they view the world and what my connection is to those people

and in looking back at all the people that I've had deep relationships with there is a level of connection that I've I've had right that I've felt I don't know that I guess technically the terminology is bisexual right because it doesn't matter what what sex you are but

really I'm just like I'm attracted to the soul I'm attracted to the energy now if we had a preference finite preference yeah I still think I'm more attracted to women physically honestly I'll be honest like physically I think I'm more attracted to women I do think that there

are some in this world that are freaking gorgeous mm-hmm like oh my god board this mm-hmm but I just think I'm I'm naturally more attracted to women if I had a choice I'm gonna try to get to know the woman first mm-hmm Stane I've always been a way

more attracted to women mmm but I've dated a lot of guys it's just it's just a different experience I don't know I don't know my connection level with a woman is much deeper than it is the man same always I feel like with a man there are there

are roles that need to be played like there's a masculine and a feminine role that's like expected to be understood or whatever mm-hmm and I feel like with women you can get away from that you can just like you can mesh more you can just be like yeah

like natural I have my masculine days but also my feminine days you know what I'm saying like I love fo and I'm not saying men somebody wouldn't be okay with that like honestly the men that I've dated happen okay with this because I'm just you know like it

is what it is but on the athletes as I'm saying most people assume athletic was being masculine which i think is another incredible yeah but I think the question that's a video we are good we are we are okay we are trying to figure it out like everybody

else we're getting our weekly medicine in yeah and we are just keeping it moving okay stay off of the news like stop watching TV bro it's OD is it's really OD I understand the seriousness of it but come on we got to get out of that way let's

not living a man that world take care of yourselves yeah yeah keep it moving though don't don't stop keep grindin keep doing whatever whatever it is all right and if you work at 9:00 to 5:00 and you you recently lost your job I want to say a week

damn like I'm like I'm sorry that happened to you but that's more of the reason why we preach entrepreneurship and only your own business not to say that small business businesses are aren't being affected but when you work for somebody else you're the first ones to be let

go you know what I'm saying the workers not the owners the workers and so if you've always been thinking about like starting your own business do that getting to it is extremely important you know what I'm saying because I don't know we don't have thank God we don't

have you know I can't say thank God we don't have the kids I mean like if we were working a nine-to-five and we had children and you know our livelihood depended on someone else that would be a really tough situation you know then it's something I never want

to face with us and that is why we go so hard with our business we go so hard and with that I'm sorry no no I'm good okay with that too like everything you learned everything you need to like survive times like this you you know we all

learn in kindergarten right so like wash your hands right after the bathroom before you eat after you eat wash your hands simple wash off your phone wash off highly touch places to show compassion for people right you're not the only one struggling not the only ones going through

something hard everybody is in the same situation right we're all out here struggling we're all out here trying to figure out what the new normal is right now have compassion for people right three don't hoard we shouldn't need to go to five different stores to find toilet paper

right don't hoard stuff understand that everybody out here needs to survive only get what you need only take what you need I don't know what number I'm on for the four or five shop local right so for your local business support your local businesses nothing against Amazon but

they don't need your help right now these local businesses that keep the community running these local businesses where the owners are feeding their kids or their pet not trying to buy a third vacation home those are the people that need your money right now so if you're gonna

spend money spend it locally your local grocery stores your local restaurants whatever whatever it is that you're buying buy local as often as possible because again just like you go to go to work to make money these guys their local businesses is what they do to make money

for their family so seriously like what she said and be productive during his time be productive you have at least fourteen days to study Peru if you don't know how to start a business plan reach out to us but I don't my business plans like I love getting

into it I love like diving deep so send over a business plan don't just ask about a business plan because that tells me you just didn't do your research you just want me to hand you something are you looking for a handout like do your research mhm come

with questions am I saying we are experts but we have done it in I don't know we are getting somewhere and then lastly as an update on just what we've got going on app is almost ready so we're I think we're in the final stages will tell ya

soon we're just going on there we have some fun stuff coming out with YouTube we're gonna change up our style a little bit so you should see that in the next video oh good stuff Oh what else we have going on that's it go grocery shopping at midnight

by the way it's the best time to go we learned that yesterday it was so fun it was so fun oh my goodness we are fools you see is in these streets don't face you see us on these sheets give us a Shaka and keep it moving one

of these keep it moving anyways we hope y'all staying safe out there be safe and everything you do be creative and everything everything you do and be inspired by every single thing around you stay true be you you know we love ya love ya we'll see you on

the next video

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