Are you Bisexual? Bisexuality is on the Rise!!

are you bisexual well let's find out about to freak this hahaha um thank youguys for joining me again my name is squirt mayanja this is the me on Gaccredited news network you guys can call me Q so a growing number of womenand men say they are bisexual according to the last national survey by theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention this is really interestingmore bisexual people are we just having giving birth to more bisexual people orpeople or people just coming out interesting researchers have asked morethan 9, 000 people in the US age 18 to 44 about the types of sexual experiencesthey have had whether they are attracted to the same or opposite sex and whetherthey identify as being straight gay lesbian or bisexual interviews wereconducted between two thousand eleven and two thousand thirteen as part of theCDC's National Survey a family growth so more woman unsurprisingly reportedhaving had sexual contact with other woman 17.

4 percent in the current surveycompared to with 14.

2 percent of 2006 2010 this is that's good that's threepercent increase oh yeah that's exciting a higher number of both women and menidentified as bisexual 5.

5 percent of women and two percent of men compared tothe three point nine percent in the one-point-two percent respectively andthe last survey so are we getting more comfortable with different sexualorientations definitely 2015 it's legal for all gay people to get a gay peopleto get married in every single state in America so we're definitely gettingbetter and it's becoming more natural we have our last year we had the emojiscome out of gay and lesbian people the culture is becoming more open to thistopic so is it are we actually having more bisexual people I thinknot I think people are just more comfortable coming up coming out andsaying I am bisexual oh I have had sexual relations with the same sex umwoman were also more likely than men to report having same sexual havingsame-sex sexual contact compared with compared with 17.

4 percent of women onlysix point two percent of men said they had ever had this activity againunsurprisingly it's just our culture we see two girls hooking up oh that'sreally sexy Oh like oh I just experimented in college two guys hookingup is not considered sexy you hook up with a guy once in your life and oh he'sgay he's not straight you have no interest in girls you are gay it doesn'tmatter if you've had a million girlfriends you hook up with one guyyou're automatically gay that's just the culture we live in the survey found somedifferences between women of different racial groups only 11.

2 percent ofHispanic woman have engaged in same-sex sexual contact compared with 19.

6percent of white woman and 19.

4 percent of black woman understanding trends yeahso at the end of the day all of this it's fun to know also there's it's niceto know it's like it's cool people are more open we're moving in the betterplace the US is becoming a better safer more open country for people of allsexual orientations to come out and publicly say this is who I am and thisis what I like um but understanding these trends and sexual behavior inorientation can help health groups and programs reach out reach at-riskpopulations for example putting information about sexually transmittedinfections in a gay bar may only reach men who identify as gay right and Missmen who have sex with men but do not identify this being gay and you mightthink this is silly like oh well if you're gonna have sex with men eventhough you don't can tell yourself gay you should pay attention to that butyou'd be surprised people would be like oh the sign says gay people should weara condom because they might get sexually transmitted diseases and because of theself-hate or because of the culture we livehe might not consider himself he might not be K he might be bisexual and hesays all right if it only happens to gay people I don't have to worry I don'thave to wear a condom because i am not gay one of the researchers were coatedI'm saying they are real effects when you find out what people are doingsexually that can translate into safer sex sex education and informing doctorsand nurses about what people are doing so they can talk with them in moreinformed and compassionate ways so not only will it be better in promotinghealth it's better and understanding how people work and what they like and it'swhen you're having conversations with the healthcare provider they can giveyou advice personal advice on what's good for you and what's not good for youand then aside it it's just it's really it's good a tab I'm happy to know thatwe're moving in this direction i'm happy to know more people are willing to comeout and say yes I am gay up yes I am bisexual yes I have had a little bit offun with a guy or I have had a little bit of fun with a girl um let me knowyou guys have you had a secret affair not affair have you had a secretrelationship with the same sex how it is how was it would you consider yourselfbisexual leave a comment below subscribe and follow me on twitter and you canvisit my page and we could have a conversation my facebook page thank youI have a good night good morning good evening whatever it is for you thank you.

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