why am i pressing play well not knowing if it’s centered you see my issue is that like I start my camera got my ring light on I can’t see shit pretty darn bright I’m not I haven’t even been in focuses all time that’s just embarrassing sorry about that

alright let’s get this show on the road hello beautiful people my name is giorgia Bridgers and welcome back to my youtube channel I think that’s too much headspace but like I want you guys to see this maybe if I get comfy and cozy up close crisscross applesauce to

the max I think this is fine okay back to where we were hello everyone and welcome to yet another Monday where I post a video for those of you who do not know me my name is Georgia Bridgers here on YouTube I make videos every Monday it’s really

bad actually I literally make the video on Monday edited on Monday and posted on Monday I’ve got to do better with my time management skills right off the bat couldn’t tell by the title kind of concerning if you could on top at the title but I am bisexual

and a lot of my videos on YouTube I like to dedicate to giving people advice or letting people know how I have lived my life through my best bisexuality how I came out family my oh my god I can’t talk yeah my goal on YouTube is to foster

relationships with people and try and like break the stereotypes of bisexuality I can’t even say when I am bisexuality so yes I’m here to help I want to be the voice that I needed when I was questioning myself so mama always said if you want something done do

it yourself Here I am I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you stay if you’re new if you are mine homies who have been here for a while love you all let’s do the thing so yesterday I went ahead and asked you all in my Instagram

story what video you wanted to see this week and I was looking through all the replies and a lot of it said something gay something gay and there were a lot of questions about bisexuality so I was like you know what this is gay and it’s a bisexuality

no-limits basically anything you’ve ever wanted to ask a bisexual I’m gonna try and answer that for you right off the bat I’m gonna let you know I’m not gonna be talking about because you can google it if you are that darn curious okay that’s not the only thing

that is up to a bisexuals life so if you wanted that go ahead and click off right now haha but if you want to learn more about bisexuality stay on disclaimer everything that I’m about to answer in these questions are completely personal I do not speak for all

the bisexuals in the world this is how I relate and I hope I can be helpful to some of you let’s begin can’t believe that intro is fricking four minutes long I’m gonna have to edit the you-know-what out of this do all bisexuals feel equally about sexes or

favor one more than the other no not all bisexuals are the exact same I personally favor females compared to males that’s how I am it’s not how it always was when I was first beginning my journey into accepting myself I was super boy crazy so I was like

I literally remember writing in my journal I was like maybe I’m 90% I like men and women 10% and now I’m like pretty into women majority of the time ya know guess what that does not mean I’m a lesbian I’m still attracted to men so sorry my sister’s

lesbian though if you want to Bridgers lesbian go to her one thing you like about dating guys and one thing you like about dating girls so this one’s kind of hard to answer because I have never been in an official relationship with a guy before I’ve dated guys

but I’ve never had a boyfriend never worked out maybe this is why I never heard to help I am currently dating a girl what I liked most when I was dating guys is probably I don’t know it’s it’s hard to answer because it is so different a woman

as a woman dating a woman it’s just easier to connect with things like I could text my girlfriend be like I’m in a pissy mood I’m bloated I’m on my period pretty early into the relationship because she gets it it’s not gross whereas I would never text a

guy that after dating him for one month I personally wasn’t sorry if you’re into that go for it I’m just not that comfortable yet but with dating a guy damn I don’t know I like dating girls so much more wow I guess muscles muscles are nice how can

you desire both males and females when they offer such different aspects of relationships so this kind of goes into the other question that I just kind of have asked because it’s kind of difficult to answer how can I desire both it’s not like it’s not a choice I

just do regardless of the different aspects of the relationship even though I do feel like I have more quickly emotional connections with women versus men versus the men that I have dated it’s so difficult to explain a feeling like that like for example if I were to ask

a straight man like how do you desire a woman like well obviously because like they’re beautiful and they’re lovely and I love everything about them and then I would ask a straight woman how do you desire a man oh well they’re kind and sexy it’s just how you

feel towards another person doesn’t matter the aspects of their relationship have you ever had a crush on one of your straight friends and have the vibe that they’re not straight because same yes curly pop I have and it sucks especially when that person knows about your sexuality you

know I think you just have to remember how important the friendship is to you if it is something worth pursuing pursue it but if it’s someone who’s just flirty like don’t waste your time over it because you’re just gonna go in circles over nothing potentially que sera sera

what will be will be were you scared well bitch were you scared when you first started liking girls terrified I was literally terrified I thought it was bad like I was never homophobic I just thought I was supposed to be straight and then when I realized that I

was in fact not straight and I couldn’t change that no matter what but I just realized that is how God made me not to get religious but like sorry I’m a religious person I personally believe in God and the universe and spirituality in prayer to go off on

a tangent God is love and God made me in the image of love so why would God have me love someone as a test against his love it doesn’t make sense so sorry have you ever dated a girl and a boy at the same time no because I’m

too much of a jealous type of person that I give my all to one person I would hate if I was dating someone who I knew was dating multiple people so sorry I’m a I’m a one-on-one girl do you have any idea of what gender you’ll probably end

up spending your life with I love you xox well first of all gender is a man-made construct love you too personally now I see myself ending up with a wife and there’s nothing wrong with that but then again we don’t know what the future holds and whatever happens

happens right now I’m walking to the aisle to another girl in a white dress or whatever she wants to wear I don’t care but I’m walking down the aisle second sorry I love being center of attention do you flirt with guys and girls differently yes I do I

feel like so I feel like when I’m flirting with a guy he’s more kind of in control I don’t mean this to sound sexist at all or anything you know but like I would never approach a guy I’m not confident enough to go up to a guy and

be like hey sexy you know anything like that I feel like it’s more him coming out to me and me kind of playing like hearts again or never papa blah but um when I flirted with girls in the past it’s been more kind of like me starting off

the flirtatiousness that’s so unlike me I don’t know why but I don’t know I feel silly talking about it but yeah I don’t know I’m just more dominant just kissing a boy feel the same as kissing a girl I don’t think so I think kissing a boy is

more rough like if bigger faces more often than not and like scratchy beards I think kissing a girl it’s more like soft and delicate sweet and easy it’s nice if both of them are nice but it’s just your personal preference what is the hardest part about being bisexual

in today’s society and people think it’s a phase people don’t people don’t accept your sexuality bisexuality as holy and as easily as they would per se accept a lesbian or gay it’s just hard to grasp around the fact that someone can so genuinely be attracted to both sexes

it’s hard it’s hard people don’t understand they they don’t get it when it’s not fifty-fifty because it’s called bisexuality they don’t get it why you wouldn’t just choose one over the other they think it’s a phase the media has very hardly portrayed women in college like to experiment

and sure maybe they do that’s fine but then that has taken over women who are in college and actually have discovered their sexuality it’s just frustrating because we as humans want to be accepted and we want to be loved no matter what sometimes we don’t always get that

but you know what damn it we’re gonna change that over time it’s fine we’re gonna have people stand up talk about it make it legit make it real answer real questions and get get to the core of the person sexuality is a spectrum and it doesn’t matter where

you are if you choose to use a label or not it doesn’t matter man just live your life love who you want to love and be happy because you have to be with yourself for the rest of your life might as well have fun while you’re at it

all right what’s up with me winking today no I’m feeling frisky all right everyone that’s all I have for this week thank you all so much for watching and don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe for more for those of you who have been around here for a

while you know but for my new babies my DMS are always open on Twitter and Instagram if you want to connect and talk I try to get to as many people as I can I myself am a very busy person but I’m here for you even if you

just feel like venting perfect thank you all so much for watching don’t forget to be your best self love you all bye the wink you

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