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I started my coming-out journey as bisexual in 2013 which is about four years and three different schools before coming to Lincoln something I experienced every single time I switched goals and kind of entered a new social arena was kind of not the anxiety but like the the choice

and nervousness about how this part of my identity and my personality and kind of just person in general would be perceived by this new group of people that I was gonna be socializing with and hanging out with and Lincoln for me was no different but my fears were

calmed a bit before I actually even came to the country because I had a nosy about on the Student Union's website where you could see like a list of all the societies and one of the societies I saw was the lgbtq+ Society and I have they'll think that

a university that has lgbtq+ Society can't be completely hostile or foreign to the idea of great people existing and I was completely correcting that assumption before I came here I joined a group chat for my media production degree and within like a week or two I want to

say people started like talking about sexualities and coming out as bisexual and as homosexual and it was just very nice welcoming environment with people like talking about that and joking about that and how it wasn't weird that was actually one of the first plans I made with my

course mates so I'm currently editing this video and I realized that whilst I was filming in my head I'd already mentioned pride but I hadn't actually said it out loud so the thing I'm talking about here is pride we planned that later didn't happen because timing and uh

schedules but we had the intention to go to pride together because pride was within like my first few weeks of being in Lincoln I ended up going to it but with a kind of mixed group of people that have become like my friend group now that I talked

to a regular basis since people from my course and actually being a pride was like the thing that hit home for me that this university and this town was not gonna be an issue cuz you kind of saw the entire time participating in it at the end of

the parade down by the Bradford there's a little stands for all these different organizations and one of the Sam's that I saw was from Student Union and from the University of South kind of seeing them rally together about the lgbtq+ community and supporting that so openly just made

me feel secure in the choice that I made about this University and that my identity would not be a problem here it was also an open day so cut up all the new students who were coming to visit Lincoln would see pride and diversity me and my friends

we're like walking around we're like flags and I had like a giant flag on that was like a cape we were hanging out Swan so it was kind of pretty obvious that this university was very welcoming to like lgbtq+ people Lincoln coincidentally it's also the first time that

I've had a girlfriend that I met here and again just casually mentioning the fact that I have a girlfriend both to like my course mates my friends my lecturers if you're like chatting about things to them oh yeah I went to see this film with my girlfriend or

my co-workers at student life and at the video support assistant office I think full name but at the University as well there's never been a problem then there's never been like a moment where I've seen people do like a double take or something so first few times obviously

I feel like most career people probably do this where they kind of survey what has this person told me before what do I know about the politics what do I know about like their social outlook on life do I say girlfriend do I say a friend and you

just say somebody what do I do so the first couple of times that I kind of mentioned the girlfriend word I was a bit like oh I think I have a reaction to it but now it's just like second nature because nobody has said anything or made me

feel like that wasn't okay I've never had like a bad comment or anything like the most things that happened is me and my girlfriend walking down the high street and you get some looks from older people who like what but I mean you kind of get that everywhere

in fact I'm come from aa who's originally which is the second biggest city in Denmark and I see more people in same-sex relationships holding hands walking up and down the high street here than I've done at home which is like Denmark is one of the places that's like

known for rallying behind lgbtq+ people so that just says something about Lincoln in my experience it's not been like a thing where I've had to like make a statement I'm like oh yeah I'm my sexual this works this way blah blah blah it's just been like you fight

casually said I had a girl from the conversation the conversation just carried on because it's not weird thing here it's just part of life and I think at least for me that's like ultimately where I want to be and that's what makes me feel really good about being

bisexual in Lincoln thank you so much for watching and until next time I hope you have great wonderful days full of acceptance Phi I don't know if you can tell in the video but I'm using a ring night and I just knocked that over as I said goodbye


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