Being Bisexual on YouTube

There's a thing that's been happening to me recently, and by recently, I mean the last few months.

I get people asking me all the time to make more videos about bisexuality, and I love making videos about it.

It's something I like to talk about, but I also like to talk about a bunch of other things too.

But I'm in this weird dilemma thing too because if you look at the view counts of any video I make about bisexuality, it gets a lot more views than anything else I make, which is something to consider for me.

A lot of people consider me now to be one of the "bi YouTubers" and that's great.

I'm bi and I'm real proud of it.

Something I really like talking about.

Something I'm really passionate about Discussing, making better for everyone.

It's a great thing.

But I also have mixed feelings about it.

Let's talk about that.


I'm the kind of person that doesn't really ever know what he wants to be specifically.

I want to be all the things.

I want to make all the things.

I want to do all of the things.

I can never really focus on just 1 thing and have that be my thing.

And I feel like on YouTube, I have a lot of things that are my things.

If you're following me here, bless you.

Bless you for following me here.

I think what I'm trying to say here is that I don't necessarily want to be considered a "bi YouTuber" or an "LGBTQ+ YouTuber.

" All the time, because I also do want to be considered that because I think it's really important.

Representation is really important and I'm super lucky to be in a position where I can do that as a thing.

But I also think there's way more to me than being a bisexual male on YouTube.

I think I have way more that I can do.

Obviously I make things based on my experience.

That's what I do as a creator.

It's what I want to do as I create other things.

That's what I do.

And while being bi in this world contributes to my experience, and it's something I'm gonna make a lot of things about throughout my entire life, I'm gonna make a bunch of other things about a bunch of other things.

Being bi is a part of it, but it's only a small part of the whole picture of who I am.

I think we have a tendency to do this with people in the public eye or who we don't really know.

We put them in boxes and say, "You're this! This is what you are because this is my understanding of you.

" "Makes my world simpler, and I move on from that.

" And honestly, I think that kinda cheats people.

All of us are more than the sum of our different identities and labels.

Yes, identities and labels are important.

Absolutely let's talk about them all the time.

But sometimes we forget to look at the whole picture of a person.

And obviously if someone is a celebrity, we're never going to be able to know the whole picture, but maybe we should try to pay attention a little more to these people as they actually are.

Yes I'm a bi YouTuber.

I'm an LGBTQ+ YouTuber.

I'm an active, vocal participant in the LGBTQ+ community and I'm honored to do that.

Something I'm grateful for, to be some kind of voice on something.

But I've got so much more to do alongside that.

Yes, I'm gonna do that and be real passionate, but I've got more stuff to talk about.

Things to make.

I'd love to hear what you have to think about this.

I was thinking about this a bunch the other day and I was like, maybe I should table this for video.

And then I did.

And now we're here.

I hope you're well, and I will see you guys on Monday.

FWAH jamz for those who hit me up on patreon, first of all, thank you and i love you very much.

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Not now.

It's going up after this video.

Film it right after I'm done here.

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It's a service that allows you to support me making this videos and it really does help me out.

It's really gonna help make me stable and allow me to make these videos/other things even better in the future.

I love you guys very very much and I'll see you next time.


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