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Hello hello! Welcome to Binerdy, where a bisexual talksabout nerdy things! This’ll be a start of a 101 series, where I explain all the main groups of queersexuality and gender.

I’ll be covering everything from homosexualityto transsexuality and addressing some of the more common issuesfaced by all of them.

And hey, might as well start with somethingI relate to! So what is bisexuality? In short, it’s an attraction to both sexes.

Seems pretty simple, right? Person: Wait.

My friend said she was bisexual a while ago, but she doesn’t like boys and girls equally.

She has to be one or the other! Hey, you don’t need to like both equallyto be bisexual! In fact, that’s rarely ever the case.

To explain further, imagine sexual attractionto be a bar like this.

One side represents same-sex attraction and the other side represents opposite sexattraction.

Bisexuality is literally everywhere inbetween.

Statistically speaking, being right smackdab in the middle is pretty uncommon! Person: I’m a dude who likes girls, but I’ve had a few hook-ups with dudes before and I’m not against being with dudes.

Am I still bisexual? Heck yeah! You can prefer the ladies, or you can almost 100% like dudes and havesome crushes on a few girls and still be bisexual! Bisexuality is a spectrum! You don’t need to be exactly 50-50.

Hell, I lean more toward men than I do womenand I’m still bisexual.

And even then, you don’t have to have thesame exact ratio of attraction every day! Some days you might really like the ladies, but maybe next month you’re all about those- Uh, abs and pecs.

*clearing throat* Sexuality is fluid, so if your preferenceschange that’s perfectly fine! Person: But what makes bisexuality differentthan pansexuality? That’s a bit difficult to explain.

I earlier described bisexuality with a bar between same sex and opposite sex attraction.

Unfortunately, that's not really fully accurate.

But that's a topic for another video.

Essentially, pansexuality is an attractionto any and all genders, while bisexuality is an attraction to two.

The usual example I’ve seen is that pansexualityincludes other non-binary genders like genderqueeror agender while bisexuality focuses on male and female.

Admittedly, these two terms are used interchangeably, even within the community.

But they are, in fact, different things.

Person: There’s no way this is a thing, you have to be one or the other! The B is in LGBT for a reason, you know! And, unfortunately, bi-erasure is also a thing.

While the exact reason for this is complicated, bisexuality is more often than not ignoredor treated as something that doesn’t exist.

And, well, it does! Person: But it’s just a phase, right? Youhave to pick a side eventually! Not even slightly! This is a really common stereotype for bisexuals, so much to the point where both the heterosexulAND homosexual community hold them as truth.

And, well, it’s not true! When a 10-year longitudinal study was performedfor sexual minorities, its findings show that people who identifiedas bisexual kept that label after ten years, and that people who were originally unlabeledtook on the bisexual label! Can’t be a phase if it lasts that long! Person: What about bisexuals not being ableto commit? That is also wrong! This is a bit of a strange idea, too.

Sexuality and the ability to commit aren’trelated in the slightest.

But this is an idea propagated by both thestraight AND gay communities.

It’s a total stereotype! Being unable to commit is a personality issue, not a bisexual one.

Person: All bisexuals are untrustworthy!! .



I’m sorry, what? Person: Stop being so indecisive!! Person: You’re just confused! Person: Just come out already! Person: Why are you so greedy? Hey, HEY! None of this is true! These are all stereotypes, and none of themare inherently tied to bisexuality! And yet, these are all incredibly common, not to mention they’re all terribly damaging.

And what’s worse, bisexuals get this fromboth the straight AND queer communities! Hell, I’ve received a lot of crap from thegay community about bisexuality.

I can say a lot about this, but I'll summarizeand say that these stereotypes are not right.

So in summary: bisexuality is the attraction to both sexes, it is indeed a thing, and all the stereotypes you hear are stereotypes, and need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Be aware of that from now on, and if someone tries to spread this just tellthem why they're wrong.

These stereotypes are usually spread by ignorance, so the more you all know the less it will happen.

So go out and tell the world about bisexuality! And that’s all folks! Stay tuned for more 101’s for the queer community! Leave any thoughts in the comments or in myinbox and I’ll see what I can do.

Take care!.

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