hello friend happy bisexual Awareness Week this is one of my favorite weeks for many reasons primarily because I like talking about buy things and this is a week when lots of people are talking about buy things as you and I both know the LGBT rights movement has been

very LNG in the past the B and the T are not so often represented and so it's really nice to see droves of people coming out for bi Awareness Week this is one of the first first years that it's happening it's so kind of a new thing celebrate

bisexuality Day is on September 23rd and that is the ultimate day when we can all wear our by pride colors and wear our flags to work if your work allows you to do that and if it doesn't or if you're not out then don't feel like you have

to the most important thing that I want to say about bi Awareness Week though is that there are a couple of little changes that we can all make in our day to day behaviors and actions and language that actually make a really big difference for bi inclusivity and

affirmation and celebration and awareness and all of those words that get wrapped up into a week like bi Awareness Week and it can be really simple things so one example is not saying gay marriage but saying same-sex marriage and the reason why that is is because if two

women or two men are married it does not mean they are gay so like I'm bisexual right so I'm probably gonna marry a woman one day if my life goes down the trajectory that I expect and when I do that I'm not gonna be in a gay marriage

because I'm not technically gay there are tons and tons of people who are in who are bisexual and who are in marriages or relationships who are not in gay or straight relationships because that's not something that fits with them and not even like you don't categorize the relationship

based on the identities of the people who are in it like I don't know like my girlfriend's a lesbian and I'm bi and we don't talk about ourselves as like a bi and lesbian couple or just like weird Lea's who are in love so another example of this

is the gay rights movement there is such a thing as the gay rights movement and it is a movement that focuses only on the rights of gay people so for that reason it is not an ideal movement because many of us who are in need of legal and

social and political ad see any quality which is everybody do not identify as gay sometimes the movement does look like it's just the gay rights movement but one of the ways that we can make sure that it is much more than that that it is LGBTQIA every other

letter you can name up is to not talk about the gay rights movement but talk about it as the equality movement the liberation movement whatever realm you want to look at and however you want to approach that activism just make sure you're not limiting it to one identity

I realize some of you are gonna call me on that because the name of my blog is gay right but I've talked about that a little bit about why I called it that five years ago and why I'm not gonna change that name so if you want to

talk about that I will link to that in the doobly-do on the post where I explained it and I'm happy to talk about it more another way you can help is to read up on by issues because they actually are separate from lesbian and gay issues in a

lot of ways there's a lot of overlap obviously everything's like marriage equality and anything in general where where protection is linked to sexual orientation and then that's going to link LGB people all together LG and B yes there are some studies that have been done specifically on bi

populations not enough of them there's so much more information out there about lesbian and gay populations but what we do know about bi people is that the circumstances are not great for a lot of us and that might be counterintuitive or sounds wrong to some people because a

lot of people still think that bias have it easy because we have this straight passing privilege right because if I just dated a boy and married a boy then I would not have to worry about marriage equality or workplace equality ever again but to look at it that

way is really limiting and really offensive to those of us who we know who still who maybe are in relationships with people of the same sex and plan to pursue those relationships for the rest of our lives still identifying as bi or for those of us who perhaps

are dating people of another gender who still want that queer community because they face that you know they have faced issues as a bi person in their past or because they're still struggling with stuff internally we have to think about bi inclusivity and acceptance and awareness as so

much more than something circumstantial like a bi person shouldn't be welcomed into a queer space only if they show up with like their same-sex partner to prove that they are you know but there gay in that moment because that's not really how it works there's so much more

to bisexual identity and experience and culture than just the person that you happen to be dating at that time so again kind of kind of go full circle read up on those buying issues part of that is gonna be like data and studies and reports and whatnot but

part of that is also just first-person works written by by people read personal essays by by people read things written by by people of color by trans by people by religious by people by bisexual people from rural communities or different socio-economic classes as yours there is so much

great writing out there and so many incredible experiences that are there for you to connect with I have listed a couple of my favorites below but the Internet is yours there's so much out there please please please just go find it I'll help you let's do it together

so with that said I'm happy by awareness week I am so happy to be sharing it with all of you thank you for your patience cuz I've been off YouTube for a little bit but I am happy to be back and hoping to be back with more frequency

have a wonderful wonderful week I love all of you and I'm sending extra special love to my bi people this week mwah you're all perfect and wonderful exactly as you are and thank you so much for watching I will see you next time and it could be rich

turned all my home made a video and so long I forgot that that happened

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