Bisexual Community and Parents

my mom is a filmmaker not very mom-like anyway it's a common my relationship with my mom is it's pretty it's pretty open why she's gone through a lot of the same stuff I have so like why ask my friends and get Skeet opinions when I can just ask

my mom who's been through stuff and made a mistake so I don't have to make my mistakes this is my dad my dad and I have the awesome privilege of getting to live in the same city as adults and working on an adult relationship with my parents it's

a really neat thing and also in a city that's home to a lot my clear and activist and our community she sounds exactly like me and she looks like or maybe I look like her she's a really cool person she like she used to be a punk and

like you know it's just so great her music taste is amazing my dad I said say has been parts about both serious supportive my work there's a notice but also just my girls as a human here's a terrible sense of humor from her I know that I'm very

lucky to just be able to share absolutely everything with both of my parents sometimes too much I know it's a relatively unique model to to have and I came cuz I'll do anything Zoey asks haha I have like up the privilege of having an ally in my family

so you know I should show people that you know there are hours out there there are people who will support you in your life and you know it's something that everyone should have I felt a call out Facebook and I thought it was really neat because there's been

a lot of I I just been around a lot of dialog lately about this kinda invisibility of bisexuality with leave it within queer spaces of the idea that like having an identity or attracted a lots of genders I think that this project is really important because you know

I think for anybody it's really important to have an ally at home you know your parents are your advocates or at least should be your advocates and you know not having an ally at home I just can't imagine what that would be like the support is a given

but I like come and I'll express something new you know about you know different things you know people I'm seeing multiple people I'm seeing and and your reaction is the first reaction is often not great and then the learning curve is probably like three weeks like three weeks

to get people's pronouns three weeks to get you know really hard to get the pronouns she lets me just be free which you know she doesn't tie me down she doesn't hold me down she didn't expect anything with me in general there's no specific this is really I

can think of my dad was the one that has really been done the challenging work of try to respect my gender awareness and like yeah it's a really uh apologies are they that programs which I get is awkward and embarrassing when you don't really understand that you don't

you know you like you're possibly being corrected my mother has a harder time with it so what have you at least want carrot that's was really out of it not only add a ramp up like my dad gets all excited about it lip writes it into my Christmas

cards I don't know it means something it's validated to have someone say okay I'm they don't get it but I hear you and I see you yeah good I mean I that that's how I look at it is just accommodating chest and in in whether it's you know

in a supportive role or in dialogue I can't think of any specific instances of support but I mean you know that is my job that is what I signed on for is to be your support your advocate your you know safety net your everything you know and if

I wasn't that I wouldn't be doing my job being being public not private you know like sharing being open when people ask you questions and you know just always an example to us so that we can be an example to other people a lot of people will like

listen to like stereotypes or like they'll have preconceived ideas of you know what a person should be like and you know like if they identify as a certain thing what they will be like and so I think that you know to kind of not have that mindset it's

good having relatively open communication in general makes it easier because you don't have to tell everything all at once you're just sort of sharing a picture as it gets more and more complicated and then I think for both sides it's less of what do I do with all

this information cuz you've been getting to know each other sort of slowly and gradually and as things happen be flexible and and recognize that rigidity doesn't serve a relationship well any relationship and especially not in this in this context and she's a different person I can't expect her

to live my life she has to live her own life you know and hopefully she will do that in a happy and healthy way if I support her a loving relationship not only can occur through that flexibility it actually makes a relationship flourish it's really important to to

not judge this support has meant that I can do whatever I want that it will be fine I can just express myself the way I feel I need to and the way I feel comfortable this support has meant that I have the confidence to advocate for myself both

the freedom to be the kind of person I want to be little to the confidence to voice my desires home kaptara freedom she's giving me freedom to find myself you

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