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Hello Poetry Pals welcome back to anothervideo this week I am practicing my makeup for pride yes that's righttomorrow is Bristol pride on the day of filming and so I am going to practice mymakeup I'm going to be modeling my makeup on the bisexual pride flag whichis pink purple and blue I'm not like I tried doing this before when we went togo and see drag bingo and I'll be it it went terribly so I'm gonna try my bestit's gonna be very colorful it's gonna be very 80s and yeah we'll see how itgoes okay so first of all I'm gonna put on moisturizer next up I'm gonna put onyeah I'm gonna keep it like okay now I'm gonna put on some concealer running out I just blend my name with myfinger okay and while I got I haven't got any powder on I'm gonna put some ofthis on its from number seven it's like a highlighter thing so I've been going to pride in Bristolfor at least 5 years but I think definitely sick and I've been living inBristol for 8 years this September and I gathered all my friends and it's areally wonderful experience to go and see everyone just being their authenticselves and like living the life that they want to do and it makes me reallyupset that people people don't feel like they can be that everyday pride inBristol is not without its problems I think that as we've pride anywhere theycan very easily become commercialized and just an excuse to make money thisyear is the first year that they've moved up to the downswhich is really good so there's a lot more space but in the past they wereused to be at Millennium square and it would always hit capacity really reallyquickly and people wouldn't be able to get in and it became and it still is anda bit sort of destination for just people who want to go to a festivalbecause it is a really fun day but it's you do get a lot of straight peoplegoing and taking up the space of people view and like young LGBT people who maybe deserveto be there more and today I just think it's interesting so what I've done forthe last few years is I've volunteered to help make it happen because I thinkit's really important and exciting and last year I was doing my eyebrows nowlast year I was with a young guy he like volunteered he was like 15Nate volunteered to do the surveying because um like none of his friends weregoing to volunteered to do surveying like me and was really good at chattingto people and stuff like that so last year I did surveys and it was just aboutlike who you are why you're at pride that sort of thing and it was it it wasrun by pride to sort of analyze what they wanted to do the next year and so Idid that for four or five hours and then I went enjoying my friends at thecabaret stage because let's be honest every stage is where it's up you don'tneed to be anywhere else the society be part of the parade okay as far as Iunderstand I may be putting glitter on people as well which I do enjoy doingeyebrows did so I'm gonna start with my throwing up say oh I'm gonna start with rightfucking pink so the idea is I'm gonna go pink over the crease and like blend itout like pink then cut crease with like fire pool through the outer corner andthen blue on the lid I'm going to be using and the tip I learnt fromnikkietutorials is to look straight into your mirror oh gosh sorry look straightinto your mirror and do it just above the crease like that sigh hold on no no when I get fluffy brush this oknow let's keep going on the other side ok so now I'm gonna go in with thislittle brush now I'm gonna deepen up the powerful soyou got the blue and the pink which looks really cool now I'm just going todeepen up the powerful No okay so now I am okay what do you think what do you thinkokay so now I'm gonna go underneath do the under eye then do you put it up a little bit withthe purple look lightning it's a great time to eaton the outside a little bit I'm not liable probably gonna take thisfull-blown new romantic smile now one of the things we're gonna do now is liketight line the waterline with this so now what we're gonna do is likebronzer and blush up your niece will do and do a tiny bit of bronzer and a wholelot of blush I'm gonna like fix it around here I'm just putting bronzer where you wouldnaturally catch the Sun so like on your cheekbone hereI don't really contour don't need to Beach and then I bet across the bridge of mynose and now blush we're just gonna go right over where the temples still notquite think you're going to we go in with our brush and those two thingsthere and then so it's almost like we're bringing thatbringing that edge of the eyeshadow here just brushing it right in with the cheek you really want to work intensify thatHollen right example here so like where your eye meets the edge of your forinstance yeah then you saw blending it up into your forehead and down with yourcheekbone but the emphasis is right here now I guess it's time to highlight so mysister left this highlighter palette thing and so it's got we're just gonnahave the Blues it's gonna have that like iridescent color and then I get myhighlighter brush and go along the cheekbones here and where we put thatstuff down can you see it still it's sort of shiny through its way that thatdown we're just gonna put this blue tinted one over and it's almost like if this is ac-shape then the highlights is gonna be the tiniest c-shape there we're going togo in under the eyebrow just to give the eyes a little bit extra just under thearch and then and this was the same brush I used to put the blue litter ontothis bits a bit more blue that's great you kind of want to do a tiny bit yeahdon't hold back on your inner eye it's pride for thugs a bit about okay sofinal steps a lip I'm gonna go on Instagram quickly he can do a quick poll okay instagram has spoken and we aregoing to go for purple lipstick in the meantime where they were deciding I puton lashes and under-eye mascara I'll be honest with you I'm pretty sure I put mylashes on the wrong eyes but they look cool so we're going with it okay Oh okay so that's the lipliner it's quitepinky and then the stroke goes on blue and mr.

Collins this lipstick dries outquite a lot and and but this one which is called anything once and it is like aglittery blue I'm just gonna put that in the center okay and that is my finishedlook I finally found good lighting what doyou think so I am meant to be down at pride in Castle Park by 10:00 a.


tomorrow this look checked me an hour sif so I'm gonna we'll see whether Iactually do it tomorrow time for a quick montage so thanks very much for watching myyoutube channel please like this video share it with all of your fellow makeupin theists if it's any good I don't know I think it turned out ok pleasesubscribe do all the YouTube things and I will see you next week for anothervideo thanks very much bye.

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