Bisexuals Are Transphobic! (Lesbian, Gay & Bi Guy Respond)

if I look at something if my dick doesn’t work my dick doesn’t work it doesn’t go hey good morning babes and big levers today I’m in LA with Mike and Joey and so you’re bisexual yes you’re gay yep and I’m a lesbian as a lesbian I’ve been taught

told on multiple occasions that I am transphobic for not wanting to fuck a trans woman who has a penis I want you to react and tell me what you think of this video that she that she makes it says is the term bisexual transphobic oh okay bring it

on I am gonna answer that question through the best of my ability I feel like there are several really important points that are often misunderstood about bisexuality number one being that bisexual means two so you’re only attracted to two genders yeah you don’t even that’s what I agree

with you do now it means more than to my sexuality means that I’m attracted to people of the same gender I’m a woman so women and people of other genders like men or non-binary people we’re at lesbian meant females attracts to other females like exclusively but now since

trans women came into the picture which I don’t care if a trans woman identifies as lesbian I really don’t like I don’t fucking care if you identify as a woman and you present as a woman and you date women call yourself a lesbian now what they’re trying to

say is this is all the SJW is out there they’re trying to say that you identify as a lesbian and you won’t data transform or the penis you’re denying them of their womanhood I’ve gotten to argue to people before about this this could be taken in several different

ways yeah yeah that happened it probably happens to you more because because I’m a woman being a woman because you don’t want to have sex with somebody doesn’t tonight like if somebody yeah if somebody doesn’t want to have sex with you because you’re a man that doesn’t mean

you’re less of a man no because basically what you’re saying is you’re just not the type of man they want like a trans woman where the penis is not the type of woman that I would want people who use the term bisexual to mean that they’re attracted to

different genders but gender does affect their attraction so in that way I guess gender probably does affect my attraction I can be attracted to people regardless of gender but also the way that I feel attraction to them might have to do with how much they express femininity or

masculinity or neither I am not the authority on bisexuality and I’m definitely not the authority on pansexuality no one is right I can’t be the authority of so at least she does that conception is that term bisexual is transphobic because you’re excluding non-binary or gender non-conforming trans people

from your dating pool but then would be identifying as heterosexual be homophobic no taste on bodies and don’t judge that logic if you if you agree with what she just said then being a straight man is homophobic period that’s not necessarily true cuz I’m bisexual and I’m attracted

to people who don’t identify as binary men or women good for you though like yeah I’m sure that transphobic bisexual people exist actually definitely transphobic bisexual people exist but I think it also comes from a misunderstanding of how people define bisexuality I thought there are alternative definitions for

the word doesn’t just mean that you’re only attracted to sis men and six women being bisexual just means that you were attracted to at least two genders but it could be more than two this whole new wave of feminists and of SJW people and what the woke people

they’re changing the definitions of words that we use like I use lesbian and got to me that meant female or female like you know people that have changed into as much as a female like sperm yet if she wants to identify as bisexual that is fine but by

no means does she have the right to police how other people define that way their sexuality identifying as something was supposed to make it easier for you to know where you fit in this world do you know to be imagine for the longest time I didn’t wanna deal

with that pressure so I was just like listen if you’re not in my bed it doesn’t matter to you right that says if I didn’t go around identifying if anything then no one would have any reason to attack me okay so this video is called our genital preferences

transphobic you see how they say preferences yeah it’s not a preference for me to like vagina it’s ingrained in my DNA I can’t help that like that’s just what you like if you don’t like a dick how are you supposed to feel calm doing anything with it if

you’re a woman who only likes women go ahead identify as a lesbian but some women have penises and it’s the fact that some lesbians might be attracted to those women offends you it’s because you don’t think trans women are real women that’s because these accusations of homophobia make

it sound like I’m trying to convince lesbians to like men but I’m not if somebody identifies as lesbian and date the trans woman with a penis I don’t fucking care that’s my definition of lesbian too is that I should because I identify as lesbian I need to be

open to dating a woman with the penis to like no just the fact that you can respect somebody without sucking their day like that’s it that’s it I’m trying to show that preferences for women with vaginas over women with penises might be partially informed by the influence of

a syst sexist society like your sexual orientation is unchangeable if you’re bi if you’re pan if you’re gay if you’re straight I wish I could like dick even when I touched a dick for a video Bri and Chrissy’s video is like lesbians subject for the first time I

take his antics like I literally had to take his antics like I was so nervous I can’t get any gay boy that grew up how many people prayed that they didn’t really and they just prefer to like vagina you can’t genitals do not define someone’s gender genitals do

have something to play in sexuality yeah and sexual orientation yeah both yes well everybody needs to be checked matter about sexuality or gender if you’re somebody that needs to be checked you need to be checked yes exactly I don’t care how about how fucking oppressed you are no

you can still be wrong like this is not saying you have to have sex with a trans woman or your sister it’s saying that you should examine the societal influences on your preferences well you see how they always say preferences examine your sexual orientation no because they know

that’s immutable but they use the word preferences because preferences is mutable number three I’m allowed to have my preferences see they keep using differences it’s all the way they form their argument and the words that they use behind it which makes it sound like we’re the crazy people

if you look a little deeper into this issue there’s the possibility of your general preferences being at least somewhat partially informed by growing up and assists sexist society if I look at something in my dick doesn’t work my dick doesn’t work it doesn’t go hey oh yeah yeah

I agree yeah thank you five I’m triggered by penises because of past sexual trauma that’s completely understandable I’ve never said that anyone should have to have sex with someone with a penis if they don’t want to if intimacy with someone who has the penis is triggering for you

I would never suggest it that you have to do that take your time to heal and work through your trauma at your own pace just be aware that the majority of people making me I could never date someone with a penis argument are not doing so because of

trauma or triggers so basically she’s she’s saying and then get your face yeah and this is 400,000 views 25,000 people hated it but like a good four thousand people think that this is this is okay yeah like that’s an issue you think that the only way a woman

or a man can not want dick is because you had you were raped like that’s fucking bizarre that’s literally exactly what straight guys will tell lesbians what guy hurt you in order for you to not want men that’s that’s the same fucking argument what do you think of

the fact that gay men hardly or by men hardly ever see this kind of argument used against them and this is mainly targeting lesbians you know I’ve just never been put in this situation here any sort of me it wasn’t even authoritarian what does that say to you

something but also sexist I mean in my personal situation I think where I am I guess just cuz in the environment I surround myself with the majority of the trans community that I have knowledge about a personal relationship with are people that are males two females may thirteen

so I guess I’m not really put in that situation it’s very rare it’s very rare or I don’t even know if I’ve ever met somebody that was female to male more than I do so if you’re not finding anything that’s your own father no no like yeah you

have to be confident and not fucking guilt-trip people and sleep in him it doesn’t work for anybody no matter who you are whether you’re trans or not it doesn’t curl if you’re not getting laid try new style that means that’s it so we also filmed a video on

these two guys’s channels so if you want to check that out you can click the links in the description below make sure you go and subscribe to them because they’re adorable and we want yeah we bought more buy and and gave I feel like the lesbian community never

talks to the gate and the buy guy like I’m the only one well there’s something that like in fear yeah even in like West Hollywood it’s very separate yeah the less over leg and then the gay men are often like we hope yeah when I’m I go everywhere

yes I want to talk to everybody I feel like we need to be more of a community and that’s happening this year that’s my job that’s my doing everybody yeah yeah alright I will see you guys back here in a few days with a brand new video until

then I love you love yourselves bye

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