CAN BISEXUALS BE MONOGAMOUS? | The Sex Talk with Mou (Moushumi Ghose) and Jenoa

The sex talk I name is mo hi I'm Gemma and we're having the sex time the sex talk What's happening today, so today? I want to talk about being bi minimun honest relationships Would ya what does that mean aren't by people like love sex they don't know what they want They're on the Fed.

They're nymphos They always missing out on something yeah Clearly we were in here yeah, and so I wanted to talk about that because Um there's this kind of false belief that first of all there's a lot of false beliefs about bisexual people people who identify as bi Can be attracted to men or women hence the word by they're attracted to two? genders We just opened them hands sexual right, but they're attracted to all different types of expressions right right um And so let's now with today's culture bisexuals are so simple right so This is really about you can be pansexual you can be bisexual you can even identify as poly mm-hmm and still be in a monogamous relationship Haha, how you identify it does not actually have anything to do with whether or not you commit to a monogamous relation To earth commit right monogamy is a commitment.

It is a choice that you make to be with one person Monogamously at that time during your life So it doesn't matter if you're bi if you're gay if you're straight if you're poly if you're pan I don't care If you are in a relationship, and you say to your partner You know you agree, we're in a monogamous relationship, I'm gonna have sex with other people That's me and you for X amount of time.

Yeah, or forever can do that Yeah, I mean, that's it that doesn't matter what you identified.

Here's the thing and here good way to think of it hmm Even straight people who identify as heterosexual That are in monogamous relationships Cheat what I know can you believe it any easy so basically? it's it's kind of like a given that human nature has a Tendency to look outside of the Union people are attracted to other people for all different reasons yeah It's all these different layers whether or not you act on it is up to you Whether you're a straight person that is attracted to only one type of person Right you're you you might be attracted to that type of person all over the place you might like pussy only yeah But that doesn't necessarily mean And we should be asking you the same Question like how are you gonna be with the same person with the same pussy for the rest of your life What pussy what there's other pussies that you like because you're in a committed relationship? Someone that you chosen to commit, so here's the difference does I'm gonna make this really simple so a bisexual person in a committed relationship Would be looking out to the world and think oh, I find that person sexually appealing in there, man I find that person sexually appealing in there a woman, and they just don't act on it Just like any per se say, but I really love this person I've been I've been writing it up and this is what I'm doing This is what I'm doing right now, and I respect that agreement I respect my partner and I respect our choice to do this together boom boo-yeah boo-yeah Period Really everybody's kind of like Basically the same and no matter who you're attracted to it's still the same kind of biological experience of sexual attraction just whatever floats your boat Yeah, you choose to act on it or not learn you're straight or bisexual the pain apart right or whatever Yeah, beguin bisexual is different than being non-monogamous because I think and I nymphomaniac yeah there because I think that monogamy lies on a Scale you know a continuum anonymous people on one end some people are just really really monogamous And they've always been that way and they pretty much mate for life All the way on this end and then you've got people all on the spectrum and then on this end are super not monogamous people They do not want to be tied down They'd like to be free and you won't see them with a partner ever so you've gotten and so and then everybody's sort of spring a little long I See bisexual bisexuality is the same like hetero and homosexuality is on a continuum? And then everybody's sort of sprinkled along the way that has nothing to do with this There's a different scale yeah boom boom They are not connected by an avenue you you can be way over here on one and whatever you're on the other or like yeah Be any number of these yeah, and that was the one that you saw, it was like a graph Oh, there's a new yeah, all right? I'll find that I'll put a link to that in the episode see it's like a new advanced Kinsey scale it has both of those things on a grounder graph, so you're like a t1 or us, s4 yeah, II won I could go to Yeah, anyway, so check it out And respect your commitment and respect that other people have made a commitment to no matter who they're attracted to that's all it is The sex talk.

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