Do We Have Sex Dreams About Men? | LESBIAN vs BISEXUAL

– What are you guys doing in February? I just thought maybe we couldsee each in February someday.

– Sure.

I'm down with that.

– Sounds great.

(laughing) – Perfect.

– Being in the middle's morefun than being on the ends.

– It is.

– Is that.



(laughing) – Can I get a thumbnail or what? – Get one of those aboutto kiss thumbnails.

You have to do more than open mouth.

Like you're kind of about to make out.

Not like no.

(laughing) Not like that at all.

(coughing)(hands clapping) – Did you start? Is that your cough? Can we do it together? – Hey guys! (coughing) – That actually hurt.

– You really meant it.

– I throated that.

(wheezing laughter) – Welcome back to my channel everybody! Welcome back to another episode of Lesbians versus Bisexual.

– Special edition.

– There's two of them and only one of me.

– Do you wish I was straight so you can do Bisexual versus Straight? – And so you'd stop hitting on us.

(laughing) – No there's enough straights around.

I could just grab one of them.

(laughing) – Just go out on your balcony like, "Hey any of you straight?" – Anyone walking by.

– We will be holding dildos.

Hope you don't mind.

Come on into my sex dungeon.

– Willow's the one ball gaggingcartoon characters here.

– That was on my channel.

– Welcome others who are here! This is Breanne Williamson, for any of you who don't know, and this is.



Just kidding.

– This is a hate crime video.

– Remember that last time shedidn't remember your name.

Now I didn't remember it either! Isn't that funny? (snickering) Hi guys.

Welcome back.

We've been filming collabs all afternoon.

If you haven't watched those, go watch them.

– See if they got me anything.

(laughing) – Should they watch them first or after? Like first so that it makessense in order but after.



Watch this first.

(laughing) Today we're going to befilming another episode of Lesbian zzz verus Bisexual.

I went over to my Instagram stories.

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Ten minutes in.

Love that for me.

– Hi Alayna.

I'm happy that you're editing.

I hope you're having a great day.

I hope that you feel really good.

– I do.

– When you're editing.

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– This isn't like a library? – She's getting in there! – They're really big! Holy mother of pearl! I want to take this big one but I don't think that's fair.

Oh my God! I feel so alive! – Oh no! We can't show that one! We have to blur it! It'll be like a White Elephant.

(laughing) – You have to blur it you said? – That's literally Willow'sface when she pulled the toy.

– We're not even going to need subjects.

We'll just do this.

– This is what the people wanted anyways.

– I want to take this thing off.

Ow! – Sorry!- Can I open my eyes? – Put it down now.

Put the lady down.

Now look at it in your lap.

(laughing) – Oh my God! You and I should go on this.

Like not.



No not use it but see the way.



Nevermind! – We just need a door.

– Good it's for butt stuff.

(laughing) This is cool.

– It is a fantasy door swing.

We absolutely need to try to set this up.

Let's put this in front of you so someone can steal thatif they want to keep that.

– Yes! – There's a free love mask.

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– How the (bleep) am I supposedto get over to the box? – That's what she said.

This is fun.

(paper rustling) – I feel bad that I askedpeople on Instragram what– – That means they're justgoing to get another video.

– That's cool! (laughing)(plastic crinkling) – "Wow that's a good one, Bre!" Flip it around.

No, no.

Hold on, like that.

There you go.

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I just can't use itfor a couple of months.

Can I pick first and then maybe steal? – That's the whole thingwith the White Elephant.

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" – You guys are like, "We know.

" I'm sorry I'm new! I don't go here! – There's a couplequestions on here that I saw that I actually do want to answer.

– Do I want to trade? Oh my God.

(chuckling) – It'll be good.

Either way it'll be all right.

– Someone asked about sex dreams.



– If we have them of each other? (laughing) – And gender of theparticipants of our sex dreams.

As a bisexual, I'm actual curious– – You're bicurious? Are you bicurious? – If the gender of the people in your sex dreams ever change.

– Just Lilo and Stitch.

(laughing) – It's linked in the description.

The other videos arelinked in the description.

– For me, my sex dreams don'thave any particular gender.

It can be guys or girls.

It can be anyone.

– It's just some androgynous, genderless figure? It can be– – Or sometimes it is but it's just like I fully will wake upsometimes and be like, "Weird, I had a sex dreamabout a guy last night.

" It's the same as inreal life there's people that I would not want to have sex with and then I'll have a sex dream about them.

I'm like, "That's weird.

" There's times when I wake up and I'm like, "That was really hot.

"I find that person hot, " or whatever.

But the majority of the time it's weird I had sex with someone or making out with someone in that dream that I have no attraction to.

– Whenever I have a romantic dream.



(laughing) – It was your questionand you can't even say it.

A sex dream?- If I wake up in the morning it's not like, "That was weird.

" It's always like, "Great, now I'm attracted to that person.

" – Not for me.

What about you? – All cats or.



(chuckling) – Lilo and Stitch, Pikachu– – Simba as a teenager.

(laughing) – Simba is! Put him up there again! (dinging) Before I was out I only had sex dreams of me with a male.

I don't know if it's becauseI trained my brain so much– – You repressed it so hard.

– I was in a body that itdidn't almost feel like mine and I had sex with a male.

I had a sex dream in the Big Brother house with a female.

At first I felt weird but then it started toclick on all these things that I had suppressed.

Once I started to accept it more, I would have more sex dreams with females.

– Growing up, you have so much hetero-normative structure in your life that your brain goes tothat every once in a while.

I understand where thatcomes from in my brain because that was all highschool or that was whatever.

It's not like you come outand then it just shuts off, but I also don't wake and go, "Oh wow.

"I want to make out with a guy.

" – Now I'm not gay because I had.



– It's just like my brain justrandomly fills in whoever.

– Dreams are weird.

You ever do something weird in your dream and you're like, "That's so not me.

" It's like the same with sex.

– They're weird sometimes.

– Yours are all hot and steamy apparently.

– Why don't you talk about the time you thought that I was Dallas.

(laughing) (dinging) – Who's turn? – You have to decidewhether to steal or.



– I'm going to dig back in.

– Go for it.

– Ballsy.

– I'm diving in! (laughing)(paper crinkling) – Give me the money, honey! Oh yeah.

Oh my gosh.

Here we go! You guys sounded intrigued.

– Looks good to me.

– Beautiful.

– Rechargeable wand? – AdamAndEve Intimate Curves – Talk to me.

Ten intense vibrations? Ten? – But does it rememberwhich one you chose last? – I want to open it.

Can I open it? – Try it! No don't try it.

(laughing) – Alayna's a creep! Whoa honey honey honey.

– She's going.

Now press the.



– That's intense! Feel that! (laughing)(vibrator buzzing) – I just want to clarify.

That was on my knee! – She put it on her knee! – That feels actually really good! (laughing) – I hate this! – You want to dig in? – I'm just going to feelhow many things are left.

Feels like there's.



Also sorry that my breastis resting on your hand.

– I didn't even notice but this is great! (paper crinkling) – Wow that's iconic.

– Is this right? AdamAndEve's rechargeable Magic Massager, rose gold edition! Aesthetic! – I got a question.

You don't have to put this in.

Does that go inside you? (laughing) – "Does that go inside you?" I mean I think you can it what of it– – Do what you want.

– What you please.

– How many settings you got? – Let's count.





– I hate how you're saying this.

– Dig in here, honey.

In Alayna's magic box! (laughing) – I hear an alarm going off.

(phone alarm ringing) – Sorry, I got to take my iron! (laughing) – Rechargeable vibratingpanty with remote.

Oh my gosh.

Me and my– – Now I really got to think about this.

– Now you.

– She's stressed.

– I'm going to go back in that box.

I want to see the lastthing.

I'm going in! (laughing) – It's lube.

It's flavored lube.

Cupcake flavored lube.

– That's a lot.

(laughing) It does taste like cupcake.

(laughing) – I hated how you just lickedit between your fingers there.

– I'm going to have to blur that! – I'm so excited! – That's today's video.

There you go.

– Thanks for having us! – You're welcome.

And you said I never get you anything.

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(laughing) – You're welcome.

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I love you guys very much and I will see in the next one.

Bye!- Bye! – Woohoo! (lips squealing) – Sorry I didn't know that was– – Just so excited! I told you guys a couple years ago about– – I'm very attracted to Willow.

– A sleep disorder that I have called Hypnagogic Hallucinations.

I wake upin the middle of the night, I'm awake and whatever I'm dreaming about is still happening.

I'm hallucinating.

(laughing) – Basically the scariest (bleep) ever.

– One of the more regularoccurrences that I have is, I'll wake up in the middle of the night and I see Dallas and he's someone else.

– Willow.

(laughing) – It's always– – It's always Willow.

– I'll wake up and I see that this strange person is in my bed.

I'm always like, "Why are they in my bed? "What's happening? "How did they get here? "Why are they here? – It's not a strange person, it's me.

It's your fantasy! – One time it was Willow, okay? One time it was Willow.

(hand slapping thigh).

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