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most people's sense of identity or part of most people's sense of identity is to do with agenda so how large that part is varies from person to person and from culture to culture so by that I mean a man feeling in his sense of self consisting partly of

his awareness of being a man in some cultures that makes up in some cases 70% of man's identity is the fact that he's a male these tend to be traditional cultures where they the roles the different dividing division between genders is very pronounced and a woman equally in

those cultures a large part of our sense of identity our sense of self would be around being a woman in the Western world this is not quite as pronounced although it's still there but there's less identification for a man or woman with being a woman than in some

traditional cultures and then it was in the past in the West also so the especially with people probably coming more conscious the genders are coming a little closer together and that may well be true that there are more people now or may not even be certain what tender

they are and so that is not necessarily a bad thing although it can be confusing for those people because especially if they are young because everybody's looking for a sense of identity a clear clearly defined sense of identity and if they don't know whether they a man or

woman then there seems to be something lacking they cannot form any clear sense of identity based on gender which seems to be an obstacle but does not have to be if they were given appropriate spiritual guidance they could be shown in fact it could be an advantage to

not know whether you are there or there because it could make it easier for you to decide enta Phi from identification with form because ultimately that's what it is male or female of male or female forms so if those people could be helped then they would find out

that actually it can be an advantage so that they can derive their sense of identity not from the physical vehicle because the physical vehicle may be uncertain so they could perhaps more easily than somebody who feels very strongly I'm a man and you are my woman wasn't there

famous pop song no it was the other way around was the Canadian singer from Montreal what was her name Celine Dion I won and you are my man some yeah that so this is a good example of and that was a very successful song because it's it strengthened

the every woman who listened to that could identify was a yeah I'm a woman and then she and then you were out in a bar and then you meet a man this could be my man and the man did the same our there's my woman so you can

see how how much identity they thin that and it's ego it's really there's a masculine ego and there's a feminine ego in some cultures a woman as a particularly defined in some cultures it seems that every woman has a high-pitched voice but it's because it is part of

the ego role that they adopt in other cultures a woman is conditioned to behave in a particular way they she she behaves in such a constrained way just can't can't laugh too loud there was even a pronouncement made by a politician in one of those countries a woman

should not laugh in public it's not becoming to a woman to laugh in public so whereas in the United States it's perfectly acceptable for a woman to laugh out loud you see it often so it's it's a trap to be tubular to beasts to derive your psychological identity

from your male gender or your female gender both of them are trapped in their little little worlds their little identities so we are going beyond that and I believe in the more distant future for mankind the two will come together at some point anyway that's but for the

time being let's see if we can help those who are uncertain about their gender and point to them the possibility of not identifying with any gender and still it's so good to go deeper immediately so maybe if you anybody who comes into contact with young people who are

uncertain perhaps you could point that out it could good the beginning of a spirits sometimes the greatest difficulty in life or early in life is at the same time the opening in to spiritual awakening so that can also be the case I used to be more so in

the past for a gay person man or woman it still presents and even though now there's greater acceptance around it it still presents certain challenges and in the past it's been a was a gigantic challenge because it was rejected by society so in the past if man or

woman whose claim immediately was an outsider at least internally and there was a now it's much easier to at least in in Western countries to accept that the trap here could be there is another trap here that you find it sometimes with gay people that instead of going

beyond tent identification they have a very strong identification with being gay so and then they over emphasize the gayness and that becomes an eagle role that they play that was a trap all those people so every there's always you need to be beware because there many situations where

the ego can come in and use it for its purposes I mentioned in the power of now for gay person the advantage is that to some extent even though there's great acceptance nowadays gay person can still feel a little bit of an outsider and so that's always a

great advantage for anybody who does not fit in totally with the mainstream because that can create an early dis identification from mainstream egoic identities and then the rising of spiritual awakening can become easier

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