um it's just a phase isn't it good morning what's up guys it's not and today we are back again with a another video except this video is a little bit more different than my other videos which I kind of like that for a good reason and not for

a bad reason which is really good also guys I got my cartilage Pierce and if you guys want me to do a video on that I totally love so I wrote some things down today we are doing seven things that I've heard as a bisexual girl number one

which is probably the first thing that I got right after like I told some of my friends or like certain people in my life which weren't like very close to me did you ever like me like did you ever like think I was attractive like did you ever

want to date me majority of the time the answer is out like no no thanks I don't know why people think that like almost automatically like the moment that you're hanging out to them or you're telling them like hey like I have a girlfriend like I might be

bisexual I'm going to see how I feel blah blah they're like oh so like you liked me before and you're like what no like this is nice say number two is can you just pretend to be straight no you can't just pretend to be straight like you like

both it's just the thing like you're gonna go to a club you can see a really pretty girl you're gonna go to a club you're gonna see a really attractive guy like it's just how it is and like you can't just pretend that you only like guys just

because that helps everybody else out it makes their life more convenient it's not for everybody else's convenience it's for yours and like you should be able to tell them no like I like girls and guys so shouldn't be an issue number three um it's just a phase isn't

it no it's not just a face you don't just like do that and then get over it like you can't be with somebody for like a year or like two years and then be like it's just a phase you know just makes that part of my life like

it doesn't really work like that some people like okay maybe you were just experimenting and like seeing how you felt but like not in this case yeah number four um you're gay and you just won't admit it which is really kind of offensive and it's like yeah like

it would kind of just be easier to just be gay or straight I feel like it would just be easier to be one specific gender like you're attracted to because it's not both sided and people feel really uncomfortable when you're bisexual and an ex-boyfriend tell me that like

Oh like I don't only have to worry about guys now like I have an entire freakin world to worry about like I don't have half the population well okay like clearly they didn't like being with somebody was bisexual or like didn't like the fact that I like girls

in general and that some of the things that people say to me are like well like just pick one already which is number five which is can you just choose one no sorry like I really can't I haven't just attracted to both genders like I have no problem

with either like they're both amazing they're both perfect like sorry where sex is it's my hair probably you're too pretty to like girls like okay doc defensive number seven if you have been with a guy you're straight it's so not true and it's just like it hurts my

heart for these girls because they're like oh well I've been with a guy my entire life like I obviously just like guys like know like you don't just like guys like you're allowed to like whoever you want bad because people come up to you and be like oh

you've been with a guy do straight like sorry you just were experimenting no honey sorry that's not really how it works at all that do not not get into a tribe which is a good motto to go by because that's like with life in general you're gonna be

judged for what you do you might as well just try it first and see if you like it career school jobs anything can't hold yourself back because people have other opinions about you I have always been scared to say it and like definitely have been ashamed of it

which my last video um kind of explained like me being ashamed of who I was like you guys can't just closet yourself off because it helps everybody else and it's like more convenient for everybody else like you need to be who you are and you need to be

happy with yourself if yourself time and to like love yourself for you like I'm still learning and touching my hair so much what makes me happy and what doesn't make me happy I just I'm learning now that like I need to put my foot down just because other

people are not happy with my choices doesn't mean that I can't be happy your friend might not like your boyfriend like okay like if that's the case then like sometimes they're wrong sometimes they're wrong but majority of the case they're right that kind of stuff you shouldn't be

offended by what people say and you need to clear your mind and realize that like if you're happy then you let yourself be happy you don't let other people affect your happiness just because you want to date a girl you want to date a girl go and date

a girl it'll show pupils true friendship towards you there are true colors anything like that like they're going to come out as a person what you guys need to worry about that you guys need to think about whether that person is worth your time or not girls are

getting pregnant and I've seen a couple girls and I'm like my snapchat or like my Instagram no I like I have no friends no more like pregnancy shows people like who true friends are because who's gonna be around at your worst ties who's gonna be around at your

greatest times like who's gonna be around when they don't support your choices but they still love you that's those are the people that you need to cherish in your life being like no way I'm not gonna be your friend if you date a girl like okay that's fine

bye well this is the end of the video I hope you guys enjoyed it I love you guys so so much and yeah bye [Music]

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