Is Bisexuality A Thing? I Just Between Us

Allison- Welcome to Just Between Us!Many of you have been wondering, "Whose arm is longer?"Gaby- No one's been wondering that.

G- Where are you measuring starting from?The fingers? A- Yeah! Mm, I think the wrist.

No?G- The wrist? A- Isn't this your arm? What's an arm?G- The wrist?? A- This is- oh, ooh, it got juicy! This iswhat could happen is- potentially, One of our arms is longer, but then theother person's hand could put them over the edge, in terms of.




G- Wingspan?A- Wingspan! A- Okay! We are comin' in at a hot.



26 and a half inches! G- Is that good or bad?A- Couldn't tell ya! G- Wait, is it exactly the same?A- Well that was anticlimactic.

intro music A- (singing halfheartedly) This week we have an international question, international question international questioooooooooonnnnnnnnnnG- You could just pick domestic questions.

A- Greta, from Europe.

G- She just said Europe? A- Yep.

Just 'From Europe'! One time I sawa magician who was just from Europe, And I thought that was like a little slimybit of marketing.

(G laughing) A- BUT, it was the best magicI'd ever seen! A- Greta from Europe wants to know, "Is bisexuality a thing?" (G activates bitchface) (quickly) A- I should give some backstoryon Greta from Europe! A- A large part of my job on this show, G- OH, I'd love to hear this.

A- Is reading these emails.

G- 'Kay.

A- That are kind of long, and a littleconvoluted and then plucking from them, A- Just the- (snaps fingers) hottestbutton topic.

G- I feel like you're saying this to mitigatehow angry I'm about to be at what this actually was.

A- Right.

So technically, Greta identifiesas bisexual, but hasn't come out yet, And she tried to talk to her sister aboutit, but her sister, who's gay, told her That bisexuality was not a thing.

G- In my experience as a bisexual lady, A- WHAT? G- Yeah, do your bit.

A- (makes shocked choking-like noises) G- You know, I can't wait until we're like60, and you're still- A- Well it's gonna be great.

G- We're, like, at Denny's, and I say something about being bisexual and you like grab thewaiter like "DID YOU HEAR THAT?" A- It's gonna be even funnier then becauseeveryone will be bisexual by the time we're 60! G- From your mouth, to bisexual God's ears.

A- Let's play a game, where I'm someone Who doesn't believe bisexuality is real.

G- Mmhmm.

A- And then you have to convince me that it is.

G- (heavy sigh) Are you alesbian in this scenario? A- Sure.

A- Do I have to do method acting? (smack)G- Are you wearing lip gloss? A- Yeah, sorry.

A- Ok, I'm a lesbian who doesn't believe inbisexuality.

Also, imagine me as a redhead.

G- Allison, who is a lesbian-A- My name is Terese.

G- Ok, Terese, G- I just wanted to let you know because Ilove and respect you, um, as a member of the LGBT community, that I am bisexual.

A- Pffff.

No you're not.

You just Haven't decided yet if you like girls betteror guys better.

G- No, uh, bisexuality is its own thing, actually, and it just meansthat I'm open to dating people of all gender identities.

A- Yeah, but it's sodifferent! Are you gonna tell me that you like both vanilla and chocolate ice cream?G- Um, yeah, sometimes I mix them together into what's called a 'swirl'!A- I am a prominent member of the LGBT community.

G- Great.

A- BUT I would justthink- G- A prominent member?! A- Yeah.

G- Okay, cool.

A- There's rankings.

G- Great.

Wait, are you what we'd call a.



Celesbian? A- Yep, I'm celesbian.

Iunderstand that maybe, sure, you're attracted to men and women, but you definitely likeone of them more.

G- Sometimes, bisexuals are exactly 50/50, and sometimes bisexuals lean towards one sex over the other, but-A- But then you're not bisexual! G- No, you are, because you like all genderidentities! You're open to dating all gender identities.

For example, 'Terese', you know how you had an ex girlfriend who was tall, and then your next ex girlfriend was short?A- Yes? G- So, would you say that you like both types of girls, tall and short girls?A- Yeah, but that's not as different as a penis and a vagina! G- Ah, but also, genderis not limited to a penis and a vagina.

A- You got me there! A- Why do you call yourself bisexualinstead of pansexual? G- Mostly cause when I was younger, thefirst term I learned for it was bisexual.

And then later I learned pansexual.

Some people think that bi indicates a gender binary, and pansexual is more open to transpeople, however someone just explained to me that bisexual means two, not in the senseof two genders, but in the sense of liking people who are your same gender, and thenliking other genders.

A- Ohh! You just blew Terese's mind!! outro music A- When I was younger, I fell off a horseand broke a growth plate in my arm and now they're uneven.

G- No, you fuc- You d- A- JUST KIDDING!G-THIS IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE! music Subtitles by the Amara.

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