Is Bisexuality REAL?!

My dining room is such a mess right now, it's unreal.

But the background is clean and that's all that REALLY matters.

Am I right? Hey guys! [cough]I am very excited about today's video.

What's new?! Today's video is an extra special one, because it issponsored by the app Candid.

Ding! [ding] Candid is a type of social media app where you canpost and ask questions and respond to questionsand like and dislike things.

But here's the key: It's completely anonymous.

You don't even pick a username.


Are able.

To be truly.


I said it.


You're free to post your actual opinion, your real thoughts, your burning questions with no fear of judgmentor backlash.

And that's what drew me into the app, was beingable to ask the questions that I really wanted to askon mental health, or sexuality, or veganism, without fear of judgment.

No one knows it's me!For today's video, I went into one of the LGBTQ groups, and I'm gonna respond to some of the posts.

Not so anonymously.

Oh good, we'll start with a zinger.

"Is bisexuality real or a phase??"AUGHGEUHHH.


Bisexuality is very real.

It's VERY real.

I don't know ifI need to shake you to make people understand, but IT'S VERY REAL, I promise! I live it! And I'm telling you that it's real.

This is proof!This is proof right here.

That it's real.

Just like it's possible to like both chocolate andvanilla cake, it is possible to like both men and women.

And everyone in between.

[wink] I think the reason that specifically bisexuality getsso much flak for being a phase is because for somepeople it is! And that's okay! There are people who used to identify as straight, and then identifyas bisexual, and then changed again to be eithergay or maybe straight again.

Some people do use the label of bisexuality as a stepping stone, and I personally don't have a problem with that.

I knowthat not everybody agrees with me in that respect, and that's okay too, but just because some peopletry that label on and then decide that it doesn't fitdoesn't mean it doesn't fit ANYONE.

It fits me! I'm telling ya! "This girl says she's into me but every other week is dating a new dude.

What's up with that?" There's a couple of ways that this could go.

Maybeshe's bi and she's into both you and dudes.

Maybeshe's gay and still in the closet, dating dudes to hide that fact.

Maybe she's straight, slash curious.

But the issue here really isn't her sexuality, it's thefact that if she's telling you that she's into you, and then she's dating ANYBODY else, and that's not a partof the agreement in your relationship, that's not cool! Cut! Cut it out! "Lesbians: are strong arms on a woman sexy?" [shrug] Yeah.

I think that a person as a whole is sexy.

A woman doesn't need strong arms to be sexy, but if she is sexy as a whole, and she also has strong arms, I mean.

Whaddup? I don't think that there's like a checklist of things thateach part of you needs to be in order for you to beattractive.

You are a whole body, you are a whole person, and that's what is beautiful.

[to self] Alayna, don't be so cheesy you're a vegan.

"When is the perfect time to move in together???(I Know Every Situation Is Different) But, what's your opinion??" Is it a heterosexual relationship? Maybe wait acouple of years.

Lesbian relationship? Week two.

"I check her horoscope before I even check my own now.

" Mm.


[laughs] I might have to comment myopinion on Candid.

On this one.


Last one we'll do! "What's the difference between stems and studs andbutch lesbians? Every1 seems to disagree on that" I don't know what the difference between a studand a butch lesbian would be, honestly.

The termbutch and the term stud both tend to mean a woman who dresses or presents masculine, and then femme is for a woman who presentsfemininely.

And a stem, is a mixture of the two.

So maybe a woman who dresses more masculinebut wears makeup.

Those are all of the anonymous Candid posts I'mgoing to talk about today.

I definitely think that youguys should download Candid, there's a link in the description, if you're interested.

They'veactually created a fan group just for me.

It's called Fender Fam Jam! If you guys wanna join it.

We can all go on there and discuss mental health, or sexuality, or veganism, or.



my content in general.

The key being that's it's all anonymous.

Thank you again to Candid for sponsoring this video! Especially after all of the changes that YouTube isrolling out with its monetization policies.

And certain LGBTQ topics that are being targeted.

Finding apps like this that wanna let me createthe content that I wanna create and be involved?It's great.

That is it for today's video.

Thank you so muchfor watching.

Please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it.

Leave a comment down below if you have any questions that you're comfortable askingNON-anonymously.

I love you very much, and I will see you next week.

Bye! [kissy sounds] Good boy![CLICK] [to Bear] You know there might be a boy watching, huh?[gently teasing] You just kissed a boy.

Awww he's purring! Aaand he bit me.



Mixed signals! Mixed signals from this one!.

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