Is Bisexuality Transphobic?

[pen writing] [Pokemon game sound] So, I asked on the Instagramquestion thing which.



By the way, how do you find theanswers after your story is gone? Do you still have the answers or thequestions after your story is gone? Because I can't find them anymore.

But I asked Instagram which, if you don't follow me already, @rikkipoynter, I wanted to know ifanybody had any requests for bisexuality videos, and I got a lot of questions.

One of them being'Is bisexuality transphobic?' Or isn't being bisexual transphobic? You know, basically any way you canspin that, that's the question.

And it got me thinking.

Because part of me was like "No, " and then part of me was like, "Wait.

" Because bisexuality, a lot of people consider it, I saysome people consider bisexuality as liking their own genderand the other one, but then there's other people, other bisexuals that are like"Bi is not binary.

" And that's something that actuallyConnor Manning told me in a reply.

Because instead of me just answeringthe question, I took it to Twitter and I wanted my trans friends and also, well, non-binary is trans, but you know, I've always said, or if I didn't say it before, I'll see it now, for me, thatincludes trans women and trans men.

Right? I mean, I've got transfriends who I have little crushes on.

So, you know.

But then a lot of people were saying even in the official coming outvideo that I made, people were like, "Well, why don't you just saypansexual?" And I was like "I don't know.

" I used to use that, but I don't know.

And I was talking to Alayna Fenderabout it, and she was like, "Yeah, I prefer bisexual.

"The word's just more fittingfor me.

" So, you know what? I took it to Twitter and I wanted my trans friendsand my non-binary friends.



Again, non-binary is trans, but you know, just specifically, because another concern I had waswell, wait, where does non-binary peoplefit into this? So, it was a little bitof education.

And for the most part the repliesfrom both trans or.



OK, so, for the most part repliesfrom my trans women friends and my trans men friends and mynon-binary friends were "No.

" Being bisexual or bisexuality isnot being transphobic, or is not transphobia.

So, I'm just going to read a fewreplies because I think that's the best way to put it.

So, the question that I actuallywrote is "Is bisexuality consideredtransphobic? "Someone asked me to make a video, blah-blah-blah.

"I mean, trans men are men and transwomen are women "so I guess it's like where doesnon-binary lie, I guess? "I don't know.

Now I'm confused.

" You know, dah-dah-dah.

And then I was talking about how there was a lot of differentconversations about it.

So my friend Annie said "Bi can meansame gender and other genders.

" And then Ezra writes "Trans, non-binary, bisexual here.

"Bisexuality is not inherentlyexclusionary of trans people.

"Bisexuality doesn't mean there areonly two genders "any more than being bilingualimplies "there are only two languages.

" And then one person said "Doesn't that definition of eachexplain?" I was like well, yeah, but you know, that's what I thoughtand here we are.

And then Beck writes, "Just going totoss in another genderqueer voice.

"Bisexuality ain't transphobicor exclusionary.

"Only certain people are.

"And that is a good point.

While people were saying thatbisexuality is not transphobic or being bisexual is nottransphobic, of course, you're going to findtransphobic bisexual people.

In fact, I could think of a few bigbisexual YouTubers already who are transphobic, and we're not going to name anynames, but they're out there.

Another nonbinary bisexual says "Bisexuality to meis attracted to two or more genders.

"Using 'same' and 'other'can be erasive in my opinion.

" And then another nonbinary personwrote, "I am not personally offended "but I can see where other peoplewould be.

" Or, I'm sorry, they're pansexualand genderfluid.

I don't know a whole lot about otherterms and stuff like if they mean the same thing or you know.



And then one person said "I am nonbinary and I have mixedfeelings.

"It's definitely red-flaggy to meat first, "though if a person demonstratestheir understanding "and inclusiveness of nonbinaryidentities, it's fine.

"It definitely can and is used bypeople inclusively, "and I don't want to erase them.

They helped me come around on theterm sense historically.

"I've heard it used by folks as away to exclude.

" And then somebody mentioned theBisexual Manifesto of 1990 which states'attraction to two or more genders', so that includes nonbinary folk.

And then basically it's a bunch ofthe same replies over and over and over.

So I guess that at the endof the day, being bisexual does notautomatically mean that you are transphobic, because it includes everyone, and there may be another word for it and it may confuse some people, and of course, like I said earlier, you'll probably find sometransphobic bisexuals out there, but you'll also find transphobic.



You will find people in the LGBTcommunity that even though they are part ofthe LGBT community and they have 'LGBT advocacy'in their bio, some people, you will find that some people willstill tend to be transphobic.

But yes.

So, hopefully that answers ita little bit.

I will put the Twitter thread downin the description box or in the pinned comments so if you want to look throughand read answers from people who I asked so, you know, learn a little bit, then yeah.

I'm going to do that.

So hopefully that was a good littlething of education today, and if you haven't, before you go, consider pledging on Patreon because it's a great way to supportyour favourite creators, and well, I have one, and with me you get perks like music playlists and articles that you will only find onPatreon.

And if you go up high enoughI do pen-pal letters.

Oh, and I'll see you later.


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