Michelle Rodriguez Gay Rumors, Is She Bisexual? Lesbian?

Michelle Rodriguez has finally addressedthe question over sexuality a lot of people have been spreading rumors abouther being a lesbian but now she saying no not really alesbian but I do play both sides she said the following: I don't talkabout what I do with my vagina and they're all intrigued which isactually true this conversation i feel i comes up at least once a year she did give that interview toEntertainment Weekly so let's pause there is a mess for a reasonI want to cover story is an amazing that if you're a celebrity you must talkabout your sex life you don't talk about your sex lifepeople will ask you over and over it who you sleep with is a guy's a girl's that all those whodo you sleep with what do you do in your private parts she said why do you keep asking me alsosame thing with Cory Booker got moving on to the political world right re:Booker you don't see him talking about you know his love life much and thenthere were some rumors about him being gay as a result of that he's not married right and its I just I don't care Ihonestly don't care it Michelle Michelle Rodriguez issexuality is the last thing I would ever thinkabout I Michelle Rodriguez the last person Iwould ever think about well you know to be fair now though shesays she's by up with some for be added but helping I okay but Cory Booker at leasta politician in could affect policy her 100 years is like a fake anyway thisis the way to go I like reports that something aboutcelebrities I was I just listening to Howard Stern interview he wasinterviewing I forget the name the celebrity use it.

there was a man and she kept drilling him on who he'sdating how long is they've been dating her do you love her whatever and and the reason why he didn't want toshare too much information about the girl he was dating was because people who are fans acertain celebrities wanna live that freakin fantasy becausethey're pathetic right they wanna feel like there's a chance there's a chance that they're gonna end up with thatperson's like all joke around about Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper andlike all other so hot I hate Bar Rafaeli up it's a joke rightbut most people a genuinely get hurt when they find outthat the celebrity of their choice is in a serious relationship withsomeone okay well if you're at that level yes then you got issues with reality here K if you justlike a celebrity of course we all i care difference 11straight and there's other all that I get that that's part of human nature but if you think you're actually gonnago out with them there's something wrong with you it's a little weird are or continuingI'm she also told Entertainment Weekly I've never walked the carpet with anyoneso they wonder what did you do with her vagina I lovethe way she talks with a its less likely but she girl the time so they say whenlesbo she's hilarious okay I've never likeMichelle Rodriguez more she continues and they're not too faroff got both ways I do as I please I am too fucking curious to see it here and nottry when I can men are intriguing sore checks I agree project sir intriguing do you agree withthe whole thing I look better tree endeavor his but not knows where its I are yousomewhere on that spec sheet I anyway i connect W we should be talkingabout celebrity sex livor K doesn't we're doing my PT's a gay so so look I like the simplicity of hersaying yeah OCR I tried goes in for our guys yet sowhat in the in the past though she deniedissues interested in women she said on a red carpet in during 2011 she saidI'm not a lesbian yet miss you like sausage now she'sactually not lying cuz she's not a lesbian she's bisexual a or as parlor is going to the story shoes the fast and the bike yours I soch he does like the sausage right soand look edit there was a time when was harderfor people to come out and over the last couple years I meanpeople are coming on crow celebrities are yeah so honestly she might have beenplaying with words there in the beginning an Ashes feels more comfortable sayingyeah by social that's it the recently Raven Symone came out andshe got a little bit of push back as a result of that but people were just very casually coming out on Twitter so theway Raven Symone did it was she tweeted something like yeah it turns out that I can get marriedin California now name right so that was our very casualway doing and I kinda liked it amber Anderson Cooper did somethingsimilar where he just liked blurted it out know it was a really he make a big dealout of it and I like that I like that celebrities are becoming more comfortable coming outbecause it normalizes things should be normalized because it's a natural thingthat occurs among some human beings.

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