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Rosa Diaz lovers, unite.

(INTRO MUSIC) Hello and welcome back to another episodeof Film Fridays, where we talk about media thathas things that I relate to like disability, bisexuality, etc etc.

And today we're going to talk aboutthe ever so wonderful Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Rosa Diaz is played by Stephanie Beatriz, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy showabout some cops in Brooklyn, New York.

And I actually started getting into thisshow a couple of years ago.

I never finished it andI never really watched it in full.

I saw it on Netflix for a little bitand I was in and out watching reruns on TV and whatnot, but definitely a showI would really love to finish.

It's a really good show, really funny, has some great characters.

I wanna talk about Rosa becauseshe is the Bicon – Bisexual Icon – Bicon in the show.

Rosa was always the characterthat stood out to me because I feel likewe have a similar personality, just hers is much more intense, which is obviously for the show.

But she's a little bit scary, she's a little bit of a badass, and she's always having that scowlon her face, which is me.

(LAUGHS) There's a lot of sarcasm, a lot of sassy comebacks, which is just somethingthat I really relate to.

I feel like I am often the personin that group of friends that basically does whatshe does, just lesser of an extent.

I don't have a whole bunchof weapons around, and I'm not wielding a knifething around at people.

I mean, I did get into a fight oftenwith a kid when we were in elementary school, and we had our final one, and I won.

But that's about it.

That was many moons ago.

And what I really love aboutRosa's character and the show is that they flat out say the word, ROSA: "I'm bi.

" RIKKI: A lot of times in media, you'll see thatsomeone either just likes men or just likes women, or they've been withboth but they still only say one or the other.

Or they may acknowledge that, "Hey, this person is with everyone.

Loves everyone.

" But they still never say the word.

It's like this big taboowhen saying the word.

We can say straight.

We can say heterosexual.

We can say lesbian.

We can say gay.

But bisexual doesn't seemto be told or said.

Like, why is the media so afraid? Why are people in general so afraidto say the word bisexual? But Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn'tand I love it.

And I think what actually really helped isthe fact that Stephanie herself is bisexual.

So you've got the representation down.

Bisexual character, bisexual actress.

And I love that in the showthey really showcase that.

So in previous seasons, she was with a man.

She might have been with a few men.

She had a fiancé, that's a man.

And then more recently in the show, she's in a relationship with a woman.

Hell yeah! And it's not really that big of a deal.

I mean, it's big of a dealin the sense that the bisexual viewers watching thisreally feel validated and have a characterthat they can relate to.

But at the same time, it's not big of a deal.

Like it's just.



they just put it in therelike it's normal, you know.

Like it's just, yeah.

She's with a woman, so what? Does that make sense? Let me know if that makes sense or not.

And I love that Rosa, you know, she's that badass scary character that doesn't really let anyone.



I don't wanna say not really get close to her, 'cause she does have a friend there that is really close to her.

But she.



you know, there isn't a lotthat people know about her, but regardless of that, she's still like that person that if you mess with this one personIf you (BEEP) with this one person, she will be protective.

I love that.

Feels like me.

I love it.

If you have not seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I highly suggest it.

I know that it's on Netflix, and it did get cancelled for a minute, but then another channel brought it back.

It's on reruns on TBS, I'm pretty sure.

If you have seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Iwould love to know how you feel about it.

Who your favorite character is, who you relate to.

If you are also a bisexual personwatching this show, let me know how you feel about Rosaand how you feel that this show is really handling bisexuality.

Let's have a conversation.

If you would like to help translatethis video, I would very much appreciate it, and I will have a translation link in the description box so you can do so.

Thank you so much for taking the timeout of your day to watch this video.

I really do appreciate it.

And I will see you later.



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