should REAL WOMAN be Called FISH? Would you DATE a BISEXUAL man| Sipping SUNDAY!

five four three two one from San Francisco broadcasting around the world world you're listening to the Carmen Wiggins radio show [Music] what's going on everybody okay let's make sure you guys can hear me what's going on everybody it's your boy Armand and we are back I don't know today feels like a Monday shit starts going out I just start going crazy things just start happening but welcome everybody can you guys hear me drop some bells and bombs in the comments if you can hear me all right we're making sure we're good on Facebook I want to include both of my platforms in on this I wanted to include both of my platforms on this because I think this is a very interesting topic all right so if you're watching my facebook the calling number will be available if you want to call in the lines are open now because I'm sure people are going to have a lot to say I'm so I'll call a number up there in the corner all right so today's video topic is should women be called fish and if we get to it would you date a bisexual man all right so today's our sip and Sunday tea I'm drinking what I call a starburst I got some pink lemonade with some vodka and I put some squirt in here love it all right so we're going to get into it so is it's really really simple how much before we get too far in depth in it imma let you guys know that I'm probably one of the only platforms on YouTube that gives a true unfiltered zero FS giving opinion so I tell you my truth which is the reason why sometimes people are really upset with me and other times people agree with me I realize I've come to realize that I'm not a platform I don't just report news I don't break stories I don't roast celebrities I don't put screenshots and and and and videos together to make videos I don't I don't do that we talk we get into some things here so I understand that you know sometimes things that I might say may hit a little bit different and maybe a little bit more critical however you don't have to agree with everything that I say here but understand this is the this is a platform where we have an opinion so let's not don't take anything that I say out of context just understand that this is a place like no other on this YouTube app you know where we really especially in this sector where we're actually having an opinion okay so with that being said we don't all have to agree but maybe we just don't agree on this video don't mean you hate me may don't mean that I hate you so before we get into that I just wanted us to start this conversation with love all right so to get it started should women be called fish well that's the easy one if they don't feel like they should be called fish then don't call them fish I don't think that if you don't like the word fish then you shouldn't be called it it's it's really that simple I don't think that women should be called anything that they don't want to be called I don't think that anybody should be called anything that they don't want to be called so if a woman doesn't like the terminology the term fished and don't collar it however I have to say this it is a little bit interesting now that and I'm not taking anything away from it but I just feel as though this whole don't call me fish thing has come up as of recently because there's been a lot of talk around transgenders and pronouns and how to address different people within the LGBT community and like we've talked on this channel here we we I know that it's been expressed that a lot of females or heterosexual people in general Phil as though they're starting to lose their right in their freedom of speech in regards to I'm having an opinion on gay people or trans people okay so with that being said I personally feel like there is a little bit of fake outrage where the term fish I feel like there's a lot of people that didn't really care too much about the term didn't really know and you know that much about it didn't even know that was a thing however there's different content creators on YouTube there's different conversations going on on Facebook and Twitter and now this is a thing okay but I feel like it's only a thing because a vast majority of people and since we're talking women here I'll say women a vast majority of heterosexual women feel as though they cannot have an opinion on transgender people so because they feel like they can't use the word tranny which they would like to do or they can't use the word man or he as a pronoun which majority of them would like to do and still they probably do in their private homes or with with their with their respective friendship groups they feel as though well if I can't call you a tranny if I can't call you a man you can't call me fish now and to me I feel like a lot of people didn't have an issue with being called fish until they found an issue until it was an issue for them not to be using you know derogatory terms like tranny and he and you know sissy and pumpkin things like that so now it's like it's the WIMP it's the woman's turn to say what I'm offended by something I get it hey we all can we all have our right to be offended but I just have to point out where I feel like there's a little bit of fake outrage with this because for the longed-for as for as long as I've been around and I'm 30 plus you know what I'm saying the girls have been saying fish for a very very long time and nobody has ever complained about it now let's dive into exactly what it is let's talk let's just start with the fish thing could fish be derogatory I can see why someone wouldn't want to be caught fish because it's like well you're referring to us as fish why because that sounds like vagina like fishy vagina and you know what for that I could agree probably I don't know exactly where fish started however I do know it has it has a double meaning it has a ruled meaning and it has a positive meaning I also know yes while fish can smell like vagina I also know that one of the most epitome of beauty and femininity it was a fish and that is the Little Mermaid okay and many drag queens and transgenders they they like to call themselves mermaids and mermaids are undeniably fish and very pretty very dainty very soft very cunt okay so in a positive fish means soft cunt dainty yes we use the word cunt we all know it cut me cut means badge you know pussy feminine you know in the ballroom scene in the underground scene it's a compliment to say grow that is some beat you are beat fish you are sickening fish you know what I'm saying like or you know it's a compliment to say you know girl that is fishy or you look like fish so if a drag queen or a transgender looks very very feminine very passable you would say she looks fish in a complementary way now it could also be used as a derogatory term for those girl there's like like there's there's that there's a person on YouTube I can't stand her but she's but she's lonely and she's miserable and I noticed that like she's we would call her angry mad upset blackfish because she always seems to really try to get a rise out of gay people and she really tries to do her due diligence to say very nasty things in regards to gay people and I just look at her she's unattractive she's miserable and she's lowdown miserable finish it is what it is and you and you and sometimes you can get you can it gets like that it's like girl sometimes you know in the in the privacy of your of your home with you and your boys like my girls you we will be like girl fish was beat or my friends will call me they'd be like where were you at I was like and I'll say why I'm at the party well who's at the party well it's me it's some of the girls here and it's a lot of beat fish here or it's a lot of fish or it could be gross a lot of fish at this party meaning you don't want to come to the party it's just a lot of girls here and it's not the kind of girls that we that we like it's just a lot of it's a lot of tuna here bitch it's a lot of females so it could be a good in the bed I understand it is it going to change probably not people are gonna talk about it and why don't we call girls girls well just to be honest with you we call ourselves girls so there's just another name before you know there's you know women get called fish should they be called that if you don't like it they don't have to call it I don't really call any of my friends that to their face where I don't really I don't use that word all the time but if I'm with my my boys a bunch of gay boys and we're talking about some girls or they're like who are you going out of town with and he's going with some girls and I don't know them he'll be like well I'm going with me and my fish friends so that means I know that he's going with a bunch of girls it just is what it is I don't think that that's going to change but if a person does not like it I wouldn't call them that you know however I don't think it's going to change even the word tranny I don't feel like tranny was actually and I use both I use fish and I use tranny I don't think training was a bad word until the tabloids started exploiting the word tranny and in a way to make transgenders you're in a way to exploit transgenders every time you'd see a headline to be man exposed by tranny manning rapper exposed by tranny so over time the word tranny got a bad connotation that's why people that's why a lot of transgenders don't like the word tranny however i'ma be the first one to tell you I'm not going to sit and have a conversation with one of my close friends and be like and be talking about a female or a transgender female in the same conversation and say hey well the real woman and the transgender female just had a conversation I'm like girl what you doing bitch let me give you the tea girl fish in the trainings was gonna en okay fish had water training out in the training I said this to the fish and grow blah wait it's just it's just a short term I'm gonna be rude I'm not gonna be politically correct with my friends I'm not gonna say well the real biological female and the transgendered woman no fish in the training was going in bitch and they was both sickening and they hit the battle and it was everyday bitch but you have to understand both sides have double meanings so you got fish which is a good and it represents females and that there's a derogatory term then there's a positive term then you have tranny which is a positive and a negative but then you have butch Queens I will be considered a butch queen that you have fin Queens which is like transgenders then you have drag queens you have studs you have fins you have trade which is the straight man so everybody has their thing butch Queens we don't like to be cooked sometimes you don't want to be called a butch queen like if you trying to pick your fruit out pick your fruit out it's like you trying to get a boy you're not gonna we want to be referred to as a queen but if you with your girls you gonna be like bitch you know what's the T girl but if I'm reading like if I'm throwing shade at another group of gays I black girl I'm not going over there with all them Queens it's a bunch of Queens over there uh-uh so then that's it's the bet it's a dog of a derogatory term so we even have with us to be a queen it's not a good thing all the time to be a queen is also shade because if another gateway calls you a queen in like in a sense where they don't associate but you if I grow it's too many Queens over there that means it's too many cunts it's too many girls it's too much I'm not going around all them sissies it's too much extra nests we do it to ourselves so it's not just women we call each other queens and pumps and sissies and fags but they have double meanings and then you also have fag hags FactSet fag hags are actually women too a fag hag is a woman who is a gay man in her heart of hearts so she uses the lingo she goes to the balls she hangs out she does all of these things like is she if she could die and be reborn she would be born again as a gay man that's what a fag hag is you know now a lot of people feel some type of way about all this different terminology but here's what I'm saying TS Madison her Niq at night was getting into it right and but TS Madison says something I can't stand her but she says some that was very very prominent a lot of people take our stuff mainstream society has taken our stuff and then want to pick and choose what words we can have what words we can't have well if we can't say fish in all these different things well let's stop using T let's stop monetizing off of shade let's stop monetizing off a sipping tea let's stop monetizing off of gagging or you know all of this lingo or spilling tea or tea time all of those things come from underground bar room culture I never heard that with from from women to be honest with you tea actually came from then when I was growing up the word tea wasn't even sipping tea at the time for me tea was more so what's the talk was to eat like what's the gossip what's going on then it started to trance trance translate into you know European white women being messy sipping tea gossiping about their husbands and other women so that but then straight people started taking that as it started to grow and started monetizing off of it hence the reason why half a white YouTube even even to take it a step further white YouTube half of the gossip channels have tea time or tea in their names we got youtubers in this section with tea majority of the women here are spilling wine spilling tea doing it I never got I was spilling tea before any of these women that I know or any of these mainstream youtubers any of that so how is it that you we can't say this but everyone else who can monetize off of our community and every facet from throwing shade just ability to you know you got miss quad you got nene leakes ya got you got tame our braxton all of these people use gay lingo and all of these things however it's like well because I really want to say the word tranny as a cisgender female or I want to be able to I don't want any transgender to be even closely identified as a woman like me and because people have an issue with me saying tranny or that's not a real woman or that's a man I'm offended now by being called fish I think that's what it is I honestly do maybe some people don't like it because you know fish stinks and you know people like my vagina don't stink I get it so for those people I get it but I feel like a lot of people didn't even really know that women were being even called fish this is something new but this is something that we've been doing for a long time but I feel like there's a lot of women that still want to be able to secretly disrespect transgenders and because it's it's kind of a bit of a no-no now we found a reason now now the women are like well well I don't like being called a fish eater I don't like being called cisgender and it's just like okay that's another thing that I don't understand cisgender is all that saying is that you are a biological female that's not a read that's not no shade that's not none of that and let me before we get into that half of you guys use the word shade and don't even know what shade is we just know that it's something to you know throw light not like somebody or do something a little catty but have you guys throw around the word shade and ever swatch Paris is burning – no that shade comes from reading and reading comes from Shady you don't mean like so a lot of these terms you guys just throw around because it's cute and it's popular and it's clique baby for whatever but this is part of a culture that we've been a part of forever so it wasn't even like it's not even a sense where we're we're we're actually throwing shade at women or anything else it's been a part of our lingo it's just now hit mainstream and majority of women and and men and either in entertainment in public they're monetizing off of our lingo anyway so if you know if we can't say certain things don't monetize don't monetize off of our stuff as well now do I think that it's going to stop happening no just like I don't think that people are going to stop using the word fish but just like I don't think that women are gonna stop using the word tranny or referring to transgenders as he and me it's just not gonna happen just like you know a lot of men women and one thing I can't stand when straight people say those gay men I mean we are gay men but just the way that that comes out sounds very like shady gay men girl what does gay me in like what does that mean like there's a there's that there's the undertone to that there's a dare so disgusted undertone can I change it no cuz the fact is I'm a gay man but I think that we're at a place now where you know I think people are a little bit sensitive however if you don't want to be caught that then you don't call it so make sure none of your friends call you that I don't call any of my friends Phish just out and about like hey fish I mean if I did I don't think they would care but if I'm on the phone with my with one of my girlfriends my boys and we're getting into some things and I'm like girl let me call you back my fish friend is calling me it's just like my girlfriend is calling me it is what it is like I said earlier we Carly the boys called each other girl and the girls are coefficient the reason why this is my opinion and I'm gonna get back to my sis gender topic in a second but my thing is this well in our world we are the girls and I think that's why we're gay we don't like there comes a point in time people may not agree with me or not but this realest bitch on this channel on this fucking YouTube you know every at some point everything is not about actual actual women like when I'm sitting with a group of gay boys and we're having our time we're not thinking about oh let's put women first no where'd the girls we're fabulous we're having a great time women have more fun like I'm not thinking about the proper etiquette of females actually that's not even my job I'm not sleeping with females so the person that's supposed to have the proper etiquette for females is the negative sticking his wee-wee in you you know what I'm saying like I I don't I don't I don't like when it fits me and my bunch of my gay girlfriend's my gay boyfriends you know understand we are the girls we're fabulous weird the Fab five where we're we're filling ourself we're going to pull niggas on our own where we're going to go get our own niggas so we're not thinking about females at that time we're just not so we're the girls we're their priority and our community and I feel like that's fine like that's part of the reason why I'm not straight because being straight is completely boring and I feel like as a straight man it's always like you're second the woman is first I'm that ain't me I like to be fabulous I want to go shopping I'll if I want to double and dabble and a little makeup here on air respectfully I'm going to if I want to go into the into the into the women's section and get a nice t-shirt but I'm not not Billy Porter but if I want to get a nice teacher I'm gonna do it if I wanted nigga to take me out and you know what I mean and whine and die me I'm with it I don't want to feel like I always got to be the one swiping my card and being being the one with the proper etiquette no sometimes I want to feel cut to like a woman sometimes I want to feel pampered too you know but it's like when you get women it's like you gotta always be the pampering one you always do everything and I'm like y'all can have that shit I don't want I don't want that that's why I don't date women cuz I like I like I like to be pampered to you surprise me with some flowers bitch it is what it is so you know so when I'm out with my girlfriends I'm not thinking about no other girls I'm thinking about being my girlfriend's we'd want to go get some niggers I'm not worried about no females girl we we both like niggers so we're I'm not worried about you you go do you me and my boys we finna go to us near my port you're not a man-girl we finna go be us so I'm just saying that to say so that's probably why we call each other girls but I mean it but it's flattery it's a compliment you know what I'm saying like girls have more fun girls have more there's more exciting and gay boys are more in touch with their feminine side anyway so it's just natural that we would call ourselves the girls you know and you know there's many times like you know we just are the priority within that field within that in our community and I don't think there's anything anything wrong with it so yes when it comes down to you know that we you know we put ourselves first in that and we you know call ourselves two girls and this is whatever or whatever and I don't think that's gonna change and if you don't like it that's fine but that's not gonna change that is our community everything does not have to be about biological women first we understand that we have mom sisters this and we respectfully ask me and we respect them but girl when it's time to hang that stuff up girl I'm not worried about them honey I'm going with my boys we're gonna go for some niggas and we're goin out of town or if I'm single and I didn't found this nice piece of trade and he want to Wine and Dine me you think I'm worried about saying well don't call me a girl that's reserved for a beautiful black or beautiful biological queens no you want to make me feel my cunt make me feel like huh hi hey Gianni thanks you know and that's just a reality but sometimes a lot of people just can't take their game you know just as fabulous you know what I mean so they think well yeah I just want to be women it's not that we want to be women we just like things about women and we like the feelings that it is so girl it is what it is there's not there's no one's gonna be able to change that you can you can so you can either get with it or you can stay mad but either way it's gonna be the way it is to the end of time however your friend if your friends are your friends they won't call your fish if you don't like being called fish that's an easy fix however and I can under and understand why people don't like being called fish because fish like I said has a positive connotation to it but you can get read to you can get read with fish okay because sometimes you will be like okay bitch I'm gonna read fish down cuz I don't when I when I when I start getting to my mode where I'm like I really don't trust fish because fish is real sneaky fish is shady fish will go there and be smiling your face and talking on your back so you just can't really trust fish like that cuz fish don't really like the gays they will do they will they will say that stuff too so it do go both ways but then if a person looks amazing you be like bitch you look fish you look cunt you know that's part of it when I'm feeling like don't touch me when I'm feeling like Kondo it's just it's just a lingo you guys are just now catching it however if you don't like it I don't have a problem not calling somebody fish doesn't bother me you know what I'm saying cuz those terms don't usually get used around women in that way anyway so I mean I'll probably still say fish with my friends I probably I'm not gonna see her in lie to you just like I'm sure most of you guys probably don't call if you see in a transgender you wouldn't say tranny or man right in front of their face but the minute you turn around and get on the phone with your girlfriends or your boyfriend or your husband you call them all kind of tranny sissies and facts it is what it is we all do it so let me see what else I was gonna say yeah oh in the cisgender probably really want to get this I'm that part maybe when I open up the lines you guys can explain this to me I really don't understand the confusion or the feel some type of way with the word cisgender and I the only reason why I have a problem with people that have a with worms cisgender and it really doesn't affect me as much but the issue is it's almost like we are people under one universe and to me it feels as though instead of trying to divide especially in a black community instead of trying to divide because we already been divided why don't we try to include each other as much as we can and when I say that to say I've seen a comment earlier or someone said well why do we have to be sis just to protect the transgender feelings or whatever but but if you know you're a real woman biological woman which sis means biological is I'm a cisgendered man what does it hurt you what does it take from your day if you know who you are be like yeah I'm cisgender if we're having a professional conversation or wherever the intellectual conversation and there's two types of women out if you got trans women and you have biological women another word for biological it's sis so what does it take from you to just say I'm a biological more I'm a cisgender woman what does it take from you because I also notice many people don't if when trans women like to say I'm a woman women put emphasis on the fact that you're not just a woman you're trans you're a transgender well this is true so when we're having a conversation of women biological women whether whether you can have babies not that's not what we're talking about anymore biological women with you know born vaginas are not the only women or a form of women or a type of women that are on this planet or that exists in this universe whether you agree with the lifestyle or not it doesn't matter biological women cisgendered women aren't the only type of women so we're having a general conversation about women and there's two different types of women that's how you tell the difference of wit women it is or since we won't we want to throw out the prefixes if we throw out sis let's go out trans and let both of you guys just be called women but we can't let that happen because too many biological women want to make sure that everybody knows that they are biological and this one is not so that's why I have a problem with people that have a problem with using the word sis because it doesn't feel like you're upset about the actual prefix of sis it seems like you're more concerned with making sure that other people know that you're real woman and this person was a man so it's really not about misgendering it's more about making not including another demographic of women for your own beliefs or only whatever and to me I feel like that's kind of late I just kind of feel like you know what I'm saying I just feel like that's kind of late because that's fine you can be a woman however this is a woman a type of a woman too so if you can use woman like this person use one more – they don't have to do the trans people don't have to use trans to fit your narrative just like justice you don't have to use sis to fit their narrative they don't have to use trans period if you if if you don't have to use biological or sis or you don't want to they have the right not to use trans period it's just what it is y'all all right so let's take some calls five six through eight oh let me go here hello okay seven one eight five five eight zero you're live on the air hello hello yes I need try to be ready can you hear me oh my god okay five eight five five or four or four four we're live on the air can you hear me hello hold on let me reconnect this child is driving me crazy people are I can hear you but holder i'ma reconnect how do i I'm a reconnect I'm a reconnect all right your show now press one to hear input since it appears you're calling back into a live show we are reconnecting you now hello hello yes do you hear me yes okay talk to me okay so alright so the whole fish thing I didn't even know what that was until you just came on I didn't know that was like outraged I was going alright now and I was also like listening to you talking about the different like terms the trans and the sense and all that and how you were saying that it comes from gay lingo not a lot of people are familiar with it like for me I didn't know that shade and sipping tea was coming from like the gay community I don't know that but I just seen it because I say to our social media mm-hmm so I don't think the fish word is really offensive but also you gotta realize that not a lot of people are familiar where some of those words are coming from right and on in that part I understand that's what I'm saying and but I can also understand why a person could say well I don't want to be referred to as a fish because fish steamed but at the same time fish is also a mermaid which is the epitome of femininity and a lot of trans people call themselves mermaids so it's just I feel like there's a little bit of fake outrage because there's a deeper conversation here and there's there's there's a there's a distance between the women and the gay community and then the women in the trans community and a lot of heterosexual people feel as though their rights are limited when it comes to speaking of on gays topics in car and using certain pronouns for gay people and so I feel like now women are looking for things to be offended about as well like well if I can't call you a tranny you can't call me fish it's like that okay yes Thank You caller okay 7 1 6 7 8 7 8 hello hey what's going on hey just oh my yes this is hey I've seen a fancy gross for years but I just did it's crazy to me about this fish I thought is offensive anyway cuz if you call one bitch they say she's gonna throw up you call her fish it's a suppose I mean just ha just we are human beings that's respect for each other you don't want to mm-hmm I mean it's I mean it is crazy to me we just respect each other I mean yes leave him up for a brother though he's he's on not that way but I respecting ass he's a man and he's a total man I'm the I don't care what a sexy or desire but he's still a man so so just respect each are just obscene yes God Thank You laughs and like I stopped interfering you so describe to you I mean I noticed under aku but but I'm Matt I'm Bart I'm actually Cindy on Instagram Thank You Cindy robot just like I said I love you and keep up with a great job I love you too Cindy have a good day bye okay let's take some more the number is on the screen if anybody would call in on Facebook and one on YouTube is here five one six nine four six five and what I think I might do is in the live on Facebook and you guys can come over to YouTube and finish the conversation five one six nine four six five let's talk about it not ready thank you let's see private caller you're live on the air hey hey what's going on okay if we use the word sissy tranny fag will be shunned we'll be fired from our job will be ridiculed and everything else in front of the entire world so but as women if we say not to call us one word we're trying to find reasons as to why it's okay to call her something derogatory like that like I'm confused nothing in the light there's never been a time when fish has been used nicely even if you're saying girl you're lying your story sounds fishy it's always been a nasty word so if we're saying please don't call us that why is that an issue when every word y'all say not to call us we're not allowed to do it right so so that goes back into what we're saying so it seems as though which was my main point I understand what you're saying but it seems as though you want to be able to say those nasty words and because you feel like you would get ridiculed for using those words you're like now what I don't want to be called fish when really you probably right but you think if you say you don't want us to call you something it's not a problem but if we come and say please don't call it a derogatory word and y'all have a problem without saying we had to bring up listen we respected okay so let me tell you okay so hold on hold on so we got it we got to make it clear though it's only a derogatory word for you you know we don't set like that's a that's a derogatory term that people have taken offense to it fish has never been a dirac it has a double meaning just like sissies always been a that has never been a good meaning we've taken that word back and made it a good meaning like the word nigga how we took that word back the word faggot that has never been a positive thing we've taken that back and we've made it something positive but we butch queen this that our fish has a double meaning fish also means a very pretty woman fish always mean very soft and feminine this ox also means passable in our communities so it's it's a it's a compliment for a transgender to look like fish it's a compliment for a drag queen to be fishy it's a compliment for a gay boy that's dancing soft and cunt to really be really fishing tuna about so you have to understand the full concept of the lingo when you get into these conversations to understand why people have the perception that they have it's not saying that you can't say the word but you have to understand the word never started out as a derogatory term the word never started out derogatory it's the fact that all of a sudden now people are offended by it now that it's a derogatory term right okay but the word fish is not all the way in the public so a lot of women don't even know that y'all are calling it that number one and if we did know that y'all are calling us fish we'd probably hear it more because it's in your words it's a positive word but we don't hear about it so clearly it's not a it's not a cool word number one number two you keep saying the word mermaid is a fish no it's not a fish the word mermaid is has a head of a human in the tail of a fish tail it's still at the bottom today respect y'all when we say it Joss they don't call us something we don't do it if we say one word please don't call it this why can't I just be respected I don't have a dog oh no now listen I don't have any problem calling people that but my thing is this where's all the energy for the nigga that calls you bitches every day in the music you don't give a damn you don't because these niggas steal call ya'll bitches and hoes every day and now and you have more bitches and holes twerking into music videos get your money acting like bitches and hoes if you want to put everything on everything but we're talking specifics right here like y'all asked us to respect you why can't y'all give us the same respect y'all say that y'all want to be included in everything and do all this why can't we just have respect as well like I'm with it okay gay men are in the public gay men aren't appreciated game and are getting to a cue late they'll have TV shows y'all the number one hairstylist y'all have like a lot of stuff and for you to be like oh we don't have this and that y'all are like worship so what I don't get it like when you say something like that but at the end of the day as a woman if we just say please don't call us something it shouldn't be an issue that's all I'm saying I don't think it's the issue I don't think it's the issue I like I said I don't think it's an issue at all if that offends you and you're my friend or you're someone I know I don't I wouldn't I'm not gonna I wouldn't call you that does that mean that people are gonna stop doing it now does that mean when you reach with your girlfriend's on vacation and you see a bunch of transgenders you might not say look at those men and those trannies you're not you're probably gonna say to your friends look at those men with those wigs on well that's what it is like not in a bad way I have gay friends I've gay family members but at the end of the day publicly you're bringing up a situation and if we can say we don't like that as women it should be okay I agree about how to address it where it's not you but know I love you I want you on your side I just you know wanted to make that you know no no I agree I agree if you don't like something you should not be called it but I have to still say I honestly feel about the situation I do feel like there is a sort of there's an outrage and it's a little bit of a fake outrage not with everybody but I feel like like you said and I think that you speak for a lot of women and maybe you might be supportive and maybe you're just the voice right now but I think you speak for a lot of people women where straight people in general who kind of look at gay men like they have everything they get away with anything we can't say anything about them so then they're turned there becomes a little resentment they're not with you I'm just saying when you feel like these gay guys they can just do anything and we can't even say one thing you know what I mean cuz I had a caller David oh not at all not oh I'm a realist at the end of the day like but sometimes you use you know you say things like well we don't get acknowledged for the first things and we don't have this and we don't have that well we don't have it screwed so but I would never sit here and say well they get this and I'm chilling I'm a realist all I'm saying is I'm pointing out something that's not you that the word fish don't look smell good don't look no but it tastes good good I mean there's a lot of people who won't even let you bring it you can't even cook it in the house because of the smell but I get that I get that no I get that that's why I'm saying like I can't I can't argue that I just don't I don't know where it completely originated from but I definitely could see the definite undertone of it feeling like it's a fishy smell so I'm not gonna even wanna count if the word was more in like we don't hear the word a lot because y'all hide it so I think there would have been a bigger issue I don't think that we hide it I don't think that women have just wanted to take that word and steal it yet and use it in mainstream here in this work for the first time right now but how would we but you got it but let's not use the word hiding because we've always done our thing and it's it's the women or it's it's it's the networks and it's they come over and take our you know but what I know but let's talk about what you said because you opened up something there was no hiding what's the tea what shade it's what happened was a lot of these producers and he's back in people and these programmers and these content creators they heard it they took it they monetized it majority of these because majority of America is not ready to see regular butch Queens african-american men that don't look like Billy Porter at the forefront America can't take a straight acting or even a straight identifying man saying hey I like men Americans can only take so far so far androgyny and drag queens so what do they do they have a gay boy like me in the background teaching a person like Tamar or miss quad or somebody all the lingo and then they go and use it and monetize off of it so it wasn't like we were hiding anything it's just the public has chosen to use certain words that they wanted to use we've always been here but it's just the women that get on these talk shows or have these platforms they take it and they use then they put it out for the consumers that's just what it is okay so are there any are their game and they had their own TV shows right now no do you know any other housewife the one that came on 11 o'clock at night I got cancelled over four years ago we're talking about black gay man we know you're talking about miss Lawrence I'm Deirdre Lawrence what no but listen but listen that's what I was referring to I didn't write in white and black is two totally different things baby we know that okay okay but no but let me bring it but let me bring it to let me bring it to dare J they never mean to miss Lawrence yes miss Lawrence had a show on there we dare J but guess what they did in order for the show to stick they had to throw a female on there named Bebi Smith they never gave a gay man just a show never but they did push Eric J and miss Lawrence and those are the type of gave me and that did get show rule part okay so you're not listening you're not listening what does RuPaul look like what does Derek J look like what does miss Lawrence look like do any of the question you should be asking do any of them look like butch Queens no they all look like some kind of caricature of a female none of them look like regular men they all look like this hyper over-exaggerated female caricature wearing nail pills lashes or drag you don't see regular gay men on the forefront you don't you see the masses do you think that's because those men choose not to be on the forefront meaning there's many people on the forefront who are gay but they choose to live as a regular citizen and don't want their sexual you know whatever their sexual thing is to be in the public so like I said people like take it away from the black there's people like you know on CNN in certain places that are gay men but at the end of the day y'all keep saying you want to be treated equally so why do you want to be separated and say hey I'm a gay man I want you to give me my show but yet you want to be treated treated equally so you we could fall in love with the gay man who answers on show who don't even tell you he's gay because you want to be treated equally so do you want to stand out and have your own thing and not be with us or do you want to be with us and just feet kill it like no I understand that no I think I think for me god yes but I think that conversation is more so I don't want to have to put on a dress and heels and I don't want to have to be on the court and hope dl4 to be accepted you know what I mean I want to be able to look like wear my snapback somewhere my hoodies look like a boy still be feminine in my own right and in in society be comfortable with it but I feel like society is only comfortable with one or two extremes almost the DL extreme where they can't tell because to them that means whoo this is a real man you know he's not all that flamboyant but then or then there's the Billy Porter extreme where it's like oh he's not a threat to me I know he's gay I can tell so I know I ain't gotta worry about him hey girl you know what I'm saying it's not but the ones that look like me which are the majority of us let's be clear we pros a week we we are a problem for for society society is really not ready Frank Ocean is the butch queen cowboy yes okay so butch quick get that that would be like Frank Ocean little nods acts like people like that you like like yeah so they're like so butch is like you are a boy like butch like masculine but then you have feminine quality so you're like an in-between that's the butch queen so yeah so they're actually making waves they're making waves but still people don't even believe that you know little nods X is really really gay like that because he's not really saying much he barely addressed it and then Frank Ocean we don't even hear from him we're referencing people that is that are completely off the scene but you see who is coming to the rising to the top which I don't have a problem with but it's a saucy Santana he doesn't represent me but women love him but you know this is the man that walks around with a beard or lashes in a skirt on again okay okay so basically you just want more of people who represent used to be in the forefront and talking about what they do behind closed doors yeah I mean because I don't go around saying this is what I like to do in bed so I need you to hire me you understand what I'm saying includes you we respect you we love you but why should it be hey I need you to hire me because this is what I like to do in bed instead of distant supporting you and respecting you for your job and your talents and as a human being so do you want to be respected and accepted with everybody or do you want to stand on the outside so that's why I'm confused I think I'm a little confused where we're going with this but I'm agreeing with you when it comes to the fish topic I'm with you you don't like it you know I wouldn't call you fish however yeah you have you know we still have to understand at least a little bit what it means before we just automatically because I don't even know why you feel like you're offended other than you know that fish has the tendency to stink but outside of that you don't even know why you're offended about it but you but you all know but you hold on but you do know but you do know what you do know that you can't you do know that it's offensive the car gay men or trannies tranny 'he's so that was the first thing you prefaced when you when the point of being able to call someone fish or not you know that is what you mentioned so it came across like you know what if I can't call you this you shouldn't be able to call me that that's how it came across I listen you just said you know why y'all can't call this tranny I don't know why I just know y'all say we can't use it so we don't use it there's no question about it period so if we say don't call it fish just don't call it that okay I'm gonna tell you why I'm gonna tell you why the Train I'm gonna tell you why I'm gonna tell you why tranny is an offensive word tranny was not an offensive word tranny is not really an offensive word you know tranny is a short word for transgendered everybody doesn't feel like saying transgender so it's a it's a shortcut right however like I said earlier the tabloids made tranny a bad word straight people straight because when they were goes tranny sleeps with Eddie Murphy caught with tranny this man caught with tranny straight man caught with tranny tranny exposed um tranny dis so when it's all this negative stuff attached to the word tranny in a straight man DL man caught sleeping with tranny then it becomes you know well don't call me a trendy because there's so much negativity attached to the word training it's almost an exploitative like headlight so people don't want to be caught that anymore because there's so much negativity that comes with the word tranny you know them it's almost like I'm not gonna you know what I'm saying but so that's why they don't like to be called tranny because they've been exploited in the media so much by that word now but to to but to preface but on that's that's one end but at the same time you know a lot of the trans people get mad at me because I said well if you guys wouldn't expose people you know you wouldn't be on these headlines like that but that's a different conversation but they know how I feel about that as well but Thank You Carl er yes thank you bye we get into some things today okay seven one eight five five eight zero hello hey what's going on Omar how you doing good how are you yeah I'm a new subscriber to your channel I forgot the first video I think about like roster consumption like I forgot in any event um I feel like this word fish blatantly is it sounds it's respectful it is respectful period point blank okay and what's the body on another hand I feel like these terms become disrespectful once somebody sees it that way it makes it a big thing like forget with the word bitch bitch I'm a bitch right now I'm a dog bitch anyone saying that now so you can't say well I don't like being called fish but at one point bitch was bad to be called a bitch right now got over you I'm the baddest bitch I'm a pretty bitch so that's a whole big ass like it's like a contradiction to me like it's weird you hate being called fish I won't play hate being called the bitch but now you a bad bitch so why not make the word fish the same exact way make that sound good now you can't say you hate one thing but on the other hand the word bitch was terrible years ago now we all are calling girls bitches now and it's in it's cool and good well well no not-not-not all because let a gay man team this is why I had and people were saying we're talking about something different no but we're talking about the underlined because I don't feel like it's I agree with you when you say a fish is bad fishies a but I feel like they're still and under and I my job and even though I won't be able to fix the world my job is to pull the mask off of the underline disdain for gay people when it comes to black women in the competition from gay men to women because that's what this all stems out to be because my thing is if a man could call these women bitches they can call themselves bitches but if means or I don't know if you get enough but if I get on here and be like bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch they're gonna be like why are you always calling a woman a bitch well first of all you married to a nigga that called you a bitch every day and you don't give a damn you see what I'm saying but now all of a sudden you're mad that fish which you didn't even know that fish was a thing but because the gay boy is saying fish now you're mad but if your nigga call you a bitch when you get off this life you're just gonna suck it up and suck his dick I get what some sayings and regards to that I'm just keeping it black and white and bling and simple bitch is disrespectful so much at one point girls it then they like the word bitch being cause now I don't know the oh now I'm the baddest bitch I'm a pretty bitch so I'm that bitch that's the best term that girls use now I call her like theta queen bitch whatever the case may be you can't say that for one thing and they said no this right here no that part right there I don't I don't you focus on okay oh that's nice I kind of like it's like double jeopardy when it comes to me I ain't bull crap um the term nigger how high in the world now you hate being called the nigga it means they're bad thing but Society made the word nigger us as black people I would say oh now I'm that nigger and now or what's up my nigga son like it's like whatever the people or the crowd says it is at that particular time it's that that's about it so I wouldn't I wouldn't be too much into the word you know fishing what it means at any day we always flip stuff we flip nigger girls flip the word bitch what's the big fucking deal Thank You Carla at the same time I get why they're mad about it but flippin thank you okay for okay 70.

8 let me take her oh this definitely is not getting my decides this is one of them conversations today seven zero nine eight you live on the air oh my god I'm on hey what's going on yes oh my oh my god I love you I'm watching you right now this is tighter I called it from my leg variable my only issue is this is all very confusing to me I don't get it because it's all fish it you cannot reclaim the word the whole thing with bitch and nigga ain't nobody really want to be called a bitch or a nigga but goddamn like kind of like what are they supposed to do like I can't reclaim my time I can't make a word work for me but you want to call me fish because it means passable like I'm all here for the butch Queens I'm here for everyone I love everybody it's just so fucking confusing and it just doesn't make any sense and the more I talk about it is it's like the angrier it makes me like well here's the thing though well here's the thing I get it because now the convert now it like it's now it's a mainstream topic so it's like why are you calling me this but it was kind of like I mean it really it was it was our that was just what we talked about how you go and like how you talking your community I'm sure the way you talk around your gay friend to be probably different where you talk your hood with the real niggas you pick it with you in the way you talk about things with you and your real girlfriends you know what I mean so it's like imagine me in a kitchen table talk with me and all of my gay friends now becoming mainstream conversation because someone got a hold of a word and they wanted to blow it up into some things for their own specific gain or whatever the case may be this wasn't this this language is not supposed to be you know mainstream language this is something that we talk about in our culture so that's just like I mean that's like saying you know if you don't want it like if a pro gay person is not gonna go on TV and address a female as fish or you know you've never even heard me on here necessarily when I address women I don't address you I don't I don't address because that's not that's not that's not how I address women on an everyday basis and I think that's the conversation you know if we're having this conversation in the privacy of our own home about to worry about like I think we need to like really because it's just too fucking confusing and that's the type of shit that's make nigga to say like oh sorry sorry that's the type of stuff that makes people say like I don't want to do this like I'd rather just be ignorant towards it because we've been talking about it for so long and no questions are really being answered it just seems like we're both attacking each other and I mean by both I'm saying it primarily seems like it's black women against black gays and I hate that I hate that funny library my being because first of all all black people we are a family and spirit brothers and sisters you need to be together we're all hurt we all got the person we all got from our damn ancestors can we please come together I like it's really I don't know I'm feeling I'm about to let somebody else call in I just I love the show I love everybody in the chat y'all thank you can we just please you know be respectful to each other it's real hard but let's keep an open mind love you are my you love you so great thank you so much so here's the thing guys I'm you know this kind of lingo originated with ballroom culture since poles has been out and everybody wants to sip tea and spill tea now this is just a new word that hadn't came now tea is old throwing shade as mainstream there's so many words that y'all don't know about that haven't came out yet I'm sure a lot of you guys didn't the girls didn't even know what a butch queen was we're a fact we are like though it's fine things are finally coming to a head because people you know are taking more and more stuff tea I remember be when nobody was saying tea I remember when nobody knew what what's the tea meant or what does he was we called each other bitch and girl like you know so it's just like I'm not justifying it in a sense but I'm also saying that 99% of the time I'll be honest with you it's kitchen table talk honestly and it's probably not going to change and I'm not I'm not here to say everybody needs to change it I am I'm here to say you need to change it if you got friends around that don't like it but I'll be honest with you any of my and I'll say this any of my fish friends that I know that are here and if I be and I am and I say that none of them usually have a problem with it because understand what it means and that makes them feel like they are part of you know the lingo the t4 right now most people that are offended by it don't really understand it or they're on the outside looking in they don't have a lot of gay friends like that they're not that close they're gay friends don't talk that way or they just don't like gay men will you know I'm saying but a lot of people a lot of women there's an F every woman is not pressed by the word fish a lot of them will come up to you and be like bitch yes I am B fish and yes because we give you life come on work fish work bitch I'm not saying that you it needs to be you but just know that every woman doesn't feel any type of way about it it seems like there is a certain type of woman that feels some type of way about this thing and those are typically the women that really don't know that much about the community as a whole and they don't have a whole lot of friends in the community so of course if you don't really know we're never really done any research and you listen to one person say why are these gave me and calling us fish when we can't call them faggots then I'm sure you don't like the word but again if you don't want to be calling something we're all human beings you have the right to say don't call me that and a person should respect it period okay let me take another call two one five if you want to get on here we have a lot of cars on here I'm not staying on all day you have to super chatter last four to the top two more five two seven one one you're live on there yes okay okay and I'm just gonna be I don't I'm not trying to offend nobody or anything like that you act from a woman's perspective so I'm just gonna be honest which won't give you the answer we don't want to be called woman my best friend is a gay male and we just want to be honest gay men are more shadier for rofl than straight women okay so if you're not going to go all RuPaul's Drag Race and call a woman a fish they don't call me one off this Beach that's number one okay number two it is a lot of now I like I said this is not for me my best friend of 15 years as a gay man it is a lot of women that have this day towards the whole gay men thing like you said when you're out with your friends you're all of the girls we feel the same way we're not concerned about the gay community where the girls probably feel where the girl when the original girl right so when you are with your five friends and y'all looking for niggas and y'all he-he-ha-ha where the thing went right turn that oh these five gay men over here we got to change our lingo to suit them y'all not going to change our lingo to suit us and we're not going to change our lingo to suits all right so when a gay man calls me a fish I'm not necessarily offended because like I said I'm well versed in how it works my best friend is gay so I'm knowledgeable of the community but at the same time we are not going to offend some snail this whole LGBTQ community thing like you said nobody can say anything against the LGBT community they're basically the mob you know what I mean anybody to say something against them they gotta go on TV and apologize they gotta go on the rear table talk and apologize but they like you said niggas been calling us bitches and hos for hundreds and hundreds of years and ain't nobody go on and apologize well Snoop Dogg did when he when he called when he called Gayle King that but I want people to understand this too because you're hitting things on the head and I'm with you but I want I think this is another piece and this could be another layer when we start talking LGBTQ I want y'all to know that that does not include black gay bi and trans people that is white people so I can't help that I can't help they don't then why people don't give a damn about us just like white people don't give a damn about black people just like white women feminists don't give a damn about black women problems just like the white man don't give a damn about black men problems so I'm sure these different feminist groups with that white women are in control of though they don't represent you so that LGBTQ shit that does not represent my black ass but go ahead I understand I'm like I said I'm 37 years old so I know that that's really for the white people but but all y'all are somehow under the umbrellas the bottom someone said something bad right now about CS Madison they are going to be at a pier all over the Internet so some of y'all are covered under the umbrella to a certain to a lower level y'all might not be covered we you gotta apologize to all red tabletalk but y'all covered on the YouTube streets the Twitter Street the answer the Instagram Street the Facebook streets so you know we're not just gonna say black people is not covered y'all now all the way under the umbrella but Choctaw under there just a little bit we won't keep it all the way room so yeah like a lot of gay men don't like black women week I mean like women period so this is where the tension comes in it because she knows it and a lot of women way and a lot of women don't like gay men so wait so we don't know who is being who is being Shady no you that's the word you use or who is you know it coming from a good place when they call enough fish because that same came in and call you a fish when you walk away TV then drags you about to makeup your hair you know your change your body everything it's like we gotta compete with women we gotta compete with men we gotta compete with transgender we gotta compete with nine binary it just like it like this let us call this a it's very confusing not for me but for certain people so it was like don't call me see come on me a woman you go on RuPaul's Drag Race you wanna be more refer to other women as women but don't call me fish call me a woman well that's a female if you were gay man okay let me say okay so I think that's right yes Madison we go you see as Madison even though she identifies as a woman I still want her to call me a woman I don't want her to call me a cisgender woman she's a woman that's what she identifies as I'm a woman and I'm gonna be very honest with you because you want to open it on inside you want to get into something a lot of us don't worry a lot of women not me I respect anybody on whatever they choose to be that's their business but Allah women don't respect someone calling yourself a woman when they got a 12 inch dick between their legs we just don't what they just don't they just don't you can identify all you want you can get as you can continue all you want we don't care about learning it God made two genders and we don't care about what you I can identify the man all I want but I have a vagina so at the end of the day of I commit a crime I'm going through the women's jail you know what I mean so they're like oh oh I identify as a woman so cute okay you might identify as a woman but at the end of the day you still have a 12-inch penis between your legs so don't call me fish okay okay okay okay okay so you have got into some things so let's get into some things the first thing I want to say you're absolutely right I have some gay men friends that can knocks down and MC this is where we get derogatory this is what they're with this is what they would say to me I can't stand fish they don't like women because you know they like they like the same kind of men that women like and so maybe they don't like to it's nothing on like women they don't like to be around women because they don't they're not interested in women so they're not really interested in being friends with women they're not interested in hanging around with women because they don't they don't want to go to a Greek get together and it's a bunch of girls there they don't want to bump booties or they don't want to bump pussies they want to see some niggas some something they like I understand that you know but just like a lot of a lot of women don't want to go and go to the gay club all the time because ain't nothing there for them they don't want to see a bunch of gay boys that's not interested in them I've been on both sides of that work they don't want to see that so so so I mean so women and men feel the same way but now the only time and I into when I use fish in a derogatory mean way is when you don't know because why you said gay men could be shady to fish can be shady to and this one I'm talking about the shady fish when I say fish could be shedding when I said like well if I'm walking down the street or if I'm going to get my rental car like I did in New York I mean in in LA or New York or whatever I'm doing and I go to the cash register and and this is and I'm using fishing this term because this is how I'll be telling my friends because at this point she pissed me off so this would be a derogatory term I'm like and fishing me cash register this is what she do and she cocks mighty yes man pH honey girl twirl all right bitch stop playing with me don't play with me girl I don't fuck with you like that this is why I don't fuck with fish like that get out of my face because you're trying me all I said was hi and you you for you you see that I'm gay so you want to go do a spin a dip in the twirling yes bitch yes don't talk to me like that we not cool you don't know me don't play with me and so I might tell you fish don't try me girl I will I have done that because you never know you'll be walking in a girl be like you'll be walking past a group of girl then yes honey thanks what you what you we don't do that all that stop playing with me and that's how we feel like we walking in the mall and God yeah that's fish over there like that you're trying to be smart like don't do us and we won't do you because oh so that's where it all comes at so you like we might want you know we won't eat the meat and spit out the bone like right a lot of women are thicket of mints working they like Wendy Williams Eddy they don't wear their wig there think we don't win on the side and but didn't they just be honest about that I think but I feel like you probably the realest and this is not even though did you probably the realest bitch that ever caught into the show because most people will sit around and act like they like the gays do they really want to say something bad and I feel like you do like it but I think that you'll be in real life listen a lot of us women are sick of this a lot of us women are sick of that and it is what it is that is a woman that I can respect because young people won't give it up and be real like that and my gay friend he is a masculine gay guy like he wears Dickies like if you see him you wouldn't know he was gay but if he wore dressing all the day I really wouldn't care like I don't care about that but it's too much tension like a lot of these gay guys be doing the most I'm not even going I like this it's a strip club the gentlemen's clubs working in front of straight men like they say cannot fight well here's the thing and what here's the thing well here's the thing that I think the women was we are hard to get we're just gonna get used to you know and and I understand and I understand where someone made this no way but listen that's what we are – gross – whether you want to accept it or not you don't have to but we're fabulous we're gonna give that that is part of our lingo and we're gonna go and we want to be there and we going away hold on and we're gonna quit because I'm not even talking about the tea asses I'm talking about the boys we're gonna get up there we're gonna give you body we're gonna do all the extra we go we're gonna you know we gonna show you we're gonna do all that and if we go in but we gonna do that and nobody but we're gonna do that and it shouldn't affect you because you should be secure enough to know that I can't take your nigga if I could take your nigga and that really wasn't show nigga period I agree but that ain't what is about that's what I'm saying if that's what it boiled down to at the bottom line and bottoms line boiled down to dick that's what it boiled down to that's what it boiled down to we don't mind y'all being fabulous we all is in the same circles with us y'all do I have make up y'all shot but we know God gay men has always been welcomed in women's faces we don't have a problem with that I was born in 82 you know I'm saying I'm 37 years old the gay men that was around when I was growing up they are not the same kind of gay men that are around them these gay men been around now are literally in competition with women not all level but a lot of them are I believe it but you're not lying you know and you know a lot of them don't even like women but we have and I don't and there are a lot of women and there are a lot of transgender women that feel like they are prettier than women and they will tell you I look better than you I'm not gonna stay here and cap like that that don't happen it do it do it's on both sides it's on both sides it is and that's weighted so when you say why we don't want to be called fist because we don't want to be called that because we know there's some underlying BS with people not understanding why I said it boils down the dick yes I do bar Dom day because women are very tore everything you think I agree with but we had to cut the cut so why why we know why because a lot of gay men are in competition with women and they don't like women and a lot of women are sick inside of gay men being in competition with okay in them okay can I take the fake day man okay they could work better why so like what she's saying why does it boil that's the reason why boils down the dead why would a gay man need to be in a competition with a woman why would a woman need to be in the gate competition with a man why would there need to even be any teacher because it boils down to a woman feeling like bitch you know I'm the girl and a gay man feeling like I'm the grunting we both like niggas just like women don't like to be around a bunch of girls because they feel like women could be very catty and very shady when it comes to men and in what you guys don't know is a lot of butch queens a lot of gay boys don't like to be around a lot of queens when there's trade in the mix Papa finance comfortable straight boy in the mix full of butt in a room a bunch of with a room full of butch Queens and watch those holes go to war for that nigga don't let them be cute and don't let them be low keep picking this fruit out with one of the butch Queens that then people is going black I'm not bringing my man I have a gay boy I have a fine a straight boy or a straight acting man and see if he is going to bring his boyfriend to a party with a bunch of thirsty queens a bunch of thirsty bottoms he ain't gonna do it it's the same thing women ain't gonna bring a fine ass nigga around a bunch of girls and whether y'all want to accept it or not and see I think a lot like what I liked about this car she understand that we run in the same circles a lot of you women need to get over the fact that is separate circles yes they're separate to a certain degree but J men and women we co-mingle it is what it is we have two totally different lifestyles however we like the same thing we both like men so it will we are going to conmigo and you know what sometimes there will be a little competition there because we both like niggas it is what it is and then until people stop trying to worry about what why are they so Gators do you realize the fact that people have a problem with the gays being so fabulous is the reason why they will continue to always be that way but I'm not going to sit here and act like a lot of the gays don't be extra there are some that be extra and make people feel uncomfortable and there's a lot of transgender women who will do some rude and outlet disgusting things it's on both ends but you got to understand the gays ain't gonna stop being fabulous cuz I know I'm not I'm not stopping for no bitch okay I'm going to be that one baby or any day okay man women girl Tranter boy is not going to stop me from being my bad bitch stuff if I'm feeling it okay you know what I mean that's who the fuck I am and I don't give a damn what person on the planet don't like it okay that's just how it works let me see Trevor said we as black people are so hard on each other I'm a gay man but I respect black wouldn't because my mother is a black woman black women have so many strikes against them and gay black men do as well let's link up and get many I'm here for that all right let me take my shelves let me take let's do a brief intermission I'm gonna refill my cup I'm Nicole are you want we got a hell of haulers okay Nicole I will be with you shortly I'm about to play a quick beat give me two seconds we're gonna go over a little over one time today let me drop some tunes shout out to everybody they're on Facebook make sure you guys like share and subscribe and I will be back in just a quick second talk amongst yourselves and get into something [Music] [Music] alright alright let's get back to the bullshit alright hold on ok ok hey hold on let's get back to the let's get back to it alright let's get back to the cause I have to go refill my drink all right Nicole where you at three four seven I don't see you on here oh here you go hello 773 no that's none of course it's Nicole hold on let me see she's not on here let me see oh yeah go ahead go ahead and talk sorry oh good okay really enjoying the show so far I just kind of wanted to piggyback with my thoughts on some of the things that you said okay I am hearing a lot of women calling in and saying we don't get to use you know the word fake and sissy but that's just absolutely not true they do use it so you know all the time I understand like you say it as far as the fish word why some women are getting offended by it but there are like they said they don't know what the word means and they're so upset about a thing a lot of them haven't even heard of the work for mm-hmm prior to today are prior to other content creators who have brought it to the forefront and it was just all of a sudden so furious by the word fish okay I get it in this notion I don't want anybody think that it will hold on and I don't want anybody think that boost or say that Nick at night however I will say this it was good content you she's a content creator she's a woman it was it was a viral moment we were talking about TS matter so you also want to understand when people are doing things for content so that was a good cop you know it did well for her channel to have those conversation and a lot of women got involved you know so it's no shade against her however you know we just seem like okay that was a good content move you know that you talk about but do you really care you know to a certain degree you know right well I hear a lot of acts a lot of the women I said how often are you called that word hmm it allowed them said they haven't heard of it before today they don't you know they're not even called the word but they're so upset about okay it's like they'll hear it if they have gay friends okay tell those great friends if you tell me you want to call it something that's fine then the argument is still but still don't use it that's why I have an issue like they don't get to come and regulate what we use amongst each other just like we can't go and control what they use with their with their friends and among each other in their family members how they feel you know the word pump or the word fag or the foot word sissy we can't do anything about it we've had to accept that they're going to use that no matter what what we can do is agree if somebody does not want to be called something then we can respect that but I have a problem with people who've never heard the word before they've never been called a word before maybe they're just offended because the word is being used yeah yes that's where I have a problem because there's nothing can be you can't control that like I personally I don't even like women I don't even like you know being called a nigger but I know there's nothing I can do about there's nothing I do about it right there so what I'm getting called of it feels the Great and sometimes when black men are called that that one I can't do anything about that I just want to say you can't very late what we used a bunch of trouble just like we can't do it with you guys in your spaces thank you so much Carla um but it's pretty much I like is a good day thank you sir and I don't want you guys making this making this some team between me and night cuz I I like I liked what she did I like what she did about I like how she handled and I like that she did facilitate a conversation behind it so that wasn't what I was saying what I was saying was you know a lot of people hadn't heard of that word she brought it to the forefront so a lot that was great content for her but a lot of people were just an outrage because they had watched her video but they had never heard the word before and because she was like don't call me that obviously a woman so many other women are like yeah I don't want to be called a fish either but you've probably never been called that like that's what I'm saying like I don't go out and car women fish to their faces but it's not because it's a bad thing it's usually they're not around but some of my fish friends that I have we will be like girl you look fishy today bridge that mug is fishy cunts bitch but it's more so you know what our trans girl friends and our Dre and it's not that we're hiding it we've always been here it's just the fact that mainstream media and a lot of the straight people they're not ready to use that word take that word and steal that word and monetize off that word from us that's why a lot of you guys haven't heard it yet that's the T but anyway let me take Nicole's phone call three four seven one three six zero you're live on the air how are you hey what's going on how are you doing good love the show I love everything you keep you be bringing it here's the tea though girl I'd be trying to let you run over it on Facebook see because you know me way back when I first got started and you can you can validate from the fact that the transference do not feel me okay but I be over here when mailing for our people over there and growth though the women don't like me either so I according to the Internet I hate trans and I hate black women so it's like I hate everybody vision I let me say this let me say this to you this is to black women this is to my community I'm all of those things I've raised my daughter she's 18 years old I have been you at one time and now I'm this I have fought to be Who I am today and that's blending into the public as it is so everything that you really beep open and put an imprint on it's just a matter of time because I support you and I see exactly what you bring to the table and so we all bring things to the table so you for the last week and a shit the other one young lady that was up there on your last show that's so much different now from history to insecurity to community to your space your man and the competition between that so I just want to just really just start up with just saying that I have played the role before and still is you know I'm still a mother right now for this day and so I've been the women who have had been married and have raised a child I've had the luxury of being passable and looking like that and for that I am grateful to women and everything about what hold on they don't know you are trans how long have you been trans no code yeah people don't know they can't see you Hey okay so I have been trance and I got up and women closed in 1996 okay so when I come I'm coming from a right place and so I'm coming with every woman every black women s out there listening right now I love you and I praise you and without any black women there would be no gay there would be no man there will be no us there would not be any birth we wouldn't be here my mother is a black woman and every time I growing up and the time that I come from from people who's in my age bracket that remember who we praise it was opener to have your current girlfriend because kind of grocery with oh she's fish and you pussy in our community that's a plus I want to look like crying who's crying black women I'm gonna look like fish fish black women these are feminine terminologies let me just say effeminate terminologies that we use in our community and for those women who are part of the community they're receptive and understand why we use it so when I hear the conversation about armed with this word semester that's Lamar it's bigger than all of that I heard their lady talk about her space I heard that lady talk about hurting we talk about their man and and what we'd be doing in and what we get in the club because today today you're – let's take it because we're – you're talking about that video where the ladies at the black that black women are losing their rights to the trans ideology yes okay yes yes yes I wanted to sell one of this go guys for any black women in yourself who would exist in my time do you all remember when he was under the pole do you remember when we were lower than a damn train station well don't remember where he was the bottom of the fool particularly trans people when they bunched us up with men we couldn't even have a category that sat next to anything at all sexual trans people we were not allowed to do anything that we do now many people died waiting for the day they can see trans on TV do you know how many people died where it is for the day to see a modern young black gay men in those positions so let's be listening very clear history has history has put us in a slave mentality bots afraid that given us a slave mentality and because of all the things that existed like the prejudice and the racism and the balance against us we have never been able to live we have not been able to have our freedom we've never been able to be who we truly were and if we will read what people who did you hear and did your makeup and we stayed out your way because we will not welcome way before these rights came we used the girls women used to gray had to be the sponsors for us we would have to go to the girl in order to get into that club we would have to be with a client in order to go to a rally where it was thrown nigga said it all straight people and even in going with my dad cousin she's that type of God she will play you India and the people will be beating you up talking you and she made fun of you and the whole time she me and you came with her this is what we come from so I think so the perception statement child competition no no no no no no no no no I don't think that this is a competition I think that there's an excitement for freedom I think there is a excitement now for us to express I think there's excitement for us to do things that we were that hope we were told that we couldn't do all the way down to the old testament so when I heard the third call the second quarter when the callers came up and she went in about what they all had their whipping see this is the problem you're talking and you're so upset and me because I'm a black woman like y'all and me about how things are and how confusing they are however you're not understanding and not taking into consideration that they never had it like that they never it's never been able to be on TV we've been getting killed and dining in silence while black women and black men black men was sleeping with us black women was leading us we admired them and we had to be the man secret this is the type of history and our existence as well and yes do I think that is absolutely yes do I want my daughter but she's 19 now but even my husband kids then going into a bathroom and some no I agree I totally totally agree but what we do I have to make room for expenses that they won't this is notice that this never happened and guess what your this didn't happen because of black people this happened from like you say white LGBT it was Caitlyn Jenner and a lot of other white people who came out public that made it possible for us to come to the forefront it's only been the last five out of the eight years that we've been at the forefront or we have been being acknowledged or that there's any type of laws right for us like that I can be in the club I did not do that man I'm told they're my team but because his girlfriend clocked me and his boyfriend he go with my ass and almost shoot me because somebody else saw me he knew it the whole time he knew I had to talk between my legs it wasn't an issue and to the public people who talk about it or talk about or talk about that you went to the – went to the bar with your girlfriends you kind of hit on this before and this was this has happened with Tiger what Tiger was with it with these two Hispanic trench there was a transgender and it was like Latino con she went they went to an after-party the boys was tiger and the rest of the boys was all over the trans girl so the fish this – how we were talking you know kitchen so fish goes to the bathroom and tails tray you notice she's trans so they put it on but that was her friend that was her girlfriend but she wasn't giving me she wasn't getting the life – do it and I had a black eye mm-hmm I got before it my god I got before and because I'm not caught I didn't want it when we listen to missing women my black women my sisters listen when we thought about women we feel about y'all kids just know so how could there be a competition where is your security and what is your answer Woody's are so insecure about when our living basic foundation is based of what we were taught by Y all right so I think that's going to be a trigger button so I have to bring you on camera after because I think I wanna bring that other lady on camera because I feel like you're really speaking back so now you're saying that it's are you saying that you think this is the insecurity because Madison said the same thing no I think it is I think it becomes that instead of Ostrom understanding that okay they are we knew that from that first lady what's the name of my Chevy Moog like the one that broke that booklet down low book of husband was Adele of way back in the early 90s so women start realizing that they men are sleeping with us and instead of trying to understand that instead of put in a man and leaving a separate summer they came to us so much that the man sleep with us and did he beat us he said that you and he was sucking me and you knew but now because the kind of God no mind you the clock we need be somebody you know if she's not even fucking with him I told her because for me I'm a girl we have a teacher my girlfriend this is my girlfriend because I just I'm a girl I want to live in breathing talking moment as such so I'm gonna be around him and and then she go and this is a story and tell him what I said and then he would wear his boys and attack me and guess what daughter slid under the law police public it was split under the ropes our society because it was my fault of mine it was not yesterday you went so this is the history I come from where it was great being blamed on us yes and that's not the case okay give me a second okay here stay here stay here stay here and we'll see we gotta take somewhere stay here if you really want this is listen we have a full queue I'm not gonna be our table super jetrel last for however if there are some women I will probably jump on stream yard and we will get some video going we will des if in Sunday so I can go all day we'll probably do this again on a part too and do some visuals with it if the girls are if the girls have time alright so we can get into some real things alright you've been on here an hour 5 105 to 95 you're live on the air hey what's going on I'm nothing just watching you guys and it listening okay I'm from I'm from the Bay Area to the Bay Area I'm very familiar yeah I'm very familiar with you know the gay community I'm from San Francisco so there's plenty of times where I've been situations there's a situation where I've been protected by black gay men okay there were racist white men on the bus that you know called me the n-word me my cousin and then they actually I put hands on me and all I had to do is tell you know the guys that were known as the hood bags in the Bay Area double sir I am son where's your father yeah that's what they're known to buy so yeah they came to my defense in in you know they jump on the the white man that you know called me and my cousin that over name so I do have respect for you know black men who defend black women because I defend black men as well you know my main problem is when I've been called fish before it's been always in a derogatory farm you know like oh that's it you know so I'm very familiar with this word I'm born in 89 so you know I'm I'm 30 years old so I've been and you know I have gay friends and whatnot cuz you know from various you know a lot of them out there so I can understand that but my big problem is as far as being a woman and wanting to not be labeled as assist women that is one word that I feel like it's just something bad boys you know I feel like men are kind of tell women help to be labeled okay so let's let Nicole answer that what do you think about this whole system I mean to me that is the one thing that grinds my gears I don't agree with the Pope will not want to because this because I just feel like okay so okay you go ahead okay so okay so partly I agree partly I about all the terms it just so happened that we're in a place today where there's so much freedom and expression that is allowed everyone is picking and choosing what they would want to identify I want to be cool this was brought about pretty much and coming from Laura how would you say a funding nonprofit identification for women because how would you just say biological women yeah so instead of just saying oh that biological woman or goodbye because you have to be why and so by me just saying there's a woman that doesn't mean that that's a really warm I mean you know a woman with a vagina you know yeah biological woman so instead of using the term biological woman they came up with cisgender did not come from our community let's be very clear we did not make that time call us the women were fish and fish from our community that came from mobile funding identification so you had trans women you got biologically they're even called men cisgender men yeah and the reason for cisgender men is to say they he's a heterosexual man so if I said Jesus cisgender women that means you animal sexual straight yeah but wasn't me I just feel like as far as being called a cisgender woman it's just coming more from the community trying to put this label on women like if we wanted to be labeled as women then why can't we just use that's women were women like okay can I answer that okay let me answer that let me answer okay so this is the the issue that I have with that I don't have a problem with that I would I can call you woman if you want to be called women fine let's check the sis off but my thing is this when I called Nicole a woman don't force me to say she's trans that's the issue that's the issue so a lot of a lot of had a lot of biological women they want to be they want to be the only women and you have to realize you're not the only form of women and they're gonna have to get over there like there's that you are the only biological woman why a biological woman and your individuality and so that does make you your own individual and so actually it's just giving as not put in a bad pronunciation on you were late or labeling and again cisgendered women did not come from the gay black you know norm community no it didn't come from that it came from more about hierarchy like the right set were doing funding in health and all these other different things we had to put where we put the what was going to be to show that they will buy it would make them different and so they said sister children because that would show that they doesn't say that they are biological women and it would keep the difference between you and me well you wouldn't be offended and thinking that going you okay I'm sorry but wouldn't that be the difference of calling you a transforming versus calling me a system that's that's why they do it they're not why she's a trans woman will be a sister the woman however my when your name I don't like that I don't like this so as a woman I know how black women feel but this is not in the reach of sitting at home being upset about it this bigoted enough the term was made to be bigger than us not just us and if I don't see that trans women I don't you in my daughter school and want them to go well that's her but she's a tramp but no no you don't do that because you identify as woman just like the cisgender women don't idea ass is their D as women but when we have these conversations on the platform like this with a thousand people and I say well I have a woman on the phone or I having a conversation with two different women you'll have somebody in the chat say no one is a woman and one is trans one is the man but my thing man but my thing is this if there's you guys are both two types you guys are women to different types of women so two distinct if I since people my Geordi of people want to cause a distinction that's why these prefixes are here if people can just get over the fact that there are multiple types of women and those people who identify as women are just women and they can move past that then we can drop all the prefixes however that's not what it is a lot of these women don't want to let you drop the trends they want to make it very clear that you're trans that they different yes that you're different and that's why these prefixes get put in play right so that's why that's what you want to be called but if and then you wouldn't have a problem with one man saying my two girls that woman and that woman so that we would both be women you win and I'm being a transwoman you wouldn't have a problem with that's what you're saying yeah out of respect I wouldn't have a problem with if you want to be labeled as and I'll call you that that's entered a like if you know I don't want to party McGuire okay well I just also wanted to make sure that is very clear today it means biological woman and it wasn't a nasty turn what about that our community it was for other reasons and other purposes that you as an individual saying that I have to respect that and anybody when you come of course respect that if that's what you let them know yeah definitely and it I did want to address one more thing okay the slang term and the terminology that you know we're capitalizing off it's not just black women you know black women we have gay friends you know we exchange slang and we have a you know exchange language you know we're offering different places different walks on earth like different states like different people use different terminology for different things but as far as capitalizing off of different terms I feel like the main person that it's capitalizing it's a white community here white community is kept like anything that black people say anything any slang words you're gonna see a product a makeup cutters and makeup line you know whatever we say out of my mouth is something that they like okay let me take something oh that's popping right now okay but I would say this Oh bling bling that's something that they've taken from us you know it's a lot of different terms that they've taken away from the black community I swear black women and you know the gay community and you know LGBTQ you know that's just words that we exchange with one another if you say hey girl you know that's been something that's in the black community so you know yeah but as far as I capitalize it I don't really see it as such so much for the black community because that's how we are we always come up with different times and different words and everything but like as far as white people we already know what they do they take whatever we say all right Thank You Carla I got to get onto this super chat eight three eight three seven one Thank You beau eight three seven one thank you for your donation if you want to get on here super chat your way to the top eight three seven one let me get your a three seven one I'm trying to find you got a hell of a two one six eight 371 Thank You Lenise what's going on love first want to say I appreciate you bringing up about how none of the agendas or for black people today the LGBTQ the none of the groups are for black people no 94 you how did you feel about did you see the playing a role or investor cook no I don't really watch flamer we reached out to flame around a lot of people but asking me but flame arose affiliated with TS Madison I try to get to play Monroe on here she says she loved the show she said but she will absolutely not come on here she does not want to come on an interview or talk to us and she does not represent gay LGBT community so I don't have anything for flavor a second about how you know it's a different time and I guess the younger gays are different but the issue is right now everyone doesn't think the same ever collective and again everybody's stories different just like the black community I feel this oh right Blackie was wasn't taking but why do you want to be and fated where people don't want to learn and this is for both of them if they're not accepting me why do I need a you gonna do it why do I need to do that if you don't like me I'm gonna make my own lane that's what black people made their all when we were segregated we were more successful I feel the same I feel everyone should get equal treatment equal pay everybody America and wanted very absolutely that's a god-given right so I'm not talking about basic things right there and I'm thinking like being included a difference area we shouldn't need that we should create our own I gotta get the movie should as well yes absolutely though it's a distraction because when it's all said and done you're black before you're gay this is just sort of superior but I know you have a I know you have a big audience I'm talking to the black game and I feel like this the LGBTQ there's a distraction for that for a lot of like gays and absolutely I do feel and a lot of people understand it it's a gateway to our credit failure a lot of black gave me this videos out it's not black game in its Caucasian game in its more giving a little poor on the right thing okay my thing is is ill people everyone wants except is right my question is how come the Americans do not dig the Train they do they do that's what you don't the lesbians date the trans they do that's what y'all don't know there are some there are some it's not it's not a big percentage of everything the dream that be real it's a huge percentage of the lesbians that date the trans and yes there is yes there is and there's a bigger percentage of trans men that day transgender women yes there is that is lesbian trans a trans man yeah but a woman that transitioned it to a man and a man of transition to a woman that's still a lesbian me that's still a man like that's the same thing what we do same thing so you said okay okay I disagree but we could we could move on from that also your caller has to get security and I thought there's oh I do see what you got to talk about to a certain degree about so some people are insecure naturally it has nothing to do with them being a woman it is people are naturally insecure but I feel as though if you're secure to you are as well it would be no need to withhold those stories because that's a lot of times there's a lot of trans telling their story about the murders in internet which also goes put in the black community as well so it's like okay we're getting murdered too in your spaces I don't see you talking about these black boys being murdered and things like that or taping for these black causes the very tops pretty did a video in August but you got to wonder but you got to also understand but see that goes into what I was saying about the other colors and it's no shed against Laverne Cox but Laverne Cox is married to a white man RuPaul is married to a white man Billy Porter is married to a white man so again you don't see people like me you don't see the niggas out there you don't see us out there they don't put us on I you got to be fucking a white man and that don't go with the agenda I agree completely but even though that's true what he's saying a lot of people about agree with is that black women are not speaking for the trends and I don't know the correct term I'm say straight man about trends and being in faces with trans and things like that and it's like how can you expect that there's like so much on the black woman how can you expect us to pay for something that we're not even getting when this winner of the trans or the gay boy for everybody said hey black man resident they trade for this be real if he's Freddy straight to be straight stretch hey black man don't you know this girl hey you know I'm saying it goes away there's too many double standards is how I feel about it just like with the fish word I saw these video I love the video I feel like you're coming from jerk perspective as far as it gave a meal coming first affected as a straight black female so it's gonna be you know different energy you have to you know why let me say this because I like what you talking about because and I like your perspective because it all shows that we're people and we go through similar things because there's times that majority of my facebook feed or my friends lists are all gay people and and we actually go in on each other because whenever something does happen with a gay man we're all up in arms but then there's the straight people I had I will never forget out or call her on here and I said something that I was going through and she was like what do you think black people go through and I have to tell her bitch do you realize that I am black so when I'm driving down the street dressed the way I'm dressed in my hoodie and my nice new car with my snapback on and the police decides to pull me over he's not thinking that that's a gay man he's thinking that's a dark-skinned nigga in a nice car who the fuck is he maybe he got some weed or some dope on him does he have a warrant for me to arrest and get my quota you know I was explained to her that when I go to place yet I have to decide am i black or am i gay and you know you don't know what that like a lot of people don't understand what that's like because gay is not a color I posted a picture on my community feed with a black man and a gay man and people dragged me and brought black women into this I'll be honest with you everything is not about black women I'm a gay man so I like I said on my platform what I'm not going to do cuz I do it every day and I love my sister I love my woman period I sit here in Cape I listened to your struggle i listening we we've got we talked about it however whenever I bring up a gay issue or bring up gay stuff it seems like the majority of the people watching that video at that particular time try to dismiss what it is we're talking about because it doesn't pertain to them or then they go in well if this is about black women you're a man you're get like being a black gay man or being a black gay trans it's like a lot of people don't give a fuck about us like we're not allowed to have Strucker we're not allowed to talk about things we go through we should only be worried about power black women feels on a daily basis and that just to be honest with you that's not happening over here but I disagree somewhere blog black women I feel that right now with everything being so afford enough right now but it we're not allowed to say hey I don't like these like for example I don't like the word feed when I was younger like I'm 30 I'm 32 years old so my characters with the gay community was from high school because it was third it was you know you knew who everybody was but when I was 18 two people from your company were coming out somebody just said somebody just says somebody knows somebody just said so why we got to care about trans because we are black people at the end of the day doesn't subscribe to people are they wrong for not saying hey I don't care about this people I don't I don't feel that way I don't feel that even with their comment I think it's right but that's the issue I have is that if I disagree or somebody disagree now that was wrong but they said it's it's homophobic but even if one of your moderator said that they don't mess with it women but let's say someone say I don't mess with gave me in their homophobic okay let me give you an example I said that I don't fool with Sandra bland people were pissed I said Sandra bland but no but people were pissed because they felt like I should have been team Sandra bland how can I be team Sandra bland when Sandra bland is on video saying if employers don't want to hire gay people they should have the right to not hire a gay man or a trans person so bitch because I'm gay or trans I don't deserve to feed my family but I'm supposed to be worried about you because you got so ass whooped in jail I don't know I'm not succumbing people depending on your face ooh except for who they well to this people that don't apply black people so it's tomato samadhis to me for that I just feel as though with the fish were after they don't like I said what I was taught was we would call fish like for the trans it was a compliment thank you living fishing is a compliment but for those you know when they send it to you you know you something that can only lay eggs that's what I was so yours 18 it's all I'm a different 30-some ya'll say yes the copy met with some even somebody only tonight shot okay with it it's not a compliment they be saying it you could tell is not I don't think that out now I think it is a compliment it's just the context it could be its I like I said I'm gonna keep it real I don't know who was on Nick at night channel but I know Nick at night it's not a gay person and she don't live this lifestyle so she couldn't have possibly told you what but I live this lifestyle okay cuz I'm like she don't know okay go ahead Nicole what you got we've been a wrap this and we gonna bring it back because we are here a long time what's going on I think they're like I said I think it's all away about hold the contents of which you say it and which is being said however the ultimate ultimate thing of vision con is truly a compliment in our community addressing each other even in the ballroom community gives in category made just for that and that is meaning you have to be gun you have to be fish they want to see everyday women and this category is for us to come and be able should not be seen and you know the blonde are we can go to society without nobody known us that came from women it came from women and so when women takes things so harsh and saying we are disrespecting or but there's so much of a competition yeah there is a fine line when you talk about that because you have been you would have to talk about what women have done to trans women and history and understanding that okay anybody that happens [Applause] people tell the source everyone goes I love it but everyone go through that but it is women that needed to be separated from what we are we this whole week when we said we a lot of trans women don't like being called trans women we like to be called women but it's women like them are said that has this issue a problem where they want to make sure that no they are not the same thing as us we are there and the only thing that makes us different is what between our legs and we know now because so much of Education and how advanced education is but you will go away has nothing to do with how you identify so the women said that you have a drawl and you got a 12 no that's not true because guess what if I had attendance between my legs and you go and put our Chow on watch hours today and put my shower now with it and I thought we have to outdo her as a biological woman my baby's in college I probably have razor and done much more than other women so to be judge like that but by what's between my legs and not in my heart and in my mind is with you someone doesn't know you based on not going on in the background the call are you did you sell a no now meet my family she talking I'm sorry you got a little more no one knows you're harder denser that way they're judging you soon as they see you so again that's just saying it like when it's all said it does some people feel indigent community their faces and during turn that's cool just like some people in the black community feel that word is it your turn doesn't feel otherwise I don't feel y'all are 101 accord with that because all y'all are not gonna say that the gay people and the trans emoji for real is don't say to attract girls to complement the to a woman is hot and if that's what he really know but but not get what you sayin but there's also a lot of there's also I'm a keeper but there's also a lot of people that there's also a lot of gaming and I've learned this one YouTube just being on YouTube alone so I saw a lot of gaming a lot of trans people on this platform or they're looking for acceptance from the straight community and they realize going against the gay community gets them accepted that's why so many people like flame my row because they know flame Munroe rocks around with titties and a woman but flame Munroe will say you can call me a man there's so many women that want to be able to call a trans person a man so that's why people like flame Munroe it's not because you respect flame it's because flame Munroe allows you to distance don't you that flame enroll allows women and straight people to disrespect her that's why why people like of course people do because they fit the narrative and trans people are man and there's a lot of women but we but we're gonna talk about being real about things let's be real majority of women don't want to accept the fact that transgender people transgender women are a form of women that's why they have a problem with the term sis and trans and this and that because they don't want to accept the fact that well yes they are male to female and they are identified as women if we want to be real let's beat all the way real we want to be realistic fact that 85 percent of females don't like gay men on the pool like how do you think but see but yes I understand what you're saying but you haven't you have it but you have it but you haven't just kept the real estate that's true you respond with but they don't like us I understand that but no because I'm gonna be honest with you everybody is inform a woman to be honest ready straight gay everyone's informing woman believe it or not so rep you said gay so that has nothing to do it for the sake it is true but I have to be real and say a trans woman is not important if you're a woman you're a woman but a travel is not a formal woman you're a woman you're a man a great scratch woman and you're saying to me I am a woman that is what I'm going to address you al I'm not going to disrespect you you are see that's what it is I'm not one of the people I'm not going cause that's not me but to say that that that's where the whole issue is that's the underlying issues where the real conversationally that like you say and it's not just women is gay men as well well it's not just straight women definitely though they have an issue it to notice but you notice but you'll notice but you notice but see this is why I say it all boils down to dick at the end of the day because you notice straight but you know why doe because guess what we none of us we have a problem with the lesbians because guess where you have the problem with the lesbians the straight niggas the straight man but the reason why women in the game and the trends we all got the issue is because we are one did this the lesbians they want to play with this is all about some dick you ain't not about there and who can get it but I don't want any insecurities it says this is especially I'm just so sick for a lot of people not for me cuz I'm familiar with it cuz even in your comments if you pay attention you even said yourself allows you didn't even know the work this works as a lot of people do not came in great circles or with gay people it would be a really real run every yo everyday person doesn't have a gate a gay friend over here everybody doesn't have that if people don't be all the way I mean some people do something but again relatively might see it's a holiday or they might area now and gay people but no one have that getting survived honey getting circle so it's like difference for me like I feel everybody deserves big but I feel like those two just because it's your fight your cause you should still see what other people are saying say hey know that I feel and hey I feel adult people have a right to disagree absolutely which you got last last words I let Thank You caller last words know what the call i'ma bring you proudly back on hold on Denisha said can you can y'all post the karlon number so I can super chat my last four to the top I would like to speak from a bisexual biological point of view well the karlon number is closed we're gonna have to bring the chat bat if you guys want to do another call know what what you doing right now okay so I'll call you back in the car okay okay bye all right guys so listen we're gonna wrap this first episode this is Paul thank you using BlogTalkRadio goodbye I love you I'll tell your girlfriend's texture girlfriends and let them know bitch we're going to get into something on three our three our sticks our live two hours is my max in an hour we started into another one thank you guys all for coming on here this time we'll probably do the the the stream UART situation and see if we can bring some people on all right so I love you all for watching thanks for the super chat thanks for having a good conversation until the next video I'll see you soon bye oh wait if that woman is on here that made that video that caught in please even I'm gonna email you again because I think I know where you are but I'm gonna see if you want to come on to the show all right bye [Music].

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