SJW Falsely Claims All MIght is Bisexual

what is pop and peeps it's you boy jet Iwould like to start off this video by saying welcome to no not November and NoShave November I better see your search history cleared and hairy faces butwhat's going into the more important things more important matters we gotanother article from

about again two comics linked before this article bedown in a description but we got my hero academia readers falsely cling all mightis bisexual circulate proven mistranslation as evidence if youhaven't already make sure you tap that like button and Detroit smash thatsubscribe button but without further ado let's go

out and get into the videoafter the intro let's get it so we're starting off a group of myhear' academia readers recently allege that all might the former symbol ofpeace from my hair academia was canonically bisexual and circulated aknown and proven mansion mistranslation of a Mangal MangalI'm illiterate the

did the discourse surrounding all might begin as Twitteruse loudly exclaimed in an October 19th tweet by all my and then we're gonna seethe tweet here says by all my bio on my by all my by all my by all my might notmatter this better not be emissions they

really want him to be gay as you can seethe manga panel says number three we broke up so it's kind of awkward lettingyour feelings get in the way all might and then you know they're like thisbetter be admissions this better not be a mystery they really want to

all mightto be gay all my is bisexual has mentioned in one of the chapters authorhas stated in chapter that Deku has asked of all Micah introducing to Sir Ihad used the characters to for left which can I'd on the Twitter quickly thetweet quickly gained attention in popularity gathering

four point fivethousand retweets and one thirteen point three thousand likes at the time ofwriting it prompted an outpouring of similarly minded readers readers I can'tread today who believed the unsourced declaration you no no no November'sgetting to me however fans clicking pointed out that the panel from chapter126 as

presented was a well-known and thoroughly debunked minstrel thistranslation all right so someone then retweeted those two guys are like yesall might get yes all might gay I was like no it's a fan mistranslation asmuch as I would love to be all for this it's a mistranslation that createdthemselves

denied it by all might as fake it's actually an intentional nichetranslation made by is scan later who ships all my in night I why Oh Mike comeon stop forcing your fandom stop forcing your ships on the people ifit isn't like cannon light Deku and uh documental chakra that's

like the onlyshit that I you know except you can ship youknow also also a Mena and Kirishima you can ship those too because they kind ofhave a thing for each other moment Oh true key they have they're like oneinteraction really other than that I don't really ship them

even though theyprobably would be the best for each other but in the accurate translationafter Mariel Takata asked why he must introduce decorative sir nah diedinstead of all might the hero declared that it would be awkward to see hisformer partner do to all might suck please stop putting bitter

big words inthese I already can't read today no nothin no not November is getting to meGod mother to the very wounds in physical condition that sir not I warnedhim about before breaking off their partnership and this kids is while youread the official scans three it would be awkward

for me sounds personal allmight and then you knows by all my by all my by all my by all my thing theythis person just wanted them to be gay number three we broke up so it's kind ofawkward letting your feelings get in the way all mine lgbtq+ users

also tookissue into spreading of a false panel at some believed that the circulation ofthe panel was bait-and-switch for those looking for genuine representation inmedia yo you already got representation I mean alright look I'm all for therepresentation issue you know everyone everyone wants to be represented in somekind of

way of fashion you know I'm still waiting for a black character wellwhy should we get a black character in season four but you know as right nowMena in Tokyo me or black in my opinion and then Ibaka go wears black air forcesbut other than that just don't force

representation that's why twice lookinglike Marvel events you might be going down the shitterbut this tweet says by plus ultra there is quite literally nothing worse thanall might as by mistranslation getting spread around every year and making LGLGBT plus people hopeful for a split second before they look in

the commentsand realize Opie didn't check their sourceshola commence translation and a fake interview quote always check yoursources before believing everything you see online took me like 30 seconds andGoogle to find out this was fake yeah make sure you guys check your sourcesyou know the my hero fan base

besides me of course I'm like the voice for itthe my hero fan base the gay side of it the shipping side they love to makeeverything gay within the show why don't they do this for Dragon Ball or Naruto Idon't know and I'm bi by the way so yeah

it bothers me that you make us think weget some representation just a few retweets just to get a few retweets manthat must tired gay TM stop spreading misinformation I was generally superexcited and got teary eyed because of the rap why this man's like oh my no mylikes penis

in his mouth I'm so proud I'm so proud of thiscommunity know might like penis in this man oh shut up all rightyou can have to represent you can well one of you represent tailors died don'tpush don't post shit in T no one is a 100% that it's an

accurate translationby the author this hurts and they were really hurt as like man I can't believehe's nut kid we would offer jerk did you know we have one everyone's gotta be gayeveryone's gotta be gay everyone's gotta be fuckin gay in the show god damn itstop it the controversy

surrounding this panel dates back as far as August of2017 with fans quickly disproving the false translation all might is not biteand you shouldn't Pro gay propagate lies it literally says which has no sexualconnotation don't read crap scans ya all might not buy this false scan had all mypretend

inators by and tricked everyone into thinking it trying to force all myto be by so yeah sjw's forcing all mike to be bi ultimately after bombarded byfans correct in the false information as well as fans who were upset that theywere tricked into believing that bisexuals had received representationSchiphol

kate apologized for post an image but declared that believingalmighty Strait is just heteronormative BS yeahhe might not it might have been official that he's gay but you know he still youstill shouldn't say that he's straight I've long since muted this threat but itlooks looks it's a mistranslation I

get it by mistake I'm sorry I know we allwant positive rap and I posted it for the intentions of a head cannon but ifit hurt you in any way you were hoping for real by inclusion sincerely sorryyeah keep your head and a head cannon is so stupid you

know however it is veryexplicitly stated what all my sexuality never it doesn't say that he's straightso we can pretend that he's gay and to say that he is straight is justheteronormative BS headcanons assists exist headcanons exist and I'm justtaking my Solon's in that mistranslation or not he still

buy from me all right itcan be by few just don't force it on people that's annoying it looks like theend of it yeah it looks like the end of it when I drew a cute girl in a drink ohyeah that's it for this article if you guys want

to read it link of for be downin the description yeah a quick summary don't don't trickpeople like that you know there's people that would you know that one guy waslike I cried now you want to all might be gay I'm all for if you want someoneto be gay

you know as long as they long as it makes sense and they were writtento be gay and all that but don't don't force a change of a character to be gaylike when people like it makes me mad that people try to make a cure sheminbari okay no you

know they can't they can't be friends no no no no guys andgirls can't be friends they have favor if they are within the same room theyhave to be gay they have to won each other's pussies and vaginas or pussiesand dicks like what the fuck chill that shit out

we get it you're gayyou don't have to force it onto other people alright I'm mad here make sureyou guys like comment subscribe share I gotta get this video up as soon aspossible so I can go ahead and prepare for no not November without further adoI'll see you guys

later deuces

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