(Some of) My Favorite Bisexual Characters

you can tell this is a bi pride videobecause I'm wearing the bisexual uniform: motherfucking plaid, bitches.

yes this isa video for Pride Month and since I am bisexual I'm focusing on bisexuality.

also I tried to do like a bi pride flag makeup thing but the colors look reallyawful, so then I did kind of like a glittery version which is not showing upat all on camera.

and also I realized halfway through that it made me looklike a Britney Spears music video circa 1998.

*rubber chicken cover of baby one more time* for pride I wanted to do somethingpride related, but I actually sadly have not read enough books with LGBTQIAcharacters in them to create like any kind of definitive list orrecommendations, so instead I'm gonna talk about some of my personal favoritebisexual characters.

this is just a quick little short list and some of these arefrom books (kind of) and some of them are from TV and other media.

the firstcharacter have on my list, which is actually one of my favorite charactersof all time overall, is John Constantine from DC Comics.

you know those meme charts where it's like functional gay and disaster gay?John Constantine is full-on disaster bisexual.

this man is a mess of a humanbeing, which is why I love him.

he is a very like depressed man with lowself-esteem that smokes all the time and is really really sarcastic, whichbasically describes like 90% of my favorite characters so it's not really ashock that he's one of my personal favorites.

John is one of the fewcharacters and even fewer male characters that are openly bisexual.

he has been bisexual for years and while that's not like the main focus of hisseries, it is a huge part of his identity.

next up on my list I have a couple andboth people in the relationship are bisexual, andthat is korra and asami from The Legend of Korra.

this is a big one for me, because I really liked their relationship while watching the show, andthis is a children's show so it was kind of in the realm of like I'm shippingthis but I don't think that this is ever actually gonna happen, and then itfucking happened.

if you were online at all the day that that episode wasreleased, it was insane.

people were freaking out.

people were so excited.

thatwas just such a cool thing to be a part of and to see everyone's reactions.

and Ijust really loved these two.

they're very different in personality.

korra is a verytomboyish and very like jock ish and Asami is a goddess.

Asami is more typicallygirly, but she's also very mechanically minded and not so much like a fighterbut kind of more of a strategist.

they just work really well together andit's super cute and I love them.

number three on my list is Clarke Griffinfrom the 100 TV show.

I have not read the books for this because I'm a fake fan, soI don't know if she's bisexual in the books.

I don't think she is, but in the TVshow she is definitely bisexual.

I have to say that I kind of reallydebated putting this one on here because if you do watch this series you probablyknow that something really big went down with one of the main characters and acharacter that I really loved, that was I'm really not okay with.

it was justkilling off the queer character in a really cheap and shitty way.

but at thesame time I do really like Clarke and I think that she is a great bisexualcharacter, and I also wanted to put her on the list because she is someSlytherin rep.

it's really rare to have a main character in a show thatis a Slytherin and Clarke is a hardcore Slytherin, so I fucking love her for thatreason alone.

and then the bisexual thing is just like a little nice cherry on top.

so Clarke is very cunning, and Clarke is extremely loyal to her innercircle and she will do anything to protect them.

I mean anything.

shehas murdered a lot of people to protect her inner circle and I do appreciatethat kind of ruthlessness.

you go girl.

number four on my list isCaptain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who, but more so from Torchwood and he islike flamboyantly bisexual and just like flamboyant in general.

he's oneof those kind of personalities that dominates a room and I love him.

I adoredhim on Torchwood and I was so excited every time he would show up on screen , soI had to put him on my list.

and number five my final character on this quicklist is Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series.

you really didn't think Icould go a whole video without mentioning to Bioware game did you? ifyou are new to my channel and have not heard this eight million timesbefore, Mass Effect is a space opera sciencefiction story following Commander Shepard of the Alliance Navy, and youbasically create everything about Shepard.

you get to customize what theylook like, you get to customize what gender they are, who they romance andthere's a bigger plot to it, it's like about saving the galaxy, but it's reallyabout going around and talking to people.

that's basically the game.

I love it andI wanted to include Commander Shepard because you do have the option in thegames of making your Shepard gay, straight, bisexual, or whatever you wantto headcanon in there because you choose who you romance.

so I just think that'ssuper cool.

all right so that is a quick list of my personal favorite bisexualcharacters.

I'd love to know in the comments below who is your favoritebisexual character or characters? till next timethanks for watching, bye.


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