The Bi-trayal: A Bisexual's Story (SHORT FILM)

I am MC crevel Alvarez I wake up in the morning alone I go to school alone I eat lunch alone until one day [Applause] yeah summary I saying she has the power of the cities here in school please sorry for that she meant please please please oh I

see yeah are these fries extra syrup would you mind if you join you sure oh by the way what's your name I'm answered also can we call you signal [Applause] no no it's okay they were my friends here in my school I want to leave a new life

and I'm happy that I have found new friends but who died [Music] [Music] know that first each last but maybe it's your first time you see have drop-dead gorgeous lady fucking by the way I know that girl bisexual [Music] lately [Applause] no bitch I thought that I wake

up this happy today when I asked why secret haha okay I'll tell you it's because of chandelier it's been two weeks since she started texting I didn't know where she got my number though and for the end time she told me that she likes me she's also a

by C and C yesterday was the best day of my oh I thought you were sick I know that you care about me that much but don't worry I'm totally fine and that's because of you oh your brush that's you I love it make me love me say

it me hop uncie credit for now just know the worst is yet to come ha my life had changed because of her she made me so happy that I forgot how terrible my life was but one day she also made me remember the reason why my friends died

how dare you let us explain you are a girlfriend haven't you you're my best friend or should I say you were my best friend how dare you to betray me see are you going [Music] guess what are you doing here let us explain what photo take our friendship

for the sake of our friendship God this life I'm sorry sake sorry gosh it's not on sick we might get into an accident shut up okay shut up wait do you know about them much night yogurt we're sorry see gosh slow down it's not yet the worst seek

see are you okay are you sick I mean as I see king gosh what did she do to you she what what did she do to you did you guys break up fellas get it out oh gosh please stop coming over hey Bailey dude you're someone's funny gosh

don't worry I'll talk to this what's the use [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] oh gosh what time who is this you're so useless shut up with it oh nothing great that's why I don't know what's happening I'm getting scared I'm sorry guys see we're sorry [Applause] sweetie

determinism is it too late for us I waited there for our son I'm sorry that was just an emergency okay I understand just minutes away from Ebola patients [Music] [Applause] [Music] before this you have paid for this why should we fear you kill my sister pleasure what [Music]

I have the shaking I can't let her see anything where am I last thing I remember I was with Sabrina and then where are you we're doing this what you killed we didn't spend too much time together and that's because of you you killed her me what [Music]

which yeah yes and I'm getting my revenge for Kim [Music] you're a nice yes well thanks to them but how I'm not you're all dead that's why you didn't save us we asked for your help but you didn't listen you ran away and left us sorry sorry sorry

is not enough that night I was so mad at you guys and I didn't think what might happen after the accident I saw you all in fact I thought you're all dead you killed Pasha and now we're going to give you run for your life [Music] hey hey

and help you maybe I was mad after a good explanation and feel sorry for you I know you need a mean it just let me help you man what are you doing run see just run [Music] sorry [Music] don't worry he's gonna be 1:09 move away nope you

need to go over my dead body let's bring enough [Music] know what people your feet and I [Music] [Music] [Music]

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