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hello lovely people and welcome to the final video in my disability History Month series so far I've profiled two famous disabled figures from history Helen Keller and Queen Alexandra as chosen by you and my lovely wife and I have held two live streams talking about different disability issues

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you for letting me know I'm glad I can help in that way in today's video we're going to be talking about Frida Kahlo an artist who wasn't afraid to tackle social issues sexual identity political activism and nonconformity this choice was suggested by a number of people but mainly

inspired by my other favorite queer disabled like next person Annie Laney his video on food air you can also find in the description born in Mexico in 1907 Magdalena common Frida color Calderon Catherine it's got a thing above the color wrong why is the Deaf girl attempting to

pronounce things that she has never had her cat – on stuff for me alright her way through this video okay that's your task her job girlfriend okay Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Eagle Aaron thanks Frida was born in a tiny blue house called La Casa Azul where she would

live on enough for her whole life her father Guillermo Kahlo was German became a naturalized Mexican and her mother might be a little later who was a miss diva which is an old-fashioned term between a person of combined Spanish and Native American descent and the term is an

ethnic racial category in the caster system that was in use during the Spanish Empire but according to my research it's now more of a cultural term for mainstream Latin Americans regardless of their actual ancestry that's just according to my research I don't know I live in England please

do let me know if that's not the case however as you may be able to tell very British Breda had three stirs Mathilda Adriana a pristine and two older half-sisters Luisa a margarita I'm just making you say things for fun now but juncture six Frieda had contracted polio

which caused her to be bedridden for over nine months I left her with one leg shorter than the other polio virus which may cause paralysis and is now easily preventable by vaccination of course this didn't stop her and she got spoken and brave her father encouraged to not

be pigeonholed by other people as being incapable but instead do whatever she wanted encouraging her to engage in a number of sports including swimming boxing wrestling and football which is not only impressive because now on thought the disabled kid could do it but also because they didn't think

a woman coat or shirt well we just meant to drown in 1922 she enrolled in the National propriety High School in Mexico where she wants to study medicine here she met future Mexican intellectuals and artists who had revolutionary ideas to drag the group naked to attest named after

the caps they wore they defined themselves as a political group who were critical of authorities and injustice at the age of around 15 Frida saw a man Nia got a better painting a mural at her school and remarked her friend that she would one day marry him despite

him being 20 years older than her and already an adult on September 17th 1925 when she was just 18 years old a bus Peter was rioting and collided with a streetcar and she was seriously injured a handrail impaled her hip and her spine and pelvis with fractured she

was an incredible pain and the accident left her in a full body cast for three month forever after she often required a body brace her helpful parents refused to know how waste away or get bored so they bought her paints and building easel that she could use in

bed and quite honestly that easel is genius and I suddenly really really want one she developed a painting style was laying flat and continued to grow as an artist in 1928 Diego Rivera the man Frida had sworn to marry discovered her paintings and was very taken with the

artist they were married one year later not everyone approved however and they were often referred to the elephant and the Daffy although I'm sure affectionately by some people because cooling your tall obese friend and elephant is totally ok right Frieda often traveled with Diego as he was commissioned

for murals throughout the United States she was often seen in New York with her signature bright beautiful clothing accented with gold which is celebrated her Mexican heritage even though doctors had told Frida she could not have a child because of her injuries she became pregnant in 1930 however

because of her unstable spine and the baby's position her pregnancy had to be terminated both Frida and Diego had several affairs and people seemed to really harp on the fact that Diego had wrong with Peter's sister but that's pretty boring considering free debt actually had a number of

relationships with other women not something every history book will tell you because julio today sure that's a thing I thought it would son this painful in the Spanish accent but no still hurts I mentioned earlier that Frida was known for her mexican shawls and dresses but on occasion

she would also cross dress wearing trousers and a shirt later cutting your hair short I mean it's not reassuring now that it was back then there were rumors of affairs with French entertainer Josephine Baker American artist Georgia O'Keeffe yes she if the rather revealing flower portraits and Mexican

folk singer terri lamanno Gus thanks Clara according to Josephine Baker's biography the two of the met following performance in Paris and came out to each other as bisexual going on to the univers I get so excited about this for history American artist Georgia O'Keeffe met Frieda in New

York who then bragged her friends about flirting with Georgia the to correspond it often and there's a line the letter from Frida to Georgia that reads I thought of you a lot and never forget your wonderful hands and the color of your eyes I would be so happy

if you could write to me even two words I like you very much Georgia in an unpublished as your friend Frieda wrote O'Keeffe was in the hospital for three months she didn't make love to me at that time I think on account of her weakness which I'm taking

to mean she did when she wasn't weak terrible about us oh why do I have to say this again just use the first time of us was this singer originally from Costa Rica who sang Mexican folk songs originally sung by men and changed none of the pronouns she

came out as a lesbian autobiography when she was 81 years old she and Frida became involved in the 1940s and she fella moved in with Frida and Diego for time Frida once told her I live only for you and Diego ladies loving ladies could this possibly make more

exciting just a word lady loving ladies I'm excited even if you want join meet up in 1939 Frida went to Paris where she met who became fans of her work she was such a success that France's most famous Museum and gallery at the Louvre bought one of Rita's

paintings that was the first by a 20th century Mexican artist ever purchased by them that same year freedom Diego got divorced after she again became pregnant and had to have an abortion she then had an affair with the communist leader Leon Trotsky who whilst exiled from the Soviet

Union left with Frida in the blue house he was then assassinated and Frida was blamed then arrested a year later Frida and Diego reconciled getting married again Frieda's Fame grew but her health continued to deteriorate asked her through this painting the broken column from 1944 chronic pain makes

you feel like you've got nails in your face and you can't hold yourself together in 1950 she got gangrene in her left foot which is dead tissue caused by an infection or lack of blood flow and was in bed for nine months again Oh feel that pain eventually

she had part of her leg amputated but she can't seem to create and stay politically active in 1953 she had a solo exhibit and on the opening day she her bed delivered to the gallery and had to arrive via ambulance ah the style a scene-stealing way to make

an entrance nicely done in Frida soon after on the 13th of July 1954 Frida died just before her 47th birthday the last words in her diary where I joyfully await the exit and I hope never to return she was cremated and her ashes along the blue house which

is now a museum Fritz Fame has grown since her death especially in the 70s during the feminist movement as she was admired as an icon a female creativity she's one of the most well known artists for disabilities of the 20th century and many of her self-portraits showed her

in a wheelchair true role model for us all I hope you've enjoyed this video and the many biographies I've been making I really really loved creating this type of content and it's definitely something I'm going to continue making but I need to know what type of profiles you'd

like to see LGBTQ plus people disabled people amazing women from history people who were all three of these things please let me know in the comment down below next weakest stash my Christmastide videos I'll be making video everyday from the 25th of December to the 6th of January

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