Things Not To Say To A Bisexual Person

Can you not just make up your mind? You're greedy.

No, but you must be gay.

You haven't found the right dick.

Oh wow.

Mmmmm Right, let's have a look Um ok.

Let's do it.

It's just a phase! Urgh.

Just a phase.

You'll get over it.

It's so much, actually, suffering and heartache and frustration figuring it out.


Being like, "Am I gay, am I straight? Am I gay am I straight?" I don't know what.

And finally now that I am bisexual, I'm like, I hope this isn't a phase.

'Cause I feel that I've finally found my identity.

"You're just saying you're bi for attention.

" What? The bad attention? Oh my god! It's like, "Oh no, you're doing this because boys like it.

" I've got lots of other ways to get attention.

I'm quite loud.

There are plenty of things that I do do for attention; that is not one of them.

People ask me, like my sexuality or whatever, and I'm like, "Well don't go screaming it about.

" I'm like "Yeah, ok, well, I'm bi.

" And then it's like-You're just doing it for attention! Guys would be like, "Ok, kiss her.

Prove it.

" Just like "Oh, you, are you gay yourself?" And I was like "Well, I'm bi.

" And she goes, "Really? Yeah, go prove it, kiss that guy.

" And I think to myself "But there's only one way to really prove this, " Uh-hm.

"Are you going to kiss me?" Oooh, teling straight people you're bi.

With women, I instantly feel a flirtatious thing.

And with men I instantly feel like a wolf's about to attack you, like.

" I actually found it quite easy saying to my parents, "Hey guess what? Dating a guy now.

" And they were like, "Oh you're gay?" And I'm like "Oh, no, I'm bi.

" And they're like "Ooh.



well, hmm, hang on, now does this mean, we could hope for kind of grandkids?" Or like you know, and I'm like "Well, regardless we could still hope for grandkids.

" It's like "Is there a chance you'll be heteronormative?" Yeah exactly.

Is there a chance? I would say that I get more flack from lesbians in my life and lesbians that I know, than, um, than other straight or bisexual people.

Yeah I certainly had, you know, a hell of a lot of gay people saying, "Oh don't even- do not say that you're bi, " like "If you're in a gay relationship, it doesn't matter anyway, just tell everyone you're gay, don't say you're bi or you'll be thought of really badly because, you know, bi people just are trying, they're just experimenting.

" If, you know, you come out as gay; as a gay man or a lesbian, yes, like you have to deal with so much shit, but you don't tend to have people going, "No.

" You know, "You don't exist.

" I think if I had told either of my previous very gay, gold star, lesbian girlfriends that I was bi, it would have been a dumpable offense.

I think the LGBT community needs to do a better job of, like, respecting the 'B' in LGBT.


They've had the same struggles and yet they still have this obsession of putting you in a category like, "You have to be straight or you have to be gay.

" "Don't you just want to have sex with everyone?" Ohhh my fucking god! Yes.

Well, I'm bisexual; I'm clearly very loose, please come home with me.

Yeah exactly! Bisexuality doesn't mean slutty, it just means, you know, open-minded.

They see it as like, a threat, like, you are gonna go off with this guy, there's like twice the amount of threats that are available.

I mean that's not totally untrue, I mean, I'm like.



I'm open to it if you're a nice person! "Do you ever wish you weren't bisexu-?" No! [laughs] Actually.








I used to sit there and cry sometimes at night and just be like, "Please God, why can you not just make me gay?" It's a frustrating sexuality to have.


Because people don't ever see you as your own distinct thing.

But I remember seeing the other day, um, some article in god knows what newspaper, but it was like, "Famous gay men that have married women" Like right, there's a word for this.

It's always been actually, it's not an issue that I have with myself, it's an issue that kind of, other people have with my sexuality.

That's exactly right.

And although think, like, although, yes you do have to sometimes spend a lot of time explaining your sexuality, I am also really confdent in my sexuality.


It's amazing, it's, it's.



It is amazing isn't it? Yeah.

You get to sort of experience two different types of- Everything Yeah.

Two different- You get to- Everything, yeah.

I'm perfectly happy being bisexual, I think other people need to stop being biphobic.

Bi forever! [laughs].

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