damn he's cute oh his girl is too hey guys welcome back to my channel it is your girl dancing and your fave bisexual body is back hello g'day hey God for today's video I have decided to share with you guys a bisexuals internal monologue the following things that

I'm about to say are things that I have either thought about as a bisexual being confused about as a bisexual cisgender female or just the stereotypical confused by sexual thoughts in general I actually took to my Instagram and asked you guys to send me your thoughts that go

through your head as a bisexual sure these may or may not relate to you if you are not bisexual and some of these relate to you then that's cool too but it does not necessarily mean that you're bi just wanted to clear that up then yeah without further

ado let's get into thoughts that run through your head as a bisexual am i really bi or am I just gay what if my boyfriend's sister is hotter than him yikes damn I am surrounded by hot guys and hot girls oh god everybody's hot hell how am i

parents gonna understand how the whole bisexuality thing works how do my parents not know is this just a phase like everyone seems to think yeah I'm bi and I'm somehow still single can I be bisexual and not want to do anything romantic with a guy only girls how

can I look gay enough for girls but straight enough for guys why so many people got to be so cute I wonder if I'll end up with a girl or a guy damn liking more than one gender makes me nervous 24 hours a day seven days a week

holy I'm just gay I'm not valid it's not real I'm faking it I just want attention I am so damn gay please boy cute C's girl cute do my parents still expect me to marry a male straight people are so annoying with all their questions oh my god

see hot girl whoa am i gay C's hot guy whoa am i straight damn he's cute oh his girl is too why am i crushing on either straight girls or gay guys here's this girl flirting with me or is she just being nice why do I always fall

for straight girls it's not a face oh is it damn he is so attractive and super FEM that way I like him do I just like girls threaten me like him cuz he looks like a girl am i gay am i buy or am i pen I'm constantly

convinced I'm just a lesbian and then I see a hot guy and I'm like damn break me off a piece of bear am ia lesbian see top guy know I'm by constant anxiety about not being gay enough but not being straight enough I wonder if there are any

other buys in the room how to find a girlfriend when I don't quite look gay enough how to find a boyfriend but I don't quite look straight enough do I want to top them or do I want to be them I'm sorry bisexual I'm so gay I'm so

bisexual how do I look gay enough so the gays notice but straighten up so my friends and family don't notice well she is gasps do I want to dress them or do I want to dress mask today C's cute guy oh my god I'm probably straight oh no

C's cute girl oh my god I'm probably gay Oh No I forgot to cuff my pants I forgot to roll my sleeves do people think I'm gay or straight do I give off by vibes well as soon as I come out every girl that I am friends

with is immediately gonna think I'm attracted to them here we go fellas am i gay am i straight am i buy I want a girlfriend I want a boyfriend does literally everyone think I have a crush on them oh that I'm flirting with them do I like girls

more or do I like guys more do I like that girl in a gay way or she pretty cool I literally I'm so used to wearing a beanie I can't leave the house without a beanie on I can't leave the house without cuffing my jeans I can't leave

the house without rolling my sleeves hmm cold day don't feel a breeze on my ankles my jeans aren't cuffed why can't I just sit in a chair properly god damn I only like watching lesbian porn am i gay well I hope you guys enjoyed some of the common

thoughts that run through a bisexuals head or at least mine and whoever else decided to send in all your thoughts that you have as a bisexual if you did send in some of your thoughts then thank you so much for participating if you guys want to part to

it let me know if you want me to do another video like this also let me know and I will see you guys in my next one bye

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