hello everyone welcome to the first ever episode of diet my name is Elena fender and I am here with our first ever guest Dallas prison thanks for having me thank you for being here there's a lot of misinformation about

sexuality these days so I'm gonna get to the bottom of it or at the top whatever floats your boat so Dallas is it true that you were dating a bisexual yeah this is true yeah confirmed how are all the threesomes

sorry she's bisexual you just confirmed that you just confirmed that how are all the threesomes she cheats on you a lot as a bisexual hmm no where are you getting these terms from I did a lot of research before this so

I'd appreciate it if you didn't talk down to me your girlfriend yeah the bisexual yes yes so it's the sexual you're a girl friend we all know neither of those things could be true she has dated women in her past

yes and how does that make you feel I'm totally fine what-what-what by it you're not threatened no more than I am by dudes walking down the street let's elaborate on that how do you feel dating someone who's attracted

to every single person that they encounter hmm I'm not attracted to every female I ever see but you're not bisexual we all know that bisexuality is a phase we all know yeah we collectively as an informed society no science no religion no rural communities across Canada do you get this information from something like your Facebook feed friend yeah no so you're saying it's not a phase and she won't choose one or the other eventually no that's

not really how it works no sounds like she's greedy they're gonna have to give me something to work with here because these kinds of answers nobody's gonna watch this no we did just I want you to answer the

questions in like a media appropriate say some scandalous that your girlfriend doesn't cheat on you and that you're perfectly fine with her dating women no one wants that going for the hip reviews yes yes don't put boobs in now think I

can do that are they bisexual boobs who knows that's a part of the audience they're very different than normal boobs my sexuality is not normal lots of information here it's good lots of facts so dating a bisexual is it

frustrating to be in a relationship with someone who just can't seem to make a choice Oh always imagine going shopping with your friend at the grocery store and you want chips but he wants popcorn or she cuz bisexuals

go anyway right let's never know or both at the same time sorry it might not popcorn enough for you tonight kay that kind of thing Thanks okay good over time have you found yourself slowly being converted to like

like homosexuality you think I'm going away from girls and towards guys I think um so when your girlfriend yeah girlfriend bisexual is she really a girl no does bisexuality really exist who knows so when she finally does

choose you hope that she chooses straight oh yeah I know I'm fingers crossed by that time I'll probably be gay already so this is fascinating stuff are you not worried that she's going to leave you for a man or woman

no more worried than anybody else like a like a 50/50 chance she's gonna stay with you she's straight if she's bi that's like a 25/75 split and that's mad I don't know where you got those numbers from religion rural

communities the internet my Facebook feeds all very reputable sources thank you what's it like to go to a swingers party wherever you like well you swing like an exchange swing sets we already established that you have a lot of threesomes I assume that you also some exchange partners it's crazy it's just like can I borrow your wife whoa bisexuals don't marry you're not actually bisexual if you're in a straight marriage I always just had suspicions yeah confirmed everybody in

that society knows about it everyone in the gay community yeah bisexuals included because they're actually gay in disguise so in conclusion dating a bisexual is difficult and horrible and nobody should do it absolutely not no it's great I don't buy

it that's all I have for you today thank you so much for watching give the show a thumbs up if you want more episodes like this if you want me to get down to the bottom or the top of more

sexuality myths bye for now what was your initiation into the gay community like rainbows and what do you want me to say but stuff oh yeah yeah absolutely so much bug stuff

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