Women I Look Up To (The Bisexual In Me Is Coming Out)

Fair warning – the bisexual in meis going to come out in this video.

[music] Hello and welcome back! So, this month isNational Women's History Month.

Today, I want to talk about allthe women that I look up to.

A happy, positive video, just giving my love to many people.

So, as silly as this might seem to somepeople, some of these women will be fictionalcharacters and there will be actual, real-life women to talk about.

The first set of women beingthe Sailor Senshi but mainly my top three – Jupiter, Marsand Saturn.

Those three have always been my favourites.

I grew up with 'Sailor Moon'.

I've been watching it since.



Oh, man, since I was, what, seven, maybe? When it was coming out on Cartoon Network and they would be airing it at 4:00pm, after school.

Every time I'm down, even now, people might say, "You're too old for that!" But I don't care.

And, you know, they're just always people, women that I've always looked up towhen I was growing up and I wanted to be like them and I was convinced that magicalgirls were real so I would pretend to transforminto Sailor Moon in my living room, whenever she would do it and I was just convinced.

But when they're down, I'm down.

When they're happy, I'm happy and when they get back up, you know, I'm just like, "I'm gonna get back up too, " 'cause I want to be like them.

The next woman would beCalleigh Duquesne, from 'CSI Miami' and I hope I'm saying herlast name right.

I really liked Calleigh, or I really like Calleigh, because she's a real bad-ass womanfrom the South, from Louisiana.

She moves to Miami – duh -it's called 'CSI Miami'! She's just so strongand she went through so much and she always got back upand was kickin' ass.

And I also like the fact that she was a womanfrom the South and you know, there were times when I would bevery self-conscious about a Southern accent of mine.

I mean, I don't know if you hear itso much in video but I feel like a lot of people hear itmore in person.

I remember when I did a collab with Nic – he was mentioning that he heardthe Southern more in person.

It was just so cool to see and she made me a little bit lessself-conscious about that.

And the last fictional character whoI love is JJ from 'Criminal Minds'.

Pretty much for the same reasons thatI love Calleigh – JJ is another bad-ass woman and I'm alwayswatching the re-runs on WE channel.

I was watching an episode last night – there was the bank robbery hostage situationthat was happening and this is when she was married to Willand had a kid, Henry.

And at one point, the main womanthat is part of the robbery had broken into her house and she was watching over Henry butpretending to be a babysitter or whatever and JJ goes in there and she's kickin' assand gosh, I love it.

And there was another particular part, or episode, when Garcia is shot by her date and the next episode, I believe, her date, the guy who shot her, goes into the BAU headquarters, office, whatever, you know, he's holding people hostageand whatever and everybody's trying to, like, "Well, we can't really shoot him from here!" He knows but JJ kind of sneaks around and JJ and Penelope are best friends -they're like this, so JJ will do anything to protect her.

And you just see, at one point, that, I think the guy turns around and JJ just point-blank gets him.

Oh! I love that scene so much.

But yeah, JJ is.




Now let's move onto some real-life people, shall we? Brie Larson.

You might know her now, especially, as the woman who is a part of Marvel -she plays Captain Marvel.

I know her as the girl who was in'Raising Dad' and a couple of other shows and 'Hoot' and did you know that shewas a singer? And she had a solo debut album out and that's when I really started to love her.

And I got to meet her when I was 12.

I still have the photo somewherearound here.

I remember I was tweeting her, about two years ago, maybe, and I was like, "I don't knowif you remember me, " but she said that she remembered me.

I don't know if that's true and I remember I replicated a.



This was back in the MySpace days and she had a photo of herselfand I also did that same type of photo and I uploaded it onto MySpaceand I tagged her, whatever it was.

And she went onto my profileand commented on that picture and I was so happy – and yes, it was heractual profile.

It was verified or, you know, whatever it was back then, during the MySpace days.

I've just.



I've loved her ever since.

Caitlin Stasey.

I have loved this woman since I first saw'Tomorrow When the War Began' and that's been one of my favourite filmssince.

Not only was Caitlin Stasey playing Ellie, such a bad-ass character, but Caitlin in real life is just amazing and she actually helped mebe more confident about body hair.

I mean, I kept my body hair before I reallyknew who she was, I think, but showing it more often -not in the sense of, like, "Look at me – I have body hair!" If it's there, it's there.

If it happens to show while I'm on stream, like, I'm stretching or, you know, in person, whatever, I just stopped caring and also being more comfortable with, just parts of my body showing thatInstagram doesn't like and, you know, I did a body positivityphotoshoot type of thing that made me feel really good and you know, she was helping meout with that, because she had her own business, or campaign or whatever, where she was having people come inand do a photoshoot for her and she'd be taking the pictures and I wanted to apply to that – I think I did but I don't think I was accepted and I don't think she was really doing itanymore at that point.

So, that was a really cool thing to seeand I love her.

Hayley Kiyoko is a recent one.

I've done a favourites video – I mentioned herin December for Vlogmas.

You know, last year I started talkingmore about being bisexual and listening to her album and watching hermusic videos just kind of really got me.



It played a role in me being pumped to talkmore about it.

And now, last but not least, let's mention a couple of YouTubers who I have looked up to for a while now.

And just let me say that there aremany, many YouTubers who I love, who I look up to and I may not be able to get to everysingle one of you because there's just SO many but just know that if we know each other, I do love you.

And my brain sucks, my memory sucks and I'll probably remember you three minutesafter filming and I'm sorry.

Stevie Boebi and Gaby Dunn, especially because I was talking to them many, many times about being bisexual and what-not and just trying to, I guess, feel better or feelless inadequate, or whatever, because I was a newbie and, like, really expressing it or whatever and, you know, they just made mefeel a lot more confident and comfortable.

Franchesca Ramsey and Lilly Singh, for being two badass women who madea name for themselves, you know, on the internet and other spaces.

Just, you know, top-notch.

Annie, Andrea, Jessica -you can include Stevie in as well – you know, a couple of badass disabledwomen, fellow disabled women.

You know, I look up to themand they're all just so wonderful.

I need Jessica and I to be in, like, the samespot so we can finally hug each other.

I've hugged everyone else.

I have not yet hugged Jessica.

Can we make that happen, please? So, those are just a couple of people thatI wanted to shout out and talk about – and characters, you know.

Let me know who you look up to.

It can be fictional characters, it can be real actors.

Just shout out some of our favouritewomen in the comments.

If you would like to help translate this video, I'll have a link to do so down below.

It's always very helpful and I thank you verymuch in advance.

As always, I very much appreciate youwatching and I will see you later.

Bye! See you.


Bye! [music].

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