“You're Not REALLY Bisexual!” | Rikki Poynter

Today, I'm going totell you about people judging your sexuality, judging my sexuality and thinking that they knowmore than what we know.

And I'm gonna start right now.

(INTRO MUSIC) Hello, and welcome back to the channel.

Today, we're going to be talking aboutpeople judging your sexuality or people thinking that they knowmore about your sexuality.

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So, if you are new here or have notbeen aware, I am bisexual.



hello! As a bisexual person, I have.



or it's more of as a bisexual woman who has been talking more about it, I noticed a couple of comments.

And it's mostly people who think thatbisexuality is not actually a thing, and that you have to go for, like, one specific team.

So, you either like menor you like women.

You are either straight or you are gayor a lesbian, right? And I, of course, have gotten hit with, "No, you like men betteror you must like women better.

" Actually, the most popular one, I have seen comments whirl around that say, "Oh, you're bisexual, but you're married to a man.

" Like, dude, are these people not awareof what the 'bi' in bisexual means? Like, it means at least two.

So like.



so yeah, you'll see thatif somebody is in a relationship with a man or married to a man, they must actually be straight.



a straight woman and only like men.

But if they make some sort of commentabout a woman, then we're ignoring this whole, like, "I like men.

I've also been in a relationshipwith men and I still like men.

" So, personal story time, so while allof my main long-term relationships have been with men, once upon a timein high school, there was going to be a possible.



a slight possibility of maybe there being a thing, you know, with a woman, with a friend of mine.

So, you know, there's that, but in a previous relationship.



Listen, OK.

So I am someonewho very much believes in boosting the self-esteemof your friends, no matter who they are.

So, I do have a soft spot for reallyboosting the esteem and cheering on my women friends.

So, when my women friends post selfiesand things like that, you know, I'm like, "That is an absolutelybeautiful picture.

You go, girl!" You know, this and that, just really good, positive comments, 'cause why not? And I would put like #babealert or whatever, just, you know, it's just a nice little thing.

You know, think of something similar toLilly Singh's Girl Love campaign, which I was a part of for a little bit.

You know, just something like that.

And so, this person would alwaysbe worried and would constantly be telling me, "I think you're only attracted to women and you're not actuallyattracted to men.

" And I was just kind of like, "What?" As someone who has always beenvery open across the board, across various platforms or whatever, and in real life and online, I've been very open about my lovefor Alex O'Loughlin, Ezra Miller, Machine Gun Kelly, add him to the list, you know, but also, Caitlin Stasey, Phoebe Tonkin.




Also, I'm in a relationshipwith you, so – and I've been vocalabout being bisexual.




Now, don't get me wrong.

Obviously, sexuality is fluid, and it can go one way or the other at any given time, as youexplore your sexuality, as you grow.

And you really find out whator who you do and do not like.

And you saw this in 'Buffy'.

OK, Willow from 'Buffy' is obviously, like, this very complicated topic or controversial topic, and people have been debating, "Is Willow bisexual or is she gay?" We're not gonna get into that, but in the show, Willow does say, "Hi, I'm gay now.

" So, there you go.

But me, I, me, myself and I, when I say I am bisexual, that's straight up what it is.

Obviously, there will be moreto this person's feelings and insecurities, and things like that, but it was just always a comment that really started to grind my gears.

And it should have just beendone with, probably, the first time that it was said.

Probably, the second time, max.

It was frustrating.

Biphobia is annoying.

People trying to tell youwho you do and do not like.

These people trying to pretend thatthey know more about you than yourself is really frustrating and annoying.

We, the actual people, every single person, knows about themselves the best.

I cannot go up to a straight personand be like, "No, I think you're like this.

" And we had this issue with someYouTubers before, as of recent.

And you know, I can't goto another bisexual friend, I can't go a gay male friendor a gay female friend and be like, "Well, actually.



" It's very rude, very inappropriate.

And why do people thinkthat they seem to know more? If a bisexual woman, OK, has been with only other women, that doesn't erase the factthat they're also into men.

If a bisexual woman has onlybeen in relationships with men, because, you know, relationships with women, the opportunitynever actually came around, it doesn't erase the bisexuality.

It doesn't erase, "Hi, also attracted to women, sexually, romantically, " da, da, da.

Stop it, it's rude!It's not appropriate.

Stop, stop, stop! So, my fellow bisexual friends, let me know in the comments if you've ever had this experience, which I'm sure many of you have.

Well, let's just really find outhow common and how much of a big deal this is.

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Thank you very much for taking the timeout of your day to watch this video.

I very much appreciate it, and I will see you later.


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