Being Gay in Morocco (Where Homosexuality is Illegal)

so guys I've actually been advised to take these rainbow pins off before heading to Morocco my voice is groggy because it's super early in the morning but um yeah I was kind of surprised about this and I didn't, I didn't realize that um LGBT+ rights um were where they were at in Morocco and because it's such a conservative Muslim society that sort of stuff could be seen negatively and possibly cause me problems on the trip and so to avoid anything happening I'm gonna have to take these off because um homosexuality is actually illegal in Morocco so I'm getting ready to go off to Morocco today.

Today's the day! I'm sleepy and groggy.

look they give us robes as well how cool is this so I thought about this for a while about the pins because on one hand my thought is activism and having a message and that sort of thing but I think in a scenario like this that's that sort of activity just comes off as westernized propaganda and Morocco needs to find their lgbtq+ rights on their own I mean I'm all for like putting pressure I just think that has to be done in the right way and also I want to be safe and protect myself and I think that this is the best way to do that I didn't actually realize that homosexual activity was illegal in Morocco I wasn't aware of that I so I did some research on it today and I found it really fascinating and this is the first country I've ever been to in my life where homosexuality is illegal and that's kind of intense and I didn't even think about that this entire trip and now I'm like wow I am about to go into a country where my entire identity is literally forbidden that's crazy and so I'm hoping that I'll be safe and I'm still excited to go and I'm excited to experience their world and culture and customs and I'm very very excited but a little bit sad that I'll be visiting there knowing that people like me can't really live their life the way they want to there and apparently this law doesn't apply to foreigners it only applies to actual people that live in Morocco but that doesn't really make it any better if anything that just says more to the privileges of Westerners like myself to be able to go to destinations like Morocco and they can spend loads of money and enjoy lgbtq+ tourism and be gay right in the face of a whole group of people that don't have those same privileges so I think that sends a very powerful message and I think that we definitely need to be campaigning to change these things all over the world because not everybody can live the way that they want to and that needs to change it feels so weird taking these off like I feel like I'm I don't feel like I'm going back into the closet but like in a way it's a little bit like that it's this idea that like I have to hide Who I am now for today and it's something I'm willing to do because I really want to explore Morocco but I shouldn't have to like There's pin number one now look it's so bare and it looks so funny and weird makes me sad so I'm going to try to say welcome in Arabic: أهلا بك (sp?) That was terrible.

أهلا بك.

أهلا بك Morocco.

Look guys! It's a small cat! So everyone, this is a very very very beautiful hotel.

I think it's very magnificent! Truly.

I love the.




Haha! (I forgot how to say architecture in French lmao) So, here it is! Hello everyone, welcome to Morocco, and welcome to Africa! So here it is everyone, it's a very very beautiful cafe and we're going to have some tea! (Traditional Moroccan Mint!) I love all of the the color and activity Morocco is such a beautiful beautiful place it's so aesthetic and this is my very very first time ever being in Africa – my first time being in Morocco it's my first time being it in an Arabic country and I love it because I speak a little bit of French so I can get by which is very very cool! My French isn't that great haha, but I'm here I'm trying so we have the Mediterranean over here A city called Tangier here! it's all beautiful and wonderful and yah! Um being here I'm very conscious of the bias that we have as Westerners of Africa as a continent and of African countries and it's interesting being here and just seeing people living their lives and absorbing the beauty and the culture and being conscious that I have this kind of implicit bias put in me that this is a dangerous place that I'm going to get diseases that you know I'm not safe here that all of these sorts of things in these ideas these concepts which you know maybe have some basis in reality in some parts of this continent but this is a beautiful country full of beautiful people Voila! I'm finished now haha! (Thanks so much for watching! Sorry for all the French lmao!).

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