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[Music] hi beautiful people last week's video part 1 is devoted to anyone anti LGBTQ whether you're homophobic or just a well-meaning Christian that believes being gay is a sin that video is devoted to you with love but this video part 2 goes out to the LGBTQ community and all its advocates and gatos gray in the podcast debuted last week it's available on Apple Spotify Google and more so now you'll have a dose of gray each week one week YouTube next podcast on and on and on next week I'm talking eating disorders with my friends Claire Harper flood and Joe Hartzler now I'll respond to the six things Christians say when arguing against homosexuality we're gonna start off emotional and dive hard into the Bible for number six number one heterosexual married sex is the most amazing euphoric thing you'll ever experience Wow Wow well my life is complete LGBTQ folks I cannot relate to you completely but I do know shame pastors told me that if I lost my virginity I would be like a dirty glass of water or half-eaten candy bar or chewed-up bubble gum and even if premarital sex is a sin no one should be told that their entire worth is in their virginity also pastors would give horny messages and set up unrealistic expectations we were made to believe married sex is like the most euphoric end-all-be-all of all human experience God does have an incredible design for sex saving yourself can be beautiful I do not discourage that as an autonomous choice but doing so out of fear and guilts can be very damaging for example some Christian couples don't engage in dating foreplay and therefore some women have reported to feeling scared or even violate it on their wedding night because years of programming sex is a sin sex is a sin doesn't just disappear because you wore a white dress one day after years of my own pain I am a Christian advocate for sexual liberation sexual liberation is not about promiscuity or being free to sin it is about having the freedom to align yourself mind body and soul which is something I truly believe God calls us to because when you think a part of yourself your sexuality is innately evil or wrong you are forced to compartmentalize my sex life here God here and that causes discord and pain instead I encourage you to welcome God into your sex life I can hear the sound of atheist laughing like what I'm being serious I encourage Christians even if you're messing up or sinning to welcome God into your intimacy because that's the only way to get clarity and peace number two it's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve one man one woman for an entire lifetime here's the difference with shame I as a heterosexual woman was taught that I would be a worthless bride if I wasn't a virgin whereas you as a homosexual are taught that all of your sex regardless of marital status will always be a sin by the way for generations Christians were taught love the sinner hate the sin my least-favorite saying because it has the word hate in it being gay was a sin in itself for years but now presumably with the grave failure of ex-gay therapy and the mass exodus of millennials from church christians are cleaning up the phrasing of it i wouldn't dare say homosexuality is a sin God might have made you gay it acts a homosexuality that's a sin that make it better no it doesn't pretty phrasing doesn't solve the torment that homosexual people experience we as Christians condemn the LGBTQ population to either a lifetime of celibacy or into a heterosexual marriage now Theo vines is a gay Christian author who argues that Paul refers to celibacy as a gift not a demand whether Christians with homosexual acts or not sexual autonomy is a human rights please consider two Christians are getting a bit smug with this new being gay isn't a sin the act of sexes I say it smug because y'all say it like it's so dang easy it's not heterosexual people will you please take one humble second and imagine someone telling you you have to be celibate for the rest of your life no physical expression of love no intimacy no marriage no family no children no one to grow old with you will be alone and you have no choice in this Matthew vines asks us to consider the fruit if you plant a tree of enforced celibacy and the fruit ripens into people turning away from God committing suicide or being double minded like legislating against gay rights while having gay Affairs the fruit is looking pretty inedible the most prominent ex-gay therapist joseph nicolosi supposed that no one is born gay and that the propensity is caused by childhood trauma that can happen but saying it's always the case has been debunked in 2013 the major ex-gay organization Exodus international shut its doors due to a 99.

9 percent failure rate among his clients we've tried to change gays and we just can't change them there's a great book that every Christian should read by David P gushy gushy I don't know David is a conservative Christian who actually believes we should save ourselves from marriage he also studied the Bible and concluded that gay people should be allowed the right to marry in Genesis 2 God saw it was not good for a man to be alone so he created a companion knowing it's not good for a man to be alone would a loving God condemn an entire population to celibacy gay people with God rob you of intimacy and love and that's a question you have the Holy Spirit within you you need to ask God these questions to get clarity and real answers on your sex life for yourself the Adam and Eve argument also supposes were called to procreate if you believe the inability to procreate as a sin what about couples who are productive challenged Jesus said we could divorce for infidelity but not for infertility also Adam and Eve were given the imperative to procreate but if you take Genesis literally they were the only people on earth by contrast we're now dealing with an increase in population from 1 point 5 to 6 point 1 billion people in just 100 years so is it safe to say this imperative no longer exists statistics show that 80% of all y'all unmarried Christians are actually having premarital sex God's ideal is truly a monogamous partnership who are we to vote away a gay person's right to be in covenant elationship we're actually condemning gay people to have the same kind of sex Christians are having unmarried premarital sex premarital sex gay marriage which sin is worse whose plank is bigger and whose eye with this girl defined says marriage has been redefined because US culture changes as time changes the definition changes too but thank God marriage doesn't look like it's it in the Bible because I'm sorry Kristen and Bethenny there were no white wedding cakes or romantic gestures let alone the right to choose your partner those were misogynistic times we were literally property of her husband's and more often than not in polygamous marriages with King David with King Solomon and many other figures in the Bible it was not Adam and Eve it was Adam and even even even even he so can we all agree we're happy marriage changes its definition please watch my video on this to understand what marriage actually was in the Bible number 3 being gay is unnatural really here's a partial list of animals that engage in homosexual behavior I'll link more studies below still Christians can get so arrogant in our theology that we actually commit grave sins to protect what we believe number 4 the Bible is our weapon bang-bang when taken too literally the Bible can justify evil that's why our moral compass always needs to be engaged when we're considering human rights biblical teachings are not infallible just because they're true the following brutal examples were not only culturally accepted but also biblically backed up slave ownership and in 1861 sermon pastor Joseph R Wilson quotes Ephesians six five servants be obedient to them that are your masters he goes on to explain our attention is forcibly arrested by the very first word of this text servants there is no difficulty in ascertaining its true meaning it distinctly and unequivocally signifies slaves this is how the majority of Christians justified slavery the banning of interracial marriage it wasn't until 1967 in a case of loving versus Virginia that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of interracial marriage this was a civil rights landmark and it was formerly illegal because of the Bible horribly enough you can still find Christians debating this issue ranging from blatantly racist sites to more well-meaning ones this is from 2016 you guys and the South African apartheid was dignified by the Bible until the 1990s condoning rape the first case of marital rape did it make it's a court until 1979 the evangelical church still professes a wife must be sexually available noting Titus two three Ephesians 5:22 and Colossians 3:18 this leads couples to believe that marital rape is impossible and wives continue being raped because this abusive thought pattern is still prevalent in our society Nazism Protestant theologian Otto dibelius convinced German Christians to support Hitler with Romans 13 this is the same verse Jeff Sessions used to justify family separation at the border and whether or not you think that was legally sound it did harm children Jesus's least favorite thing the rape and murder of homosexual people this African lesbian was correctively raped a common practice of Christians to cure her of being gay she was impregnated forced to have an abortion and contracted AIDS these atrocities were committed by extremists but they all use the Bible to back their actions in our 2, 000 years of Christianity we have gotten a handful of things wrong let's just consider that our opinion on the LGBTQ issue maybe one of these things but we're told number five don't trust your gut trust me why are we taught to trust our intuition when it comes to walking down dark alleys or talking to strangers but not when it comes to our very spirituality modern pastors use Jeremiah 17:9 the heart is deceitful above all things to make us doubt our intuition when we're told to fear our own hearts we can be vulnerable to spiritual abuse and manipulation what do you do if your pastors biblical interpretation conflicts with your moral intuition do you just accept that slavery is okay that interracial marriage is a sin that being gay is a sin at what point do you actually trust the Holy Spirit within you I talked to so many Christians that cannot understand why being gay is a sin it causes them pain it conflicts with their moral intuition and yet here we are just accepting it is it possible that our moral intuition is right is it possible that is actually the Holy Spirit telling us that we've gotten this one wrong that said if you're like me your doctrinal beliefs aren't gonna change overnight because they're important to you it's taken me 15 years to come to the conclusions that I have and I'm still evolving and growing all the time so lastly number six the Bible condemns LGBTQ sexual acts plain and simple let's dive into the Bible and see how simple Leviticus 18:22 you shall not lie with a male as with a woman it is an abomination the Hebrew term Tova is used 117 times in the Old Testament other abominations include eating pork oppressing the needy and the mistreatment of orphans but Leviticus condemns 76 other things including period sex eating fat touching an unclean animal attending church within 33 days of having a son I mean is anyone gonna preach on these things or can we stop citing Leviticus Sodom and Gomorrah is often used to condemn homosexuality but when you read those stories on your own they're clearly about moral decay and sexual violence two angels arrived at the home of lots he has being an impeccable host until this mob of people surround his house and demand to rape the two angels lot offers his two virgin daughters instead and says do with them whatever you want and God is so outraged by the whole situation that he has the Angels take lot in his family away and reigns down fire from heaven destroying the city unfortunately because the word sodomy is derived from Sodom people wrongfully blamed homosexuality for the destruction of that city to the contrary when Isaiah 1:9 Jeremiah 23 14 and Ezekiel 16:49 speak of Sodom and Gomorrah they never mentioned homosexuality the sins mentioned are injustice adultery lying pride gluttony and lack of care for the poor as for the New Testament Paul is the only one to mention homosexuality I'd like to bring up that Paul was never with Christ in the flesh because Christ appeared to him after death in a vision also Christ was a manifestation of God infallible while Paul was a mere man fallible and he openly admits to these imperfections in Romans 7:14 we know that the law is spiritual but I am unspiritual sold as a slave to sin I do not understand what I do I'm not saying Paul wasn't a righteous man or an excellent teacher but I do leave room for phal ability when it comes to humanity according to scholars 8 to 13 books in the New Testament were written by Paul and many of these were while he was in prison he is corresponding with churches and giving them advice 2nd Peter 3:16 warns Paul's letters contain some things that are hard to understand which ignorant and unstable people distort as they do other scriptures to their own destruction I can't sale these words properly but I'm gonna try in those letters the word homosexual was translated from the Greek word arsenal : I which scholars say Paul himself coined this is a combination of a few words including Malik Oy which means soft and was you Matthew 11 8 to describe soft clothing it could have also been used to mock men for their willingness to be penetrated and essentially take on the female role and if you remember the females were lesser citizens you can imagine this was an insult in American churches we really can't stop them how heated the debate is over translation it's not as easy as sitting in your living room with your devotional and being able to figure out exactly what the original Greek text intended for example many scholars argue the paul was actually referring to the practice of rich men ear us having same-sex relations with young slave boys pious if that's true Paul could actually be condemning pedophilia not consensual homosexuality Jesus even healed a pious in Matthew 8 5 a Centurion begged Jesus to heal his servant as it reads in our English Bible but in Greek servant was pious which many say means young male lover others argue it means male slave but if that's true why did a powerful man go running to get his slave healed why was he so important civilizations fall because of moral bankruptcy not because your neighbor has two dads or because a white girl wants to marry a black guy or because I want to be friends of the Jewish person Christians have ostracized people for those exact things anyone that's gay by a sexual I want you to know that there's no reason to sever your tie from God it's the church that has a disproportionate obsession with your sexuality if you profess that Jesus died and rose again regardless of your sexual orientation the Holy Spirit resides within you and you are a Christian don't let anyone no matter a church affiliation status ability to hold a microphone bully you into believing you're not who you know you are when you assess their sex life invite God into that intimacy don't let anyone else outside tell you what to be ashamed of or what to believe Jesus says clearly he's given you the Holy Spirit if you were a believer so if you believe that you can get answers on your own trust that I trust you even if your pastor doesn't so I love you guys thank you all so much for being part of the goddess great community please let me know if you want to meet on crowdcast like subscribe support me on patreon if you can I love you guys god bless.

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