Gay Men Ask Uncomfortable Questions in a Game of Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Everybody I’ve slept with has said, “Hey Mommy, can I have seconds?” (gasps) (laughing) Don’t put that in there.

(upbeat music) – Cheers, queers.

– Or gays.

– What’s that called? – A shot.

(laughing) – [Interviewer] Hi.

– Hello.

– Hello.

– [Narrator] Who are you guys? – I’m Raymond.

– I’m Jifu.

– I’m Winston.

– I’m Marvin.

– I know Marvin becausewe kissed on the mouth.


– That was soft.

– I don’t remember this kiss.

– Okay, in the words ofTaylor Swift, “Sparks flew.

” – [Interviewer] Do youguys think it’s problematic if we were to title this Gay Men Play Truth or Drink? – [All] No.

– If you had four blonde girls up here you would say Blondes Play.

I mean, like, that’s just a fact about who we are as a person.

– Cool.

– The way it works is you will take turns pickingfrom the top of the deck.

On each card are two questions that you will assign totwo people at the table.

Whoever you think gave thebest answer wins the card.

– Let’s do it.

– Let’s go.

– I want Winston to ask Marvin A, and Marvin to ask Winston B.

– How confident are youin your oral sex skills? – Very.

– I wasn’t done.

(laughing) – How do you know? – ‘Cause I’ve been told.

My oral skills, like eatingan ass, it’s like amazing.

It’s not a pick-upline, but when I go out, and I’m trying to meet– – You say, “Let me suck you dry.

” – No, no no, I say, “Canyou sit on my face?” And it works.

– To anyone? – No, people that I’minterested in, it’s, it’s my– – I haven’t heard it.

– Well.

– Just saying.

– Lets see how you answer.

What are your insecurities? How do they manifest inyour day-to-day life? – Emotional insecurities? Oh, baby.

– What’s your trauma? – Sometimes I’m afraidthat everybody hates me, but they’re too afraidto stop talking to me, because maybe I’ll go crazy.

– [Interviewer] Let’s move on.

(laughing) – Wait, who won?- Who won? – I feel like Winstonreally reached in, you know.

– Because this is a rawhuman moment, Marvin.

– I’ve got to give it to him.

– Thank you.

To Winston’s trauma.

– Jifu, I want you to ask Marvin A and Marvin, you can ask Jifu B.

– Okay.

Marvin, what’s the kinkiest thing you were ever asked todo, but you declined? – Oh, I don’t decline.

– You’ve said yes to everything.

– I mean, yeah, I’ll try it it once.

– I want you to poop on me Marvin.

– No, Winston.

– There you go.

– Okay.

– There’s your answer.

– Wait, okay, let methink, okay let me think.

Someone wanted me to pee on them, and I did, but like, I couldn’t really pee because I was hard, and it’shard to pee when you’re hard.

– Yeah.

– So, like, it was a squirt.

– Would you try again? – Maybe.

Definitely me on them.

– You don’t want to be peed on? – I just can’t not get pee on my hair.

My hair washing processis, like really intricate.

And I’m not dealing with that.

(snoring) – It’s fine.

– Here you go.

– What’s the loudest you’veever been during sex? – So, I never got anycomplaints from neighbors.

– Give us an example.

(moaning) – Yeah, there we go.

Like, it’s a natural moan, you know.

– That “Ah” was natural? (moaning) – Tell me who won.

– You want to give it to me.

– I mean.

– Don’t give him the sympathy card.

That’s right.

What’s up? – Okay.

So this round’s on meand everybody answers.

Where’s the strangestplace you’ve had sex? – An unlocked bathroom in a dorm building.

– Oh.

– On the floor.

– Oh.

– Mm-hmm.

– I would probably say thetop of the parking garage.

– Middle of the day? Middle of the night? – No, it was in the evening.

My friend, well person, and I left the club and went to that locale.

– The weirdest place I’ve done it, is in the movie theater.

– Oh.

– In “How to Train Your Dragons 2.

” This was in the middle of the day and there was no kids.

– That’s when kids go.

– Dude.

– There was no one in the theater.

– It was like, a dragon was being trained.

– Oh my gosh, his dragon.

(laughing) – I’m the trainer.

– [Interviewer] How was the film? – Oh my gosh.

Two thumbs up.

– Who wants kids? – No, absolutely no.

– I am down for one or two.

– You’re going to bringthem to the movie theater? – Oh, I will.

– I don’t want kids and Idon’t want kids near me, no offense.

(laughing) – To your very pregnant body.

(laughing) – I’ll have one, maybe, in 15 years.

– Wow, you’d be like, 60.

– Fuck you.

– [Interviewer] All right, so who had the better answer? – Jifu wins.

– Okay.

– Woo, yeah! Give me that card.

– All right.

– I’d give it to you too.

– [Interviewer] Marvin’s alittle lonely over there.

– Yeah he needs a card.

– Aww.

Too bad.

(laughing) – He’s literally, like, never going to answer another question.

– Can we take another shot? – Cheers.

– Just a little.

(belching) – Let’s not worry.

– All right.

Marvin ask Winston A, and I want Winston to ask Marvin B.

– List all the illicit drugs you’ve tried.

What more would you like to try? – Brace yourselves.

– Okay.

– I’ve done marijuana.

(gasps) I’ve smoked that good, good.

– The devil’s herb.

– That’s all I can say.

I don’t want to try anymore.

What type of person haveyou always wanted to date but never had the chance? – This is horrible.

– And you can’t say me, but you can.

– No, I wasn’t going to say you.


– Maybe a celebrity.

– Yeah, I feel like, I’ve dated, like a local, like, grassroots musician.

– [Interviewer] Who? – Wait, I forgot his name.

(laughing) – Oh, God.

– I’ve also dated a porn star.

– Okay, so what type ofperson have you not dated that you want to? – Like a full A-listcelebrity would be nice.

– [Interviewer] Is that a little vain? – I mean, yeah.

I want to dress up and go out.

– [Interviewer] All right, who had the best answer? – It doesn’t matter because Iwin the point without having, everyone drinks.

Everyone take a shot.

My power is done.

– [Interviewer] Okay, soWinston wins the point.

Everyone takes a shot besides Winston.

– I would like Jifu to ask Winston A, and then Winston B.

– Have you ever had a one night stand? – It’s never happened.

– Boring, never happened? – No.

– Okay.

– What?- That’s a lie.

– I got repeats.

They always come back.

– Oh, they all, oh.

– There haven’t been anywhere you were, like, yeah, no, man, no, never again? – I’ve never done a one night stand.

Everybody I’ve slept with has said, “Hey, Mommy, can I have seconds?” (gasps) – Don’t put that in there.

– I have so many questions.

– Who do you think will have more sexual partners by the time we die? You or me? – How many do you have per year? Lets say a average? – You know, I’m not good with fractions, but it’s definitely less than one.

Now, how about you? – I had many, so I would say probably me.

– What are we talking about, what is many? How many many? – Many is like the point whereI don’t keep track anymore.

– Ding, ding.

– So you win.

– I think you win.

– Woo-hoo! – Money, money, money.

– Damn it.

– [Interviewer] All right, who has the most cards? Who wins? – [Winston] I got two.

– [Interviewer] Jifu! (clapping) – What do I win? – Alcohol.

– Representation.

– Heartfelt.

– Cheers.

– Oh.

– Do you guys think Ineed to have more sex? – Yes.

– I think so.

– By all means.

– I’m just so lazy.

– Yeah, that’s part of it.

– Truth or drink is availableat playtruthordrink.


– Get it now.

– [Interviewer] Good job you guys.

You can get up.

(clapping) – Nice to meet you.

– Shut the fuck up.


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