GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony – Intro & Mission #1 – I luv LC [100%] (1080p)

hey yo I'm a gun club member I'm gonna take these rookies downtown are you with me hey what's your name son sweets man I don't think that's such a good idea yeah they said catching that pass in my high school championship football game was a bad idea cuz I broke my leg in 13 places but I scored a touchdown and won the game the world was built out of bad ideas my friend come on the pe4 has been molded and is set to explode in 60 seconds now listen people we're your friends me and my brother here what are you telling them will produce you idiot that's gonna make it hard from the finest isn't it I'm trying to be honest with these people we put them through a lot today these people fuck your cars that shit's over Islands not the only thing that's green dollars are too now you've said bloody Island that's gonna narrow it assertion look you take the needle out your arm then tell me what to do I'll let you tell me what to do when you stop serving half a bullet yeah like I said man everything's a little fuzzy well did you think of anything else mr.

Lopez yeah sure sure I'll give you a call thanks you know someone Hey Oni miss me yeah there's a bomb at the bank place got robbed nothing to do with me I swear some Irish guys anyway listen coming over okay so wake up Jimmy wake up and I'll make a look that yeah I'm sorry no I was working late at the club yeah mommy don't be like that okay I'll be home soon look I gotta go oh how are you I'm good boss how are you oh look terrible that's good cuz I am terrible fucking a wretched what's wrong oh the usual boy Furtick on the cash machine one nightclub catering to the rich mindless crowd in the city with rich – crowd I saw the poor and mindless another club catering to the gay and decadent crowd with a gained decadent crowd suddenly think decadence means buying outrageous new throw cushions instead of getting loaded in a bar and every half-wit part-time hood in this city thinking I know let's put the squeeze on the club owners they must really really want to substitute my inadequacies with their money because after all they want to stay up all night talking bullshit to morons because they enjoy it it sounds pretty usual well thanks for the support hey that's what I'm here for boss yes you know if the bodyguard business partner thing doesn't work out usually consider a career as a fucking life coach Oh what never mind did you speak to Troy yeah he said he loves you but he can't handle working the door to gate club anymore he says people are laughing at him who's laughing at him I don't know I think the little people live in his head the one stuck in 1955 oh I love those people and what's up with Jesse he says he saw you last night yeah you was holding court with that Chloe Parker before a.


I was apparently so my god 45 years old and I get my kicks doing blow at seventeen year old kids whose only claim to fame is that people know better what their vagina looks like than their face I should be sent to prison shouldn't I yeah most definitely what's this money did you have your own club Tony I just went to the bank for you man I don't want it in the bank hey Tony the door is open man it's easier to get into your apartment and into your nightclub yeah we have a no Widow policy at the club here I so sure oh I love getting racially abused by a spic yeah who's a fucking taco Tony yeah my business partner Luis gentlemen watch your language we're in the great melting pot we're not spics or Guido's or fags we're proud Americans Luis this is Vince and Rocco relatives of Gracie and creditors to you guess what we ain't here about Gracie oh oh oh beautiful yeah that's the start I guess we don't have to beat you to love is up yeah cuz see you later oh nice to meet you muscles fuck there goes payroll who the fuck were those two assholes T five minute of cloth what the fuck do you think they are ancelotti goons I borrowed money from way back nevermind amateurs come on let's get out of here let's go we need to go to Hercules even after all where the casts go from well Tony ever running a snip job 100% legitimate Louise you know me total transparency sometimes I wonder if you brought me on as a partner just to share the blame when the IRS comes knocking I was investing here industry and acumen don't look for anything sinister here that's what Joseph II but I'm kind of suspicious maybe when it's in every baby apparently and maybe it's a sang an hour to or the fuck knows here we are Troy get over here a very important client is coming tonight we need complete discretion hey you know me tone don't-ask don't-tell military-grade hey this is serious he's paranoid no we'll buy his next CD if they know he'd rather be singing cabaret than rapping as if people buy CDs anymore sure look I really need to talk to John blahblah another time Troy will be at Mason end I was getting anxious we should all be getting anxious nightclub business is going this shit forget the banks where the woman time to be charming Lulu fight oh hey L I gotta make some calls you work the floor while you're laying your hands on me like that man we just misses it boy the girls all say they're fucking him I don't keep your stand mother you ain't coming in not even close now with that attitude enjoy looking for a job in this economic climate motherfucker here you're what the fuck I tell this clipboard earpiece motherfucker back barbell back up what's the problem D you asking me no relax go inside I got ya go relax go inside Oh mommy you need to go relax settle for you guys shut up okay jeez Wow Dom's really changed you man you do good to take money from me now okay no you know I didn't even like that okay you don't pay for shit in here okay you just can't be looking like you came from selling dope on the corner you say that like it's a bad thing Tony what do you think does he wouldn't let me a dress like that see what I mean come to think of it Lou what the fuck are you were huh what go home and take a bath do nothing else put on some clothes I had a complicated day okay all right take some time off the girls naked use a night off – we up high bar gentlemen nice boss you got there stuck a fucking fag like come on bullshit you wanna take us back to the house of one all day I've been thinking about this how many there's a week you worthless gone seven days donkey's neat junk rain sleet will shine joy no postman look for all those hours you make mostly give me the purpose on the rescue no man on the corner it's not like five oh shit nigga Rica get a job at Burger shot what's a qh seventy six motherfucker they gonna let you to a burger shop with an IQ some people they just about to let me watch the goddamn dishes see what I mean now they don't even have this is that burger shop all this shit is polystyrene ain't another job in the city for this bomb pastor to do hourly wage considered at all you don't get no pussy working burgers shiny then I believe motherfuckers can find work what you think make is meant to do Horace Mann worked in corner I could only nothing so better than this I don't want any of us to go away I can't come up war with us stop selling our old product your connection man where the whole city are not you yippee thanks sweet ladies down tell that boss of yours will be back same time next week yeah see you oh my huevos wait yes mate though things go smooth with the clubs made me one do I need you around at all oh great I might just take a vacation then come on I was kidding the club fell apart without you so that bank robbery on the news could have been an opportunity for some positive PR fuck that's it I don't need any press like that now what's the wait police treat an ex-con in this town.

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