Lord Jamar on Major Study Proving that there's No "Gay Gene" (Part 4)

well you know I remember I sent you this article we actually uh we posted up let me go ahead and just pull it up so there was a new a really big extended scientific study that confirmed that there is no gay gene the genes cannot predict sexuality meaning

that they you know analyze the ton of gay people a ton of straight people and looked at them genetically and saw absolutely no difference between any of these people male/female black-white spanish asian indian whatever they could not consistently say hey you genetically came out of your mother liking

the same sex you can’t say basically that you were born gay yes you play about a lot of people huh you know upset a lot of people I remember you got my Twitter timeline like people were like arguing there’s this one like young white gay kid who’s like

you know I didn’t choose bisexual who would choose to you know to be persecuted the way I’ve been hate when they say that because we make negative choices every fucking day we make negative choices that are Advent that are adverse to our health to our well-being we do

it all the time why would anybody smoke cigarettes when they know you could get cancer or lung damage or anything like that why would you drink soda when you know that you can be obese and all of this other type of shit so don’t fucking use that as

an excuse why would I do something that I know might hurt me or or bring some sort of negativity to my life because people do it all the time people do negative shit all the time sometimes just for attention okay so throw that fucking argument out the fucking

window um how would you do it because there’s a lot of different reasons why you do it but being like first of all none of us come out the womb wanting to fuck anything you done to me like you’re not even thinking about sex till much later in

your life okay true even if even those little kids like you might see a little boy two acts a little feminine okay he’s not thinking about fucking another boy at that point he might be thinking about playing with girls dolls and and and he might have a proclivity

to more feminine type of what will be deemed feminine activities you know to me he might not want to play sports as much or whatever the case may be and we don’t know what that could be from that could be from some other shit how about all these

soybeans in the fucking diet that’s supposed to cause you know heightened estrogen in males and and more testosterone and females like there’s a lot of shit that we’re not looking at that can influence shit but all the the sexual part of it that’s a decision that’s the decision

like like you could grow up around let’s say you’ve got five sisters and a mother and you the only boy so you’ve got a lot of female and you might be the youngest so now all the people you look up to are females that might very well help

to push you down that road but at the end of the day you’re gonna decide whether what you want to do and not because there’s people that’s born that way and have five older sisters and they’re not home ascent that didn’t influence them so I don’t know well

this study was a hundred times bigger than any previous study on this topic right so this was a big serious study cuz I think that this is you know I think there’s a topic that should be explored right are you born this gay because I think that how’d

it come out that way it would have justified a lot of people like hey look this is the way I was born and you could really tie that at that point you could tie you know sexuality – racism you see what I’m saying you could say you can’t

discriminate me for being gay just like you can’t discriminate me for being black right I was born this way I am a troll but again this it is the exact same thing but what they said here is that the DNA cannot predict who was heterosexual or gay and

their sexuality cannot be pinpointed by life experience in psychology or biology right and so I actually sent this to someone when you sent that to me and I received an idiotic just in the title of the thing it was it didn’t it made no sense it said no

gay gene but doctors have find have found genetic links to sexual behavior if there’s no gay gene how is there a genetic link to sexual behavior like that’s just some shit that could put out there to try to combat whatever this was fucking said like you’ll always find

it an anti study but as again I don’t think there’s been as big a study is the one you’re talking about um but I was just like fucking asshole like like like title itself didn’t even make sense no gay gene why are you saying talking genetics after that

then and let me just say that the source where we got this articles from PBS org this was a serious publication this wasn’t just like some right you know all brands right that people could feel is this somewhat swayed you know the the title of this is there’s

no gay gene there’s no straight gene sexuality is just complex study confirms a lot of a lot of factors and here at the end a take a look at this why do so many men partake in homosexual activities in prison because that’s all they got access to right

and it ends up being but but they decide to do that they didn’t go in there they got weak overtime from lack of sex and they said you know what fuck it and they made the decision to do that so and here’s my thing why is it so

bad to say that it’s a decision like why do you want us to believe that you had to be born this way is there is is is the fact that you made a decision can that bite you in the ass somewhere else you see them saying like does

that speak to something else that you don’t even want us to really examine because y’all are really going out of your way to act like it’s not a decision when we need to own up it ties itself into serious discrimination aspects like racism and so forth like that

you know because once you take away the choice aspect of it then you could say that you’re being discriminated or prosecuted over things that you can’t control like for example you could be born into a Christian household and decide to become Muslim right you could be born in

a Christian household and decide to become Muslim like like like what it’s a choice like like it’s a choice and I’m just saying you be yeah you could be born into a Muslim house long into a Muslim household and decide to become Jewish you know I mean like

these are all choices and these are choices that a person makes and I think that and now if you are now so now let’s say you’re born a Christian you decide to turn Muslim right and now Muslims are being persecuted let’s just say okay by America and all

this type of shit um and now you’re complaining about being persecuted people are gonna say to you well you made the conscious decision to be a Muslim if you don’t want to be a persecuted don’t be a Muslim that’s what they probably would tell you or if you

really love it so much then you’re just gonna have to deal with the persecution that’s part of being a Muslim in this country so if you don’t want to be persecuted about your sexual proclivities and all of that and now first of all nobody should be persecuted for

anything like persecution is some bullshit um but if you don’t want to deal whatever ramifications come with without ever decisions that you make then we need to weigh these decisions out and decide whether we’re ready to own all that comes with it you’re not I mean the positive

and the negative I mean look I’m a a white Russian Jewish male I up in a mostly like white and Asian community in San Mateo and then when I got to Berkeley and Oakland and lived out there I was around a lot of black people and my first

real like relationship was with a black woman a black and eight she was actually black in Japanese and moving forward that that has such an effect on me that for the rest of my life most of my relationships ended up being with black women right it was due

to a choice a decision my environment I don’t think I was born attracted to black women in fact when I wasn’t around black women I wasn’t really attracted to black women like that because there weren’t any around I mean apart from what I saw on TV so my

environment kind of sort of affected my sexuality you know which was it was heterosexuality but you know my preferences for certain types of people in the opposite sex and that’s not anything else born with I can’t say is genetic and now let me ask you something and you

feel comfortable around black people I’ve seen you eat you’re making food and all kinds of shit now let me tell you now let me ask you do you are you transracial do you feel like you’re black although you like all this black shit you’re in a black fucking

genre you like hip-hop he was DJing you like black women black food do you think you’re black no no you still know that you’re like Jewish man from Russia right and that these are choices you’ve made mm-hmm it’s a choice no isn’t it not a song with that

yeah here’s another thing if you throw me back in an environment when I’m only around white women I will eventually start to adapt and get into white women I’m not just gonna sit there and just like no I will make it work let’s not get crazy now that’s

what happens okay you’re into women you love women but now your given 30 40 years where you’re not gonna see any more women yeah well I’m jerking off then I’m not I’m not well not everyone makes the same choices and I know niggas you know that was jerk-off

Kings like they do not submit to that gay shit they just jerked off a lot that’s all yeah I mean yeah but then then but then you get different levels of it for example like I’ve talked to two dudes who you know Mexican dudes like Mexican gangsters and

in certain like there are certain like mentalities were like if you fuck a dude you’re not gay but if you get fucked then you’re gay you see what I’m saying that’s not considered gay if you if you have a guess that’s not in just Mexican that’s a lot

of people try to justify their dealings that same way not just mad black white all kind of motherfuckers oh yeah if you get your dick so dudes always go nigga if your dick get hard for another man you gay okay I don’t care if y’all ain’t even touch

if you look at a man and your dick get heart oh you gay sir you don’t give a fuck if you never had gay sex in your life right and there you go and that basically takes us full circle back to this study which says that sexuality is

just complex there’s a lot of different things that go into it there’s a lot of different factors but at Angkor nations that go into it you’re not just born that way the end the end

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