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[Music] hello guys welcome back to our Channel I just got camera-shy hi guys welcome back we're super excited to have you here again and thank you to all the new subscribers that joined us and of course the people that have been the best for awhile blushing yeah naturally

coping I'm excited well today we're gonna do a couple of things we are gonna do a Q&A we are going to also do a cook here I'm sorry you're gonna do a cuckoo you gonna do a cook I'm gonna be Carly and I watch your cookie drinker I'm

going to be cooking which is awesome I want to thank my weight room we want to thankful you apron for sponsoring this video you're gonna be using blue apron today and we're going to show you one of their recipes that I'm excited actually it's never used before so

we're gonna test out side by side in my belly also just yeah you can be my sous chef and help me do the cooking right well maybe not we'll see just so you guys know go to our description box cuz we're gonna leave a link there blue apron

is giving the first 50 people 50 dollars off the first two weeks if you sign up the blue apron that's 15 yards off your first two weeks so go to our description box I think it's pretty cool put it in a really phone I am selling I'm like

hardcore selling it no but as $50 off is like pretty much the bottom yeah so your first two weeks you know they're really gonna take care of you alright let's pull the Box up so this just arrived and everything comes in this book half the recipes that we

can choose from look how cute you guys everything that you need to come in these little packets so there's no ways there's no problems you you know I think this is great because unless we probably always go shopping we buy a lot of things and then we cook

yummy and then we need to throw the heads of the things away because most of the things they sell in bitty portions right so it's always a head of each recipe comes with these like information card which is pretty coarse I'm really good at following instructions that's my

thing I'm and ELISA terrible so I'm gonna follow the instructions and I've never cooked this before this is a dish that I've never done before so I love learning new things and if we love the dish we're going to keep it all right [Music] QA do you in

me I'm gonna try not Massacre this this bok choy try that okay I'm gonna ask and you gonna answer okay we're gonna answer okay after break up or move up or do rather would you rather would you rather be alone or it's surrounded by friends Oh what I

mean like right off their breakup yes like at the moment it happens I probably want to be alone and then probably the next day I want to be surrounded by friends for sure Wow okay I'll on one day the next day at you Chandler so you wouldn't like

your friends yeah I think so too I think your friends can make things more fish I'm bright like a diamond okay I think he should sings one song per question so people make it fit that's a challenge okay and what age did you go on your first date

I was 14 at my first day when I was 14 yeah you are my first thing no what do you mean I was your foot I never a date before I always go to the club describe girls and we are there from there turning something I never have

a day I don't want you I love these I love you plus a little room for you yeah and aside from that Jen you have a thought francophone no baby buddy we never have a date you guys never went on a day no they collect these we don't

know the person oh oh oh without knowing the person yeah like yeah my favorite was when I was 14 like when we go out like we already know each other but no you don't know a person yeah you were not my first because ha can you torture touch

your nose it's not necessarily the time we just first ashamed sometimes you say it's impossible related knowledge like okay I don't have people to enjoy I we want to know if you can if you can let me comment in the video because I think he is special people

they can do it yeah I don't think it's for an area people because I think most of the people cannot do it I'm kind of looking at the photo don't forget you like your comments because I would not know this is another good point about other blue equikrom

it's because it's not simple Jesus you know what we are noticing years the dishes are really chef thanks I mean it's all to make yes and she does to make money but I don't know these thick sauce this sauce is that they use it like black garlic you

never would have thought if you have like all that money never gonna stop okay so we're gonna build the bun now how do you go it is for you to forgive someone who refuses to apologize it depends on what it is I don't know I've heard me to

forgive someone the person need to apologize I don't I'm really difficult to forgive someone without they them accepting that they're wrong yes I'm excited about these tempura I've never had Sookie mutant how many relationship have you been how many oh now I have to count yes a priority

to it with the question uh how many relationships have I been in probably five maybe a little bit more mail agree wouldn't be more like am I gonna stand here and start counting now I'm gonna go through yeah you can call it yeah violet maybe sit I'm gonna

try and try yes I'm good I wrote that so together you excited right I've never made about a quarter we're not bun so good did you read them mm-hmm oh is that it to the questions hmm no that it for the questions mm-hmm so we did two questions

one listen guys I'm not gonna totally finish this and make mom so maybe one for Kelly to if it stuck in my teeth so thank you guys hope you like this video don't forget to give us a thumbs up if you do don't forget to subscribe if you

haven't already don't forget to go to the description box so you can get your discount code for blue apron and your cute blue apron again for sponsoring this video super super cool really gonna enjoy this dinner revealing yeah oh yeah yeah we're done I love it you guys

probably see me talking more about blowing through my stories because I really love it yeah alright thank you I love you I love you because it's really charming in this head of you because you cook for me every day and you make me mad my love so much

bigger hmm thank you

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