This time we are returning to one of my favorite topics.

Can you guess what it is? Boobs? No.

But pretty close! Today we will fondle the fruit of life crinkle the crease dig around the dungeon twinker the twat bake some pie stretch the snatch butter the pastry pet the beaver So in all seriousness, how to finger a pussy Wait wait wait! So you're going to tell everything you can and cannot do to it? Like.



EVERYTHING everything? No.

And yes.

You can fingerbang in so many different ways, that if I listed all of them, this video would last for years.

And I couldn't even do that because I don't know all of them.

Every person with a vagina is unique and everyone likes different things.

What I think would be super pleasant can be an absolute no-no to someone else So think of this as more of a base that you can start building from, if you don't have any idea where to start.

So, first of all, you do NOT touch a pussy with dirty hands.

Not yours or anybody elses either This includes clean fingernails and yes, short nails.

(Where is this burbing coming from) Shorter the nail, the lesser bacteria, and we ALL have bacteria under our nails.

Think about all the things you do during the day, and check your own under nails right now.

Eeeeewww Not that hygienic.

Us craftswomen have to make sure our tools stay in a good shape.

And speaking of nails, the thing you do not want to drop in some elses pussy, or probably yours either, is chipping nailpolish.

Make sure that before you touch anyones muff, your hands are in mint condition.

If you cut your finger, don't put it in anyones vagina.

You should also wash your hands when you have been caressing other persons cooter, and start touching your own And the other way around.

And you can always wear a rubber glove And this way we can dodge contageous diseases Honestly, keep your paws in a good condition Because nothing is deadlier than dirty fingers in your clamarama.

There are many different types of pussies.

All of them look different, But they all have the same base parts.

There is no one type of perfect pussy Mmm So don't stress about what your own looks like.

It's a good pussy.

All pussies also smell and taste a little different And they might also feel different.

But regardless, all of them are equally good.

It doesn't matter if it's a little wrinklier than others.

So be proud of your own pussy.

It's a good pussy.

Uuu I have never tasted a pink grapefruit before.



How do you conquer a vagina? Before you conquer a vagina, you have to conquer its owner.

And only with a permission from the owner you can touch it "Don't push me!" "Be quiet, Moomin!" There are as many ways in this universe as there are pussies, or even more And as we learned before, everyone likes different things.

The fact that some patner sometime in the past liked when you teared them into pieces Doesn't mean that the next one will.

And here's the fact #1: You can only know if you ask.

You can't know what your partner likes if you don't ask.

Someone might like the operation to be speedy HURRY HURRY HURRY HURRY HURRY HURRY HURRY And someone might want it to last for a week And the reality is, that everybody do not even know what they like And in this case it's possible to try different things.

You can suggest to your partner; hey, I like this, would you like to try, is that okay? And during the act you can also pay attention to how your patner reacts to your touch, what their body does, what they say, do they make noices, what kind of noices do they make.



And if you're unsure, you can always ask.

Is this okay? Does it feel good? Should I continue? etc.

The safest is to start with one finger.

Generally speaking, vagina always needs some warming up before you can put more stuff inside.

And it's always recommended to ask because not everyone even wants any fingers inside them.

One of the most important things is our friend lube (Everyone does not need lube if your own juices flow just fine) You still shouldn't put anything in a vagina if it's dry, unless your partner specifically asks for it.

Generally speaking, you should start fondling pretty carefully Because we are moving in quite delicate areas.

Blah blah blah blah blah But WHAT should you DO? As I said earlier, there are many different styles you can finger, And next I will introduce you to a few of them, and from them you can always start to vary and combine and try your own and add your own moves.

AGRESSIVE HAND WASHING Okay, so now that our hands are clean lets get down to busiess So.

Let's start with this basic one-finger in n out move.

It looks like this.

Who would have thought? You can do it with one two or even all five fingers if you can get all of them to fit inside at the same time.

You can also do this faster, but make sure not to punch anyone in the pussy.

Next we will move to g-spot stimulating.

g-spot is located behind the clitoris, and we can stimulate it this way, with this kind of "come hither" -move And you can do this too with two fingers One of the options is to swirl your finger like this And kinda run it against the walls of the vagina This may require some hand muscle training or you can also do it by moving your entire hand more than your fingers And of course the basic sideways movement, which might also need some training Same as up and down motion This might be easier if you position your hand the way that your palm is facing upwards And when you start to find your own favourites you can start to combine them And do different types of combos And so we can guarantee maximal pleasure to our partner – or ourselves! But.



what about the clitoris? Many styles as well.

You can use one finger, two fingers, or the whole palm.

Okay, maybe the whole palm wont work.



Or I don't know I have never tried And as we know clitoris is always located about here in this area And you can easily find it when you slide your finger up from the vaginal opening.

You can stimulate the clitoris for example with a little sideways movement Up and down movement Or a spinning motion And if it's desired you can do something else every now and then, caressing some other parts Or you can give all your attention to the clitoris And if you want, you can stimulate the clitoris and the vagina at the same time You can do that for example with the thumb of the same hand Or you can stretch your other hand around the leg While stimulating the clitoris, you must take into consideration that what you like might not be what the other person likes Someone might enjoy that you jab a little and then do something else And someone else might like you to give all your attetion to [the clitoris] You can always ask your partner if there is something new and different you want to try Or suggest something you like yourself.

And this way you can find new dimensions and new things that may be really nice Things that you maybe didn't even think of before Okay, fellow vaginabuddies.

Fly! Or I mean.



"It works!" Go! Finger, enjoy sex, enjoy each other Respect each other Tell your own supermoves in the comments! Let's share experiences.

Because I at least like to try new things if I find something interesting And if you didn't notice it at the beginning of this week, we did an interview for Yle Akuutti In which I, Ina Mikkola and Kaisa Merelä talk about sex and sexuality I'll throw a link into the description, go and check it out And check out other material from the sex week Have a great end of the year, remember to subscribe, and I'll catch you later See ya.

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