I Was A Lesbian In Prison

hey guys what up okay so I just want to address this the title is not clickbait okay this is a true story this is gonna be a story time video today so something that a lot of you didn’t know about me um as a juvenile not as an

adult I did get into trouble and I was 15 basically I was hanging out with I had bad parental guidance and I was hanging out with the wrong people um and I was just with them whenever they we’re doing illegal things and it got me into trouble multiple

times so by 16 I was sent to prison yes I was sent to prison at 16 for five years I ended up only serving 105 years though um I’ll go more into that in a later video I’ve never really talked about it just because I don’t I’m not

proud of it at all I’m actually deeply ashamed to have done anything illegal of Eddie swords and but I do have to say that um I was definitely going down the wrong path as a adolescent and going to prison actually you know probably saved my life and it

really taught me a lot and made me a better person I have to say so I don’t regret what happens at all all right so let’s get started on the topic of this video guys all right so first of all I want to say it is very true

that everyone is good in prison the prison that I was in there was no straight girls everyone was gay for this day all right like facts like a grueling why it’s like you come in straight and you leave like gay and I mean you’re straight again whenever you

go home that’s just what happens at least in the female facility that I was in so right from the jump whenever I first I got transferred from a holding facility to the prison and right from the jump I come I get body checked I change into my new

prison clothes we had cottages so you’d have to walk from the main building outside to your cottage there were like five cottages there’s like two general pops a drug and alcohol abuse cottage and Lenna mental health cottage so after ourselves in general pop the officer was walking me

straight to my cottage from UM just like I literally just got there fresh off the fucking boat and he’s like so do you have a boyfriend and I’m like yeah I have a boyfriend he’s like well just you know there’s a lot of lesbians in here and they’re

gonna try to get shit and I’m like what do you mean I’m straight I would never date a girl and I only like a man okay so that was me whenever I first came to jail and he’s like yeah that’s what they all say and then the next

thing we know they’re all fighting over each other and like all that shit like and a lot of it did happen over like girlfriend drama um so yeah he told me that all fucked like what is he talking about and so I get to my cottage rocket everyone’s

fucking staring first thing I want to say is there’s not a lot of cute girls in jail okay like no one has their makeup and my camera over he did but like I was saying no one had their makeup no one had their we of our hairs we’re

sticking straight up like we were all looking like troll dolls and shit like we were just like the word that we use been prison for each other it was like your pops you know to say that like hey you’re ugly like you’re popped that’s what we said in

prison so I named it’s back to the story so this officer is telling me everyone’s the last me and basically like and they got in fights over each other and like all the shit so he drops me off of my cottage I walk in everyone’s staring at me

and mm-hmm I think there were only like probably like including me like three or four like little white girls in there so I was like a few like there weren’t many of us white girls in there and so I walk in everyone’s staring at me and I think

it like 15 minutes went by like everyone has too many questions like all this stuff like something like oh you’re so cute they’re gonna like you and so 15 minutes live by and I get my first letter and that’s what we do with like write letters to each

other because you know you’re not a lot of like have relations and like you would get a ticket so I get my first letter I honestly don’t even remember who it’s from but I don’t think it was anyone thought I was interested in and so another thing to

point out at the time I had never met anyone who wasn’t straight in my entire life so it was like new to me but I was still like super curious about it and saw something else in there that was new to me that I never saw before was

what we called studs so there were girls who like cut off all their hair and like literally looked like cute boys like they look like very cute boys like they were attractive one look just like Justin Bieber everyone needs to call her Justin Bieber and then so the

first twenty caught my eye her name was Shivani and she was a stud and she was cute she was dating this other little white girl who it was funny we actually ended up becoming best friends later because we actually looked like and so in jail we had like

you’d have a sister brother twin what were the other ones basically like a nickname that you called like each person like in your circle and everyone had like the same in their circle like the same nicknames so everyone like knew what it was I know it’s confusing prison

lingo so yeah at the time Shivani was like dating my twin but like whenever she saw me she was like I want some of that so she wrote me a letter or whatever and I was interested so she Bonnie was my first girlfriend and she dumped my twin

we didn’t know each other at the time for me but because I didn’t have any experience and I never met a girl who was like a boy and like I am like polite to like two dads like I am so polite so like I didn’t Pat being that’s

like my first lesbian experience and also like just like I didn’t know how to talk to a girl who was like wanted to be a boy and like how what terms to use and how to be polite to her and like also so I felt extremely awkward and

I never knew what to talk about with her like I’d be like so do you still wear like a bra and stuff like just asking her dumb questions like that and she dumped me um and it was really just you know coming from all the places being uneducated

about it and having no experience and like I really wanted to be nice and you know not offend her so that was my first lesbian relationship with Jill we never kissed we never did anything and she went back with my twin who like hated me at the time

and then later we became like best friends uh so that was my first girlfriend in jail thumb the second one was like a lot later on because I was kind of like still obsessed with she loved me after she broke up with me was like kicking balls out

of her head in the gym because I was pretty upset and for some reason she was scared of me and like she was bigger than me I was just like this little white girl at the time and she was literally scared of me okay so then my second

girlfriend in jail its name was alia and she was like a baked Latino girl actually I don’t know if she might have been a right Bowman actually yeah I think she was like a light-skinned black girl actually I lied but she looked latina so I really liked her

she was cute or whatever but she turned out to be crazy so I had to break up with her I found out that she was in jail for like setting her school I’m trying to set her school on fire and she told me that if I broke up

with her she was gonna fucking tied me up and lock me in a closet and like not feed me like him all this stuff like she was just crazy and I was starting to get really scared so I broke up with her then I had one last girlfriend

after that before I went home her name was destiny and she actually commented on one of my youtube videos and she was like the prettiest girl that I dated in there like we were like two of the cutest girls there and I don’t think I ever kissed any

of these girls or anything that it was more just like a companionship and like you would call them your girlfriend and we’d write letters to each other and like hang out in the gym and like share food with each other and stuff like that so it was more

like a companionship I do know that other stuff was going on with other girls like you know they were like touching each other down they’re kissing like girls would get jobs and dietary together so they could like a fool around I never did any of that probably because

like my lack of an experience it was more like a companionship thing for me so something like do you want to refer to though if I watched obviously like the hit show or just the new black I was actually surprised how much they nailed it with like lesbian

there’s a like being gay for this day in jail I’m actually like pretty dead on and I know girls do have like actual sexual experiences in jail I just didn’t so that’s my experience guys I hope you enjoyed this video and maybe later I’ll tell you more about

you know I have a great day guys don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to learn more about me and don’t forget to watch all my try on hauls you want to see what’s under this turtleneck

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