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I did a smart thing.

What? I made is so I can still have this photoof my birthday dinner on my desk.

Now, I understand crossing your ownexes out of photos.



I crossed your ex out.




why? So that it wouldn't be hurtful whenyou saw the photo on my desk.

I don't see why your failed relationship should affect my decorating.

So, you just wanted to keep this photofrom your birthday party? Yeah, from Benihana, are you kidding me? You pay for your memories there.

[theme music] ♪ This week we have an ♪ ♪ international question ♪ – ♪ International question ♪- Saucy.

– ♪ International question ♪- Sounds like a James Bond theme song.

♪ International question ♪Dr.

Who– No.



[both laugh] Well, I just wanna say thank you, because this person spelled outtheir name phonetically for me.

Oh! Because they know you're bad – at reading.

– Yeah, so this is a question from I still can't do it.

– Shagufa.

– Shagufa, India.

Is lesbian sex more fun than straight sex? That's kind of an unfair question.

There are no unfair questions, only very unfair answers.

– I think what we need to do here.



– What? .



and I'm not asking for me, I'm asking for the general public, is maybe there are some people out therewho might not know what lesbian sex is.

Oh my God, I feel like this has beenthe question you've been trying to get me to answer for three years of this show.

So, like, I definitely know what it is.

– Like, what is it?- I completely know what it is.

– Obviously.

– You do? I would answer right now, but it feels wrong for me to speak about something that I don't have ownership over.

– But you know?- Yeah, of course.

I have people asking me.

Name three things that you think happenduring lesbian sex.

Well, you know.



from what I've heard is three is a lot.

One: Oral sex.


Two: Finger blasting.

Three: Dildos.


See? You nailed it.

Here's something someone might wanna know.

– What?- Again, I know.

– You know, okay.

(laughs)- So, I don't need to ask.

But I'm asking for them.

How do you know– Do you just knowthird base? I mean, it's not thought of the same way.

It's not, like, yeah, it's not thought of the same way.

It's just, like, if two people are.



But I've also been in relationships withcisgender men who we didn't have penetrative sex.

So, it'slike.



More or less fun? I mean, if people are coming or not comingit's the same.

Like, if people are putting– I don't knowlike, it's, like, whatever you define it as, becauseso many people have different, like, ways of having sex, you know? – So, like.



– There's many different ways.

Here's a question for someone else to askbecause I know the answer.

– When you're with a guy.



– Mm-hm.




when do you know that it's sex? Do you still think of, like, sex with aguy in the same heteronormative way? Or because that doesn't exist in lesbiansex, as soon as you do anything below the belt, that's sex with a guy.

You see what I'm asking? – I know, but.



– That's kind of clever.

I, like, stopped thinking about sex inthe terms of– – Oh, yeah, you stopped thinking about sex- No! I'm saying I stopped thinking about- Please welcome that day, you'd get somuch done.

I stopped thinking about sex in those, like, black and white ways.

– Mm-hm.

– Like, I haven't thought of it that way, I think, since like the middle ofcollege, maybe.

Like, it's very.



I don't- I don't thinkof it in, like, the bases at all.

Like, I'm just sort of, like, 'Oh, I hooked up with this person, or I hooked up with this person.

'But i don't think of it as like, I just, it doesn't occur to me.

– Ok, that's really clever and smart, but, now, rank them.

– Rank what? This is the question.

Which is more fun? Well, I think it's most fun when youclick with someone.

I was hooking up with this girland it was, like, she did something that I was like, 'Oh, thats- we're very compatible in this way, ' and that was super-We didn't have sex, but that was, like, super fun.

– What was it?- What did she do? – You want me to tell you?- Not them, just me.

[inaudible whispering] She put what? [inaudible whispering] Everybody does that.

[theme music] Do you ever text someone, 'wanna Netflix and chill?' Have I ever done that? No.

– Well, try it out.

– Have you? – No.

(LAUGHS)- But do you honestly just mean Netflix? – Yeah.

– (LAUGHS) Do you wanna 'The OA' and chill? No, you're not chill when you're watchingThe OA.

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