Lesbian couple wanted to get married but then God intervened!

Hi everyone, we have a really reallyamazing testimony here This is Cathy and Valerie, they were actually living in a same-sex relationship, and was going to get marriedBut God came, the Holy Spirit came and that was just a few months ago, and now at this kickstart she got baptizes and set free, got the Holy Spiritso you have to hear this testimony There's so many details in it so let'sstarted.

You wanted to get married? Yes, we wanted to get married, and Cathywas pressuring me and I finally said okay She didn't have to go with me, so I wentto go get the marriage certificate down at a courthouse.

On the way I just knewit was wrong, I just knew it was wrong God was telling me it was wrong, andwe had already been studying the Bible and getting back with God, and He wasleading us this way so I just knew this was wrong.

I said: God if you don't wantthis to happen you're going to have to show me very clearly and very visuallyYou're going to have to give me signs that this is not to happen.

So when Iwent to the courthouse, I got in there and I gave the lady in there all theinformation and everything.

She was printing it out the certificateWhen she was finished, she pulled the certificate out and shesaid ouch, I asked her: Are you okay? and she said: Yeah.

I said did you hurtyourself with a stapler? She said: No she said the certificate cut me, and sheheld her finger up and there was blood dripping from her finger.

She said:I've been working here for 30 years and that's the first time that's ever happenedto me.

I went Whow! you know I was like Oh! So she took the certificate and putit in a Manila envelope and I was kind of like holding it like this on the wayout on the courthouse and going: Okay God – Wowbut he wasn't done with me yet When I walked out of the courthouse and went down the steps, I mean the courthouse was wide, I could have wentdown the steps anywhere.

I went down this certain path, I looked down andthere was a wing of a bird laying there at the bottom of the steps.

It had flesh on, and it was a fresh wing that had been taken off the body, tornfrom the body of a bird.

It was fresh but it wasn't just any bird.

When Ilooked at it closer I noticed that it was a wing off a dove.

I just wentOh my gosh! This is God, he's telling us not to get married.

I said but GodI am not telling Kathy this.

There's no way I'm telling Kathy.

So I said: Youdon't want to scary me, I understand But you're gonna have to tell KathySo there was her experience and she said God okay, you have to tell KathyAnd then she came home and a few days later she was sitting down but Godwas already dealing with her What happened with you?I too had a very uneasy feeling about the thought of getting marriedI had been praying and asking God if this is not what you want us todo then give me a sign.

I'm a douthing Thomas kind of person and I needed itto be very very concrete and clear I had a dream, I was at a courthousethere were four couples getting married I was witnessing the celebratory feelingand the attitude up to the moments before they got married.

Then it came time forValerie and I for our turn, there wasn't a celebration for us.

It was a verysomber mood actually, and when it came to our turn we just didn't get married.

I woke straight up from that dream and I was like, okay it was very clear to meThe fact I was supposed to get from this dream was that we are not supposedto get married.

I was like, okay I get it God, you don't want us to get marriedBut you're gonna have to tell Valerie because I can't do this, I can't tell herWe both sat down and she looked at me and she said: I don't think we'resupposed to get married I said really? She said I had a dreamI said well you tell me about your dream and then I'll tell you whathappened to me.

She told me the dream that you just heard, and I told her about my experience.

At the same time we looked at each other and said, we're not supposed to get married We said at the same time also that weare to keep ourselves pure, we are the Bride of Christ, He wants to keep uspure, He wants us to be that way and we'd repented from our relationship and nowwe are sisters in Christ.

We're family in Christ, and we are free from thatYou have been following me, and you have been seeing the pioneer school, and the teaching.

You wrote to the Jesus center if you could meet Torben, and then heard there was a kickstart here Now they've just been here, and you gotset free.

We actually took some people out on the stage just pray for peopleand the Holy Spirit came over you you fell down.

You were laying on the floorfor a very long time, maybe two hours? People was praying for you, the deliverance was taking place.

What happened was that when you got prayed for, you feltlike electricity was going through your body and things was happening.

But onething was very special strong, suddenly God start showing you your sins, andyou started to say your sins, and that's when the freedom came.

Can you just saythat part? Yeah, so I was having a hard time letting go of those sins, and Iwas being encouraged to speak them out and as I was speaking them out I hada vision, and in my vision.



I can't talk about it without crying.

In my vision my sins.


I saw them coming out of my body and they turned intonails, and our Lord was there and each nail was boom, boom.

It was crucifyingour Lord on the cross.

After that I received the Holy Spirit after thatvision.

I was crucifying myself I am not the sacrifice.

With that visionyou know his crucifixion became the sacrifice that freed me.

I receivedthe Holy Spirit and I was able to speak in tongues.

They want to do ministry now, they want to tell about God.

We want to say topeople out there, they have also met Christians where the way they were speakingto them was pushing them away from God You have experienced a lot of that, and a lot of codemnation.


I want to say sin is sin, we should not beafraid of talking about sin.

But we should not talk in a way that we pushpeople away from God.

We should talk in a way where people understand.

This isthe problem, but what is the answer? Jesus Christ.

Jesus paid the price.

the power of the gospel is the power of salvation.

You are alive, your repentanceis a work of the Holy Spirit.

No man are going to get the honor forthat, that is the Holy Spirit.

God is going to raise them up to do ministry, to send a message to people out there to say: this life is real.

There's hope nomatter what you are struggling with, no matter what, Jesus died on cross toforgive us from our sins.

He can come and set us free.

You got baptized yesterday, we have amazing video on the baptism, it's the new life.

God bless y'all out there, share this testimony and bring hope to people outthere because people near you need to know what God is doing and what theHoly Spirit is doing.

God bless you! Subtitles by the Amara.

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