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She hasn’t came back yet.

I know it.

– We should move on.

– No! Of course we should! Besides… I’ve met a girl.

The girl with a girlfriend? She doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore.

Do you still want to be someone passing? Girls go and come back.

Or they go away by themselves.

I never do anything to hold them.

When I say that I want to be alone, It’s true.

I don’t lie like you do.

– I have brought you something.

– Have you? But you must share it, ok? I can’t open it.

“I’m just a girl.

” I used to hate kit-kat’s before.

And it has no explanation.

Will it be because your smile that now I love them? Ana… I’ve been thinking… That…I could move on here with you.

Because I have all my stuff on my parent’s house but I sleep here every night.

Mmmmm… I can’t understand how there are some people who doesn’t like pizza with pineapple on it.

I had a girlfriend, I don’t remember who was now.

But, she didn’t like pizza with corn on it she bored me so much.

have you got so many girlfriends that you don’t remember who was? No, not really.

Actually, I’ve been with four girls.

But now from my point of view as an old lady.

I prefer them younger.

And I can see you forget quickly about them Your ex girlfriends I mean.

No younger girls.

Well, for me, I think it’s hard at the beginning.

But later, I don’t know, I forget every detail of each person.

And you? How are you doing with the break? Mmmm, me? Fine! And she? Do you two talk? Well, if you don’t want talk about it, it’s fine.

She got so angry when we broke up.

She didn’t expected it.

She will get over it.

I don’t think so.

She thinks that I left her for someone from Tinder.

I would think so too.

But I’m not like that.

She should have trusted me.

Not for nothing, but the day after you left her you put Tinder in a flirt way.

I saw you.

It seemed like you were in a hurry searching for a substitute.

Well, I don’t know, if you say it like that… it sounds bad! It sounds like you don’t know how to be alone, actually.

Are you always so pertly honest? What happens to you? You’re never wrong? Ok, I’m sorry.

If you think the worst, you will not be far wrong.

And since I do that, I always hit it.

I was more naive before.

Besides, your face and your silences tell me more than any word.

I hate I can’t hide anything I wish it happens that to everyone.

Actually, I think it’s a virtue.

And why don’t we move on together to downtown? I don’t know, that sounds really serious, don’t you think? A fixed-term contract.

Ok, don’t you put already an end to all of this.

It’s just that… this house bring me too many memories and I want to start in a new place with you.

I don’t know Ana.

I’m going to be overwhelmed.

Ok, I already know you.

And I perfectly know what it’s happening on your head right now.

Most probably you are going in a plane very far away from here, where there is no place for me, Are you? Look at me.

I’ve never been with anyone who completes me like you do.

I love sleeping with you.

And I love turning in bed during the night and feeling that you are there.

I don’t know how to explain it better but… obviously, if I think too much about it, I’m afraid too.

I should be tired of… you, of your smile, of the way you look at me… But I am not.

It terrifies me.

Do you know this is going to end badly, don’t you? I know.

But right now, we are here, right? And you love me.

Finally, we haven’t watched any movie or anything.

d I’m been here for… Ten hours! – I’ve been in your house for ten hours!- Yes! You’ve fallen into my world of time and distance.

If you get used to this, it’s worse than drugs.

I think It’s time for me to go.

Yes, it’s late.

I’m going to tell you a secret.

Go on, surprise me.

Actually I did my tinder profile three times.

What? Before I did one to look for friends.

I did another one.

A friend from Barcelona came for a weekend and I did one profile just for fun with some pictures.

But, for what? Because I wanted to show him that I could have more matches in a day than him.

And then? And you did match me in that moment.

What? I don’t know, I don’t remember.

After that I removed the app.

Because, obviously, I had girlfriend.

But…two days later I couldn’t stop thinking about your pictures and your profile.

It was just like we knew each other.

Or… Just pure attraction.

So, I turned on my profile on Tinder again, just for you.

nd you matched me again.

I don’t know if you are inventing all of this and I should run.

Or is the most beautiful thing that someone has told me recently.

Are you always so approachless? I don’t understand.

I’ve been trying to kiss you all night.


It just happens to me when I truly like someone.

That I get scared.

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