LGB Drops The T – Lesbian Responds To Trans Ideology (LGB Alliance)

here is some more LGB – the tea drama for ya hi i’m erielle for those of you who never seen my videos before I’m a lesbian and I do a lot of LGBT content here on this channel and I don’t always agree with all of it I agree with very little of it which is why I get so much shit from the community also why I get so much love from the community recently there is a group called the LGB Alliance who are said to be distancing themselves from trans activism and I can understand why personally but I don’t fully agree with it and a trans guy youtuber named Jaime from the UK reacted to this news in a video and I also don’t fully agree with him so this is that video if you’re new here subscribe lots more videos like this coming they’ve caused quite a stir recently as they have reportedly broken away from Stonewall and for those of you who don’t know Stonewall is a well-known UK charity that fights for LGBTQ rights people who are part of this newly formed LGB Alliance group include academics doctors and even Simon Fanshawe who is a founding member of Stonewall believes us in 2015 which is when Stonewall became trans-inclusive the Stonewall have stopped representing LGBTQ rights so they split from them claiming that the charity was now promoting the transgender agenda whatever that is at the expense of LGBT rights no they haven’t stopped representing LGB rights but it is insanely focused on non-binary and trans and gender fluid and all these other genders that no one even really knows what they are I actually talked about this specific thing new words gay and lesbian have been featured in their yearly reports less and less over the last four years the purple is lesbian and pink is trans look how lesbian is being squeezed out every one of them look 2016 they weren’t even mentioned in the HRC report the word lesbian so in that case yeah I understand just because you’re being more inclusive uppity doesn’t mean that you have to exclude the L the B energy the whole thing is turned into a bit of a poop tornado and despite claims from the LGV Alliance that they are not anti trans is very difficult to believe that seeing what they are saying and what they stand for I think when people are talking about the trans agenda what they mean is the trans activist community coming up with it have no way of working in the real world we have trans women athletes such as Rachel McKinnon who have recently blocked me on Twitter thank you for that trans woman athlete telling sis women that she competes against that a real champion would accept the bio males come feeding in a female athletics if you win because bigotry has got your competition banned then you’re a loser literally she said this the other day and apparently she also said that the only valid sexual orientation was pansexual because the rest is rooted in bigotry as well which obviously I disagree with lesbians are being told how its define our sexual orientation from people that aren’t women or people that are not female what surprise surprise I’m not surprised at all actually so Jamie this is what they mean and sometimes what I mean when we say trans activists to us these are the people that are damaging the reputation of the LGBTQ community which is why we want to distance ourselves from them there of course are people like you of people like Calvin and Ryan in London and all these other trans binary people that are amazing people but I think they aren’t getting as much credibility as the people that are screaming about 97 genders so if the LGB alliance just wanted to solely focus for themselves on LGBT rights but we’re still happy for trans rights to be fought for but just didn’t do it themselves that is not anti trans the issue is that the LGBT lines have ideologies that inherently transphobic and that’s what I’m going to talk about an unpack right now reason number one the LGB Alliance believe that trans people are causing confusion between sex and gender they believe that sex is all that matters including when it comes to sexual orientation claiming that homosexuality is the same-sex attraction not a same-gender attraction I agree and I disagree I don’t think homosexuality is the same-sex attraction meaning chromosomes it depends on how you define sex if you define sex based on chromosomes then no for all I know I can have an extra Y chromosome if you’re gonna define sex based on primary and secondary sex characteristics then yes I would agree with that if a trans guy looks male I wouldn’t say that somebody that was attracted to them is a lesbian I just wouldn’t I’m sorry a trans guys sex as far as his chromosomes are concerned might still be female but if he is presenting as a man and he has facial hair and his fat distribution changes and he no longer has breasts to me if a lesbian was attracted to them I would question that I am a guy I my partner is assist women meaning we are a straight couple you’re a straight couple in the eyes of society because you look male even though again your chromosomes are probably xx like I don’t know what you promise on sorry Jamie but I’m not trying to be triggering to you but if people saw you on the street they would assume that you are a male yep something as a man you pass persist is really what I’m trying to say so yeah in the eyes of society you pass is a man your girlfriend passes as a woman you would be seen as a straight couple according to the LGB alliances beliefs we would be categorized as lesbians if you’re a trans guy that has not gone on testosterone and that has not had any permanent body changes and you’re still calling yourself a straight couple I question that kind of agree with him but I kind of disagree with him I think it’s a little bit more tricky than what he’s making it out to be he’s assuming that all trans people would be passing he’s assuming that all trans people would be on HRT and all that kind of stuff similarly if a transfer only has relationships with men he’s gay but on LGB alliance logic these two men dating would be in a straight relationship well does that make sense so why are LGB alliance doing this there is a belief that homosexuality being defined as same gender attraction somehow a raises rights versus LGB people creating confusion but it doesn’t create confusion in fact it’s more confusing to not respect a trans person’s identity and say that two men dating is straight that’s confusing and if someone doesn’t want to date a trans person that’s their choice you don’t have to be attracted to trans people just because we’re saying same gender attraction over same-sex attraction the second reason why the LGB alliance seems anti-trans is that they are promoting scaremongering tactics about young people and children transitioning there actually have been a number of articles and even news stories on how much the need for trans HRT treatment has skyrocketed specially in females look at the crazy difference between males versus females that are currently undergoing gender identity services difference between females and males seeking transgender services is ridiculous pikey and teens in general storm Ryan and I did a video about this topic a few months ago where he and I reacted to the transitioned sis women who thought they were trans men or thought they were non-binary it’s ridiculous how many people these days think that they’re trans without having the one thing that it takes to be trans which is gender dysphoria and I’ve said it in past videos if I were growing up in today’s world I honestly would probably think that I was a trans guy I didn’t like my body at war boys clothes I played you know sports with boys you know I was the only girl in an old boys hockey league and I liked women as a woman so yeah I probably think if I was growing up now I would definitely think that I was trans I think it’s also really notable and important to talk about how most of the people that are now identifying as trans men did come out as lesbian or bisexual women before that and I personally think that a lot of this has to do with the fact that it’s more socially acceptable to be a trans guy than a lesbian or gay woman Blake and I actually talked about this in a past video as well how even in schools in these peoples high schools in these with technically women’s high schools their popularity increased as they were coming out as transgender and transitioning and decreased as they were coming out as a lesbian so there was a study recently about study in high schools about how females who previously identified as lesbian or bisexual are now identifying as trans it showed that transitioning number one increased the students popularity and also this is even more important in my opinion offered greater protection from harassment you know according to teachers and like law enforcement teachers were more concerned about anti-trans bullying than bullying bullying that was anti-gay it’s also a ton of articles right now going around the web about how children are transitioning too quickly and there isn’t enough medical basis around the fact that they are transitioning one of the articles even says that we’re going to have mental health hospitals full dealing with these children who have decided that they are not transgender as they get older and I think a lot of people forget that your brain isn’t even fully developed until you are 25 years old let’s continue watching this this group seems to think that Stonewall is endorsing sexist stereotypes they’re claiming that Stovall is promoting that any child that’s just a little bit gender non-conforming should transition and is trans and they’re also claiming that young lesbians are being pressured to transition to male just because they’re not stereotypically feminine and I’m just so sick of anti-trans groups trying to scare monger than anyone adult or child who it’s just slightly non conforming to their birth sex I don’t know if Stonewall specifically is saying this but yeah there are a lot of trans activists and non-binary activists and whatever you guys want to call them online that are even calling butch lesbians transgender remember the whole thing with Trevor Moran like he’s a very very very feminine presenting man it scared the shit out of him once he started going to a gender clinic and he realized fuck I’m a dude that just likes wearing dresses and that’s okay so yeah there is in my opinion Jamie there is a big push for people to transition trust me and the thousands of trans people who have actually gone through the process waiting lists a hugely long there are many thorough assessment and the younger you are the more assessments there are there’s a two-year waiting this currently for trans people to even have the first appointment with a gender clinic two years that’s not instant I think the reason it’s taking so long because more and more people are coming out of trans when they’re not correct me if I’m wrong on it I might be completely wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s why the lines have gotten increasingly long and that’s just to speak to somebody about how they’re feeling they know we’re close to hormones at that stage and that’s part of the problem the fact that you have to wait two years to talk to somebody about how you’re feeling use lead to the trans activists online to further convince you that you really are trans by the time you get to a gender clinic you you’re probably fully convinced that you’re trans at that point because most people sorry to break it to you most people are trans nobody’s being rushed into transitioning and making irreversible changes to their body whatsoever a third point of the LGB Alliance which is also anti trans and links to my first point is that they believe that sex and gender cannot be different they inaccurately say that sex is the beale and end-all of life I disagree with that gender is in the brain at this point we know that there’s a section in trans people’s brains that look more similar to the gender they identify as it’s very very small it’s a very minut difference but it is there and obviously that is not the same as sex but ltp alliances flaw is not that they are not including trans people is that they are actively attacking and excluding trans people from right and that is what’s wrong and this is all especially silly and ridiculous when we remember that trans women were pivotal in kick-starting LGB right way back fifty years ago when somebody says the trans agenda in a negative context what I think they’re actually saying is making the word woman making the word man making the word lesbian and gay mean completely everything and nothing at the same time I think personally I think that’s a big problem know the reason why the LGB Alliance is anti trans is because a lot of their logic is the same logic used by trans exclusionary radical feminists and this is the logic that contradicts itself so dutifully I don’t understand how anyone can believe it what this basically says is that trans women are just men who want to invade women’s spaces and trans men are just women more specifically lesbians who just want male privilege so which one is it they try people want male priviledge or they just want to infiltrate women’s spaces and lose male privilege yeah I don’t think that’s necessarily the case with you think so I agree with him with that and the right of D transitioning is well under 1% in fact it’s 0.

3% 0.

3 I think that’s partially because people that are getting on hormones now aren’t realizing that it’s not for them just yet I think we’re gonna see that number point 0 3 percent whatever I think we’re gonna start seeing that increase in the coming years just saying but I do of course think that the majority of trans people that are actually trans that transition of course are gonna feel way better after their transition trans people are transitioning because they’re trans not because they’re being converted if people were genuinely being forced to transition that D transition percentage would be much higher I think he means well I really do but I think Blair White said it best I think that it’s been a while since anything good has come out of the trans community with people now pushing more kids to transition when it’s been proven that our brain doesn’t even fully develop until we’re like 25 years old I think that because gender expression and actually being transgender in the brain is being confused to mean the same thing and is being glorified online I can understand why way more teens think that they’re trans or it’s simply not conforming to gender roles and I can understand why people think that trans activism is harming LGBT people so to wrap this up do I think that the T’s should be excluded from the rest of the LGBT community no but I think the extreme trans activists should be I think the sjw’s the people that believe in a million genders and the people that believe that you are transphobic if you’re a lesbian that doesn’t want to have sex with the penis I think those are the people that need to be excluded from the community and say that no you do not speak for us that’s who’s giving us a bad name that’s who’s making us look bad in the eyes of heterosexual people that’s who is going to fuck with our rights but let me know what you think in the comments do you think the T should be without the LGBT you agree with Jamie more I do agree with me more let me know in the comments down below let me know if you like these types of videos where I do reaction to LGBT news stories I think they’re super important to hear a lesbian perspective because I don’t think any other lesbians are doing these types of videos right now but again correct me if I’m wrong I will see you guys back here in a few days with a brand new video until then I love you love yourself.

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