Pick a Card: Am I a Lesbian? [CC]

I mean my lesbian viewers this is a pick a card for what is my sexual orientation am i a lesbian yes or no maybe so the first card that we have here has a son on it second card has a moon third card Mars fourth Lilith fifth Neptune sixth Pluto vii mercury and 8th Venus all right let's go to the first one so for the first pile we have its own Sun and the first tarot card is night of stones The Illusionist and for the clarifying card you have nine of mirrors in Reverse so to answer the question am i a lesbian I would say more than likely yes because this card for sure is a yes and that's particularly particularly mostly how I'm reading it but also this is a masculine card night of stones knight of Pentacles and it's also pretty much sure um sort of hard so you for sure yes are a lesbian and are more than likely somewhat of a tomboy somewhat of a dyke perhaps overall you're pretty androgynous and you are also a little bit magical in your presence and for the clarifier nine uh veneers in Reverse this is a wish card a wish fulfillment card so you who you may have been doubting this potentially that your wishes of realizing who you are is a little too far far gone but for sure don't doubt it that's what this card says so I'm gonna go ahead and look at your angel advice dreams so pay attention to your dreams there's a lot of messages coming through your dreams at this point in time excuse me and that can tell you a little bit more about your journey into realizing your sexuality and for your native spirit Oracle card you have spirit keeper of the south so this is something I think you've been aware of this for sure so this is about basically South is the second part of the mean wand easy the Medicine Wheel where you go from basically info infantile C to adolescence so basically yeah you may have started to realize this during your adolescence during your young adulthood even and what this card has to say is that basically you're now growing up essentially you're growing up as a dyke yeah you're you're growing into it so definitely feel it out step into it and even reflect on your dreams the dreams that you even had as an adolescent and that's just to say also embrace it energy is flowing through you all right thank you pile number two me twitch you go above mean you know wha all right pile number two the name Marcel luna la luna um we have a moon so number two first of all you got for your first tarot card collie in Reverse Wow okay haha so do you answer your question am ia lesbian this is very interesting that you would get the tower in Reverse so this is to say that I would say this is a big big big maybe as in this is something that um it might hit yeah it might hit you hard that you're gay and you might not want to accept it I think that's what this says so for the clarifier we have the three of mirrors alright so for the clarifier yeah what I see is that you're gay um you may or may not be lesbian per se uh if you are if you are you may be involved in a third party situation or you might be more polyamorous in terms of being a lesbian so for this one this is a big maybe this is a big big maybe I would say big may be quite possible very very possible right so um but this is just say that you're gonna find out you're gonna find out quite abruptly so don't avoid that you might want to at first but embrace it so your angel advice is body care alright so this is just say that in order for you to come to recognize your sexuality it would help very greatly for you to focus on your health just taking care of yourself loving yourself etc just making sure that you're doing good because that can once you are clear and once you are more clear at least more healed it can be easier for you to see what you need in your life so your native spirit Oracle card is wow you got great mystery all right so whoever picked this pile because there's only one great mystery in this deck you got something divine going on all right so this is what unka Dean this is deal coming into your life to help you discover this so this is just say trust you're on the right path and that you are being guided so if you are in a state of unclarity that is divine and it is something that I would say you have contracted with the inn to endure or to experience in this lifetime before you can get to that final place where you where you want to be where you understand who you are so yeah for this pile big may be very more than likely I will say more than likely especially since great mystery came up all right that's all me Grich you go boom in you know wha all right pile number two those who chose Mars all right you first card first tarot card is the Hermit reversed for the question am ia lesbian Wow ha ha ha I would say yes because this card is about coming out this card is about coming out and showing the work that you have been doing on yourself all the reflection all the Enlightenment all of the soul-searching you are coming out and you are sharing that with the world so I would say those that chose this pile more than likely yes and in addition you probably have been a bit lonely for a while in order to understand this or you may have been not really into the dating scene even yeah so mmm your clarifying card is the four of mirrors in Reverse Wow okay so I can say that yes you are coming out and this is going to bring about so much emotional stability because this is in a sense about emotional instability that's the way I see it in this deck so this is going to be an emotionally stable thing for you to come out and for you to realize this so in essence you probably have been feeling emotionally unstable a bit which is caused you to want to reflect and now you're coming out now you're ready now you know why you have been emotionally unstable in this sphere so your angel guidance is emerging oh my god hahaha Oh whoever it shows this yes you're coming out and you are ready you're ready to come out whether it's to your friends to yourself to your cat your your next bowl of mac and cheese you are ready to come out girl yes emerging embrace it so this means you're emerging into your true self your true self is emerging so this honestly the picture on this card I think it's I've always thought it was pretty bizarre but it makes sense now um you know knowing understanding what the definition is because here the bottom half of her body is a two-dimensional drawing but in the upper part her head is just popping out it's a three-dimensional image it so if I've thought this card is funny but it's so basically you're gonna be emerging like this angel so in essence the person that you thought you were was this two-dimensional drawing but the person that you are is emerging as this three-dimensional image which you are going to transition into that you're going to you know metamorphosize into that rather all right let's take a look at your native spirit Oracle you got sacred mountain Wow so this card is about stability majesty what sort of blessings the mountains bring into your life right so we have believed Machu Picchu the settlement over here by these mountains this ancient supplement a very sacred city built on a sacred mountain so this is here this is very I typically don't really know what to think whenever this card comes up because it always seems very straightforward just very simply put this is a very stabilizing thing for you to come into this to realize this yeah okay so in addition I can also say meditate on mountains this very interesting thing to do but meditate on mountains meditate I mean not necessarily perfect on mountains but you know in a visualized meditation you can meditate that you are near a mountain you are a mountain that you are on a mountain and that right there can bring you to a state of tranquility and peace and understanding and coming to appreciate what it is that the mountains really are what role they play in your life and where where these mountains are really guiding you because for me the mountains have been a very important part of my journey in terms of reminding me about what my ancestor of blood actually is the mountains have guided me towards remembering ah yes I am Danette right my ancestors come from the mountains so you know this can that's another little tidbit there all right so that's all I have for you meegwetch GigaOM in Manoa for those that chose Lilith what I have for you your tarot cards are your first card am ia lesbian Wow ha ha ha maybe this is a big maybe because you're questioning this card is about discernment this card is about trying to really figure out your path in life right trying to really discern spiritually emotionally if this is the best thing for you right so let's look at your clarifier to get a better insight so okay for this one I would say this is a maybe because you have two cards that indicate you know questioning and then you have a card that is very affirmative actually the nine of spirals in this deck is about being blown in the right direction is that in essence by the I don't remember what this person is personally some entity but nevertheless it's I believe the four direction something of that sort you are being pushed in the right direction so if you're questioning the fact that you even came to this video and then you pick this pile that's that's that's a good start so the thing is is that I can't really tell you at this point based on this pile if it's a yes or a no it's a big maybe it looks like at this point in time for this person that chose this pile I it might not be my responsibility to tell you that right but this new coming of this video is helping you figure that out for yourself okay so yes I would say big maybe big big maybe alright your angel guidance here it's spiritual growth so it looks like yeah whoever chose this pile you are definitely on a path of coming to understand what it is that you need in your life you are coming to take your seeing through the veil you are lifting the veil and you're coming to a point where you are growing spiritually through discernment so you are more than likely on a path so you questioning this is bringing about so much spiritual growth whether you are or not this is such a growing thing for you to even consider the kind of person that you are attracted to the kind of person that you need to be with in terms of being in a healthy relationship in terms of being in a compatible relationship so your native spirit Oracle is sweat lodge sweat lodge so I dropped it I fumbled it a little there so this might be a little bit nerve-racking for you potentially to take that next step in terms of releasing what you no longer need because that's what this card is about sweat lodge and the sweat lodge it's a sacred very sacred place to be a ceremony where you and other people who all come together into the womb of the earth into a sweat lodge that's like the womb of the earth and you breathe in the the esteem you're in pure darkness and through this process you release what you no longer need what is holding you back and you can come to align yourself with your divine mission and see your guides even when you are in this sweat lodge see images of signs signs and visions of what it is that you are to experience on your journey so for this pile I'll say big maybe but you're at a point in your life right now where you are spiritually growing so questioning this is beneficial for you at this point in time so that's all I have for you meegwetch GIGO album in Manoa alright pile number five those that chose Neptune alright your tarot cards are your first one is seven of spirals am ia lesbian mm-hmm-hmm that's a this is a probably not I'm gonna say probably not because this card is about um specifically this card is about fighting like self-defense or like the battle is over but you're still fighting that's technically what the Tarot is about but in this card it's about defense right so in essence you may have been defending what your sexuality even is uh and that people may have been pointing you towards like you being gay and you're not really sure so that's why you're here and in essence before you may have been defending like what your sexuality is like you may be certain that you're not actually gay that's why you're here because all of a sudden people are telling you otherwise and you're like alright well I might have to consider this so I'm gonna so far say probably not probably not a lesbian and for your clarifier we got six seven years yeah so what I see is that potentially you may have been pretty tomboyish and so people may have been mistaking you as being a lesbian but overall you're just a pretty you're just a tomboy I mean like you're just you're just a pretty masculine woman and there's I have personally met some masculine woman that I've mistaken for being lesbians and you know still to this day I'm like you know maybe but that's just me wishing right but overall it looks like you have so many memories of you basically being aware of what your sexuality is from a young age even and that yeah you because of those memories that brings you a sense of stability in terms of being able to decipher this answer which is probably not so surrender and release for your engine angelic guidance here right so surrender and release so whatever it is because I'm sensing that people might be like telling you this or that or you might be getting some sort of vibes from other people surrender and release so surrender and release whatever people are saying about you or thinking about you right so surrender and release those things because that's that's really what I'm sensing that this is some sort of outside energy that's making you question potentially but if not you know come to a point you need to come to a point of surrendering and releasing who people think you are who you think you are and release that so that you can actually come to terms with who you know you are and your native spirit guidance is prayer feather prayer father so for this I would say pray it's very simple just pray pray on your question right so for the question being a mile SB you can pray about it so you can I would say this is about having that conversation on the other side with Dean with your guides where you ask them for that guidance in terms of getting more clarity about who you are right so for for you I would say overall probably not it but you can come to pray about this question so that you can feel better about the truth so you can come to terms with the truth all right so that's all I have for you me which you go up I mean you know what all right notice my voice is getting higher and lower and there so for pile number five goes that shows Pluto which you got draw what you got all right got two cards so for your first tarot oh my legs being three Scrolls uh in Reverse so this is like the three of swords three of scrolls and rivers I would say probably it is a big probably it's big probably big probably probably probably a lesbian why because this coming up in Reverse this is typically about heartbreak rejection but in the reverse it's like you coming to coming to heal from that rejection from that heartbreak so in essence if you have been rejected by some sort of guy perhaps you are you're fine you're healing from that and that's because you're probably not meant to be with that guy anyway right probably not probably so probably probably our lesbian so far that's what I got for you for clarification we have the Weaver the queen of Scrolls oh my oh my own mind so you I'm gonna go ahead and say this you might be effeminate you might be a lipstick chapstick lesbian of some sorts chap chap sticks kind of in the middle huh um but I would say you are probably an effeminate intellectual lesbian more than likely probably probably and that's why you're here because you after this rejection after this heartbreak after these these heartbreaks left and right whether you bring about heartbreak for other people or they have given you heartbreak you got you got the Queen of Scrolls so you are weaving your destiny oh hi you laying directly on this me not too much not too much it looks like she wanted to participate she she wants to help out with the reading was right now all right so and that's funny that she would show up at this point in time because we do have two orange animals here on these cards we have a fox or orangish reddish and then we have an orange cat down here it's a very synchronistic that means that would show up at this point in time so whoever picked this pile you got something very very very very synchronistic going on very very oh my gosh so probably more than likely you are a lesbian more than likely more than likely and you are weaving it into your tapestry so your angelic guidance is playfulness ooh so don't be afraid to flirt do not be afraid to flirt to have fun to flirt with girls whether they you perceive them as being gay or not because even if they're not you know you can still compliment girls you can still you know um show that you appreciate woman right so you can still have a playful relationship with straight woman even and even flatter them a little bit here and there you know uh through through your playfulness so this is good this is good we got the ancient forest ooh yes yes okay so yeah what I see for this pile is that this person is going to basically weave into their tapestry of life playfulness in the ancient forest as in you're going to probably associate find yourself associating with a strong support system of people that argue friends that are very playful that are very joyous to be around that are gay so this is just say that yeah you are probably more than likely gay and you're gonna have a lot of fun with gay friends and you know potential partners so that's all I have for you me which you go album and you know great pile number seven those that chose med food oh mercury we got here we got here girl alright your first card is this sorcerer is the High Priestess in Reverse so I for your question am i lesbian I see this card as the lesbian card okay.

this it is the ultimate lesbian card okay so this coming up in the reverse though hmm I think this is saying that you are certain of it but you may not be confident in it okay so yes you're a dyke yes you're lesbian yes you love woman but you might not be feeling too confident about it which is why you're here unless you're here to have fun and just you know just see what comes up and so I would say yes you are so please do please do start to seek your confidence all right oh my gosh all right you got this son in reversed for your second card clarification I can't really tell I just threw it so I just threw it so it could be one or the other it's probably erased either way even if it comes up in Reverse that's fine because this card is good in Reverse as well so to answer your question am ia lesbian yes oh my gosh yes yes yes yes but this is to say let the light in in have confidence in your magical ability as a lesbian in terms of the formula that of your potions that you mix for women you know basically your pickup lines and why not so you're Angelica dance it's divine timing you got divine timing Wow okay so yeah you've come to the right place in divine timing you're going to step into your lesbian this so now I got to tell you this is all gonna happen in divine timing you actually coming to terms with this and more than likely that divine timing is now that's what I'm seeing here because the Sun is coming up and you got the High Priestess mm-hmm okay and then your native spirit Oracle card is nature spirits so this one's cool so this is to say that you have little guides all around you um in the form of fairies and even bigger guys angels your ancestors all of these divine guides on the other side are now going to be showing you that they're here so you may this card is about seeing like little flickers of light when it's like not that bright out here and there or seeing a leaf move in the forest if there's no when a sign of the wee folk being around so to speak so this is decided that you have guides all around you if you just open your eyes and look then you'll see them so you have basically guides around you that are trying to visually show you even that they're here to help you to support you in your confidence and realizing your confidence in terms of your sexuality your sexual orientation what I don't know this but you're a lesbian okay you're lesbian all right uh that's all I have for you meegwetch gigawatt women you know uh alright those that chose Venus for you what we have is Wow ace of stones I had a feeling that this one was gonna be a big fat lesbian no I'm just saying because you got you got you picked Venus okay you picked Venus you picked woman okay of course you're a lesbian of course of course you're a lesbian of course of course of course of course okay yes great this is great you have opportunities many opportunities I would say in terms of the dating sphere in terms of those that would love to be with you long term long term because that's what stones are about to the earth earth elements about years decades and okay you're quagga cotton this alright so for your second card you got I have them spirals and rubbers so this card is about this passion that never burns out right and this card is also also about arguments and whatnot no in this deck it's about this dragon here I excuse me spitting fireballs into the depths of these these little valleys here in the darkness of the night shining light into one's own the crevices of one's own consciousness now this being in Reverse this has been a long passion for you women women have been a long-term passion for you that you have been pretty aware of you've been pretty aware of it and that's that's part of why why your answer is yes this passion is not gonna go away okay this passion is not going away for women alright so yes you're a lesbian you felt it and you're always gonna feel it all right we got balance balance for your angel card so huh that's interesting that I would say you'd always feel that way you've always felt that way and you're always going to so balance um that's interesting so it's almost like you have a balance idea of your sexuality and you've had a balance idea of your sexuality so for this being your advice just maintain that maintain that balance quite simply just maintain that yeah that way you can feel very confident and you can attract the partners that you desire per se desire that you would be best for that's what I mean to say and that would be best for you so your native spirit Oracle card is warrior of the heart oh wow be strong my girl be strong you're strong like a polar bear you know polar bears these days they're mixing with the the grizzly bear so since polar bears habitats are getting basically they're deteriorating polar bears have been migrating to where the grizzly bear is live I believe in Alaska and they have actually been mating and crossbreeding and hybridization with these bears so now there are half polar half grizzly bears I believe they call them like the Paisley Bear I like the prison I thought it was pretty I'd rather call him frisbee bear honestly there are these tan or even gray bears they have a variety of shades because of the nedick's genetic splicing so I like to make that note about this so basically the polar bear is a very strong bear for that matter because even now you can see through the animal kingdom that it's coming out on top it's finding ways to adapt so you are like the warrior of the heart so this is just say that yes you're a lesbian and yes you are a strong strong lesbian and that you may even be a beacon for other lesbians like you may be a warrior for other lesbians to help them come out to help them realize themselves or to help them find some sort of freedom or sanctuary so yeah this is very a very positive sign you're a warrior you're a lesbian warrior that's what I got to say all right so that's all I have for you me which you go well women you know.

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