WE SHARE A CAR | Lesbian Couple Gina and Alex

Looking at your phone already.

We're already filming.

I'm sorry.


Hello Alex Are you gonna say anything? Yeah, you didn't give me script well, okay Hello – hello Alex we're talking about how we share a car we are yeah Alex dear take me to the store No, please No We share everything in this relationship Unfortunately, we share a cat we share a hairbrush.

We share a bed.

We share a pencil I need the fucking pencil already.

We share a TV We share clothes we share everything even our car I just want to clarify that we do not share a toothbrush and whoever assumed that is Disgusting you're disgusting.

We both have our own toothbrushes and they're color-coded Gina likes to put her toothpaste all over the bathroom Because she is a mess-up slob.

It's not a massive.

I Am maybe I'm a little bit of a slob but yes, yes, we do indeed share our hyundai Kona which we named Rupert Hurt for short actually or something.

Well, actually if I'm okay Moretz unnamed the car Well, you may think this is a romantic ordeal sharing a car every day being all lovey-dovey and driving off into the distance together You are wrong.

It is very very difficult making sure we can both go to all the places that we need to go That's true.

Why is that true? Because Gina's schedule takes her all around the globe and she wastes a lot of mileage on our name colour Yeah, once upon a time get off your phone Once upon a time we both had separate cars.

I had a 2016 Hyundai Elantra, and I have a 1993 Mercury Cougar What it's old year old true but then on a day very much like the one you have just witnessed that's from It's from tower terror.

My car was stolen However, this is not why we share a car actually the Milwaukee PD recovered my car a week later The interior of the car was an ashtray here an ashtray doesn't even make any sense.

That joke doesn't work for everything our old one Don't worry sleek as it's true.

Yeah, I Do feel better The Elantra was leased and I had to return the car once the lease was up.

So that's why I don't have my own car It's just a cool story.

What's a cool story? No one is not a cool story I was violated you survived some may say it's me being cheap others may say it's me being lazy But I just haven't found the right car yet It's her being lazy, Oh due to a mysterious benefactor at last June We while Alex got the Hyundai Kona and it has been hell on wheels.

I don't know what that expression is Good bad neutral, but it has been hell on wheels Q&A time ok, Alex.

Our intrepid reporter went out and interviewed several people and asked them if they had any questions about us and our Situation where we share a car we are here to answer your burning questions This question comes from guide man in Tennessee Why do you share a car? Please? Refer to everything I've already said in this video who drives from Talisa patootie in New York City Alex Alex driving to me is a very complex Activity that is best done by Alex picture You're like 100 year old grandma But the big huge glasses on and then you're nearing what gene is like that is not true at all the very cautious driver What do you like driving me around? It has its moments.



That's great.

Do you like driving me around Gina? No, it's the worst.

Do you like a dog from motion Oh Jackson and undisclosed location.

I Mean, yeah, what enough Q&A you people are weird Alex you picked weird people you asked for interesting questions Let's get to the good stuff There are some pros and cons to sharing a car Sharing a car with Alex means we get to spend more quality time together sharing a car with Alex means I always get to do a duet to wicked with someone my dearest darlingest mumsy and popsicle my dear father there's been some confusion over rooming here at shit is we only need to use one phone for GPS meaning I Can sit on my phone on Instagram? There are many many many many many many cons many doesn't even sound like a word anymore many Sharing a car with Alex means I have to sit around at work at the end of the night waiting for her to pick me Up Jerian car with this one means that I have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to take her to work This one has a name.

She forces me to go on errands with her yuck I have to over to a lot of places and more you mean an mow You have to uber to a lot of places and more what? Just there's more cons, but I couldn't list them all.

Well, you didn't specify that It was no, okay and more cons.

Is there a future for us? yes, I Mean, is there a future for us sharing a car? The answer is no Well, we are in the works of getting a secondary vehicle Or repair my 1993 Mercury Cougar comeback you'd even point out my happy camper shirt.

Oh, I love this shirt.

It says That Alex is a happy camper Did you point out my shirt? I? Believe they can see your shirt.

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If you would hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications so that you always know when is there a cat but just turn on your notifications for when our new videos come out and then you can oh You know the patient for oh my god Gina now, it's just uploading a new video and in the comments Tell us what you think of sharing a vehicle with your sing that being out there.

Do you do it? Do you have your own car? What would you do if you had to share your vehicle with a significant other? We can't wait to read your responses See you next week We share everything Okay, did you know that no I just made up these questions, okay, don't talk I'm not gonna tell them that who drives from Talisa patootie Thank you.

You made these out that's shocking who drives from Talisa patootie and Laughs but who drives from police? Beta you just go of another name.

Oh we're sitting here You're doing Kilda good, what's her name? What Glinda lanes you're not liens well, whatever you are make me pizza That was good, that's a good interpretation of it.

You don't even know like what are you even trying to do? Just always turn on your notifications for us because That's no that's mean just turn on your door And she's on her phone not even paying attention as we film a video.

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