so writing here will be a good area okay so you have alcohol swabs first yep let's go right here yeah right there would be perfect okay now you're gonna go on a little straight 90 degree angle so you're just gonna go BAM yeah certain if you want to actually you can kind of like help guide his hand one two three go and then you're done no we're going to enough hey what is up you guys my name is Tom Ryan and this is I'm three years on testosterone three one two three that's a magical number right there how many there's three living beings in this room right now let me fin and noodle three brain cells in my head Joe Bob and Jim and I'm three years on testosterone incredible I'm have some questions you guys have some questions I'll be being three years aunty I've been socially transitioning since I was like 13 14 and I just turned 20 like last week last week was my there's auntie now I'm gonna try to get through as many questions as possible and there's a ton of questions like hundreds and hundreds of questions on here so I'm not gonna screenshot them put them on the screen like I normally do I know I'm sorry how long did it take for your voice to change I'm gonna say a few months definitely like at least three for me personally but definitely everyone is different depends on your dose depends on the way your body adjust the testosterone and all that kind of yo if you can google questions don't ask me have you started to lose hair like is the whole beware of hair loss ordeal a real thing to worry about um genetics man testosterone is gonna work depending on your German genetics like if you know that your dad is 50 years old involved then you're probably gonna be 50 years old involved because that's how male genetics run in your family personally all the guys still have full heads of hair on my dad's side and my mom's side so like I'm chillin I don't have any hair loss my hairline hasn't changed at all my hair is too much right now there's too much it's weird it's lopsided what is this line point tears it's a mohawk over here like what's this um but yeah I don't know hair loss didn't affect me at all I still still got her why they're still changes or did stuff stop changing at one point I'd say after eight months I wasn't really keeping track of anything anymore things have still happened they've been gradual things like growth I I think my voice has changed did your height change yes I grew two inches I was five two before I start testosterone and I was five four literally a few months later that wears shoes on five five so technically I'm five five how much does your face shape change auntie I don't know decide for yourself that yeah what kind of question is this does your growth hurt yes bitch that hurt like a I remember I called up my friend Justin while it was happening because he was like a few months like ahead of me I was like man how the I make this stop hurting my dick her he's like brother you're like you can do it's like put ice on it and numb the out your dick so it won't hurt so it'll be numb and I was like I guess that's what I gotta do and then I did it and honestly the process is doing that was worse but the end results better I don't know it did eventually got Annamma didn't hurt anymore I don't know if I would suggest freezing your dick but um that's what I did or the change is still happening or they kind of stopped where they are I know someone literally just asked this question I forgot to mention because I know someone else was asking about fat redistribution fat redistribution me man okay so here's what I did like the first a fatness redistribution typically from what I had heard back in the goddamn day started happening around like four to six months on T so from my three to six months and I got Top surgery six months on T but three to six months is when I started working out I'd go to the gym every night I would run to the gym right outside my neighborhood and I would work out for an hour or two Tom sweat my damn balls off and then run back home in 2:00 a.


because no one was there and I didn't have to her binder I worked out around then that way cuz like when the fat redistribution happened it didn't go from like my like ass and hips to my stomach it just went from my ass and hips to nowhere it dissolved because I worked out um recently I don't know what the happened well I dunno what the happened I started pellets I'll get into that later but I have a video about that if you don't know anything about them were if you don't know anything about me being on them anyway started pellets about a year ago battery sterve you shouldn't hit me like a brick man I used to have a bunch of pattern on my like hip bone area and now they are there I can see them am i skinny it might have an Irish no man because I got that bro I got fast four days one of the questions someone like DM me about was like hey is weed bad for I don't know is smoking weed bad on testosterone or something like that cuz it like lowers testosterone levels I don't know for me I just be chillin I smoke weed all the time my levels are still way higher than they should be and honestly I need to fix that because don't ever let your levels do that because that could reconvert back into goddamn estrogen man I'm sorry I'm cursing so much I've realized I curse so much I removing his stop if I talk about topic that makes me uncomfortable I end up cursing a lot and like laughing at things I really shouldn't be laughing at so I'm so sorry I be laughing at but I don't like talking about this it's just that like you know Tyler Oakley be getting like 15, 000 views normally on a video now I don't know and be watching YouTube anymore if I want views I gotta talk about some some weird so here you are listen to some weird either cuz you're weird or because um it pertains to you and if it does pertain to you then hello how are you how is your life probably sucks did you notice changes in skin texture / thickness and how quickly I'd say within a few months my skin definitely got thicker my favorite thing in the world was when the skin over here got super thick like the skin over here used to be very like light and soft and like then I I don't know if that's the words to use but I remember like literally feeling it get like rough I was like this is the okay and then also like I remember like this was a very squishy part of my body like my arm like you know I mean I don't know it was squeaky squishy like a like a thigh you know like a butt but now I mean like I don't work out anymore basically when I worked out to like for my fat it was me like abs and hips and legs and she's like that I'm really touched on arms as you can guide to him tell if I took off my hoodie it be the same width as my forearm look like over here but this went from like squishy but to like like like I wouldn't say like a rock but it's like you got like a rock in there wrapped in like bubble wrap no like I don't like a tight a tightness I don't know how to explain it but it's it's it's very neat very cool it's something that just ended up happening within like my leg first I don't know if I want to say two maybe three on the third or fourth month maybe that's when that happened especially my stomach but like I remember I was really like psyched on my arms um how much facial hair can grow we never see you grow it out we've never seen you grow it out before um just shaved before this video I just grow like a dirt stache I don't know it was something naturally filled thrilled for back in the day when I first started to get it but I kind of think it makes it look dirty so I shave it I think it's gross I don't know I had a friend who like when I was like 15 14 I had a friend who was like also trans and like he was on testosterone he was like he was 19 20 at the time I think I don't really remember but he always brought this dirt stash and I was like cool I'm gonna also do that and then when I finally started testosterone I was like this is disgusting why would anyone ever let me do this like it looks it looks it looks dirty looks dirty and you look like a dirty baby like a tiny dirty baby I don't like looking like a tiny dirty baby okay also half the time if I like get lazy and forget to shave it like I'm I work from home for a week straight and don't leave the house and I finally get in the Hoover so I can go get lunch or something and then I have my mustache my hair short oh god if the hair short the uber driver they put their hand on the damn backseat they turn around they go hola and I'm sitting there like I can barely speak English anyway sorry I realize this has been going for a long time do I still get really moody or died down 110 minutes on I still get mood swings you could just be a moody person yeah I remember that I don't know my anger was really bad the first the first month month first second third maybe up to the fourth or fifth month it was really bad they get was really bad like I was like punching holes in walls breaking slam and like not just like slamming doors or some like like taking and like slamming it into the damn wall or some does your whole family know you're transgender no my mom's side the family has no idea I transitioned they have not spoken to me since I've been on t like we have to have my sister pretend to be me on the phone my mom is Japanese so we don't really know we're gonna do we don't really know we're gonna do when they want to visit really they wouldn't be later like hey how is her graduation we were like it was dandy it was great she definitely graduated okay my mom said like lips not in Florida so it's easier to do to like avoid and then on Facebook you know like they're not on the Internet my dad's side is different haven't seen any of my family since I started testosterone except maybe my I saw him last time I saw my dad was when I was maybe six months on T I was taller than him and he was pissed off that's my son my grandma I don't know I was fighting with her about how my dad needs to pay child support but she's called me being trans I feel like in front of him she probably doesn't call me Ryan or he or him or anything but in front of me she does it I have a very distant family that I didn't really know existed until I after I came out as trans and they're really cool with me being trans and like I don't know they're all my dad's sites they're very like southern as well and I don't know if they they don't really care to like oh that sounds damn dear cool he's a boy dude dude and I'm like okay cool neat not sound sad but like I really have like family to tell they don't really talk I don't know I don't know [Music] ever since they kind of like thought about me being queer it's like parents kept me far away from the others from from both ends of the family before you want auntie did you ever have doubts I know it's normal to feel off about things you haven't done before but oh they're asking basically like if I had like a what-if League was I like what if this isn't for me what if uh a quick answer is no I never doubted going on testosterone cuz I've been waiting years and years and years to get it like I came out I figured out his chance and I was like thirteen went through like the shittiest I went through hell man I'm gonna I'll straight-up claim saying that I went through hell and back and literally hell again to get testosterone you guys know no idea the kind of I've gone through to get testosterone the amount of beatings I took the amount of and like family I showed up to my door with guns because of this kind of okay like I've really gone through to get testosterone obviously this is wasn't in the comment at all this is just something I have my mind because I feel like I'll probably read it someone saying like my biggest pet peeve is people saying your transition was so easy yeah okay my genetics my body reacted very well the testosterone I will give it that compliments to the chef and that is me but like to obtain my transition in ordered so medically and properly socially transition I really had to go through hell okay maybe I'll like to talk about that in like other videos if you know you know but man I went through hell man I went through how what's the best shaving routine in products um non spawn I did a sponsorship with them a while ago but Dollar Shave Club they're really good their razors are really nice and like whatever the like I don't know in the little five dollar kits you know like the like pre scrub the shave butter and the after should that shit's nice that shit's nice as but also if your hair like then I don't know like back with my mustache hairs were super thin and I could just wet a razor and go boo boo boo boo I'm done this bond growth still occur or what um when I got another big chunky dose of testosterone it did occur again I went from doing shots which you know like I said in that one video shots are like your levels either once it's injected you little go whoop and then like throughout the week he goes woo and then you get injected next weekend goes whoop and thirdly because uh with me it was like because I'd never do my shots because I hate shots me a hate shots I'll never shots man I do the pellets now it's I've been doing it for a year straight I'd say it's like gay the cut your booty cheek open and then they put these little tiny going to rice looking things in your booty and then you're good it naturally relieves this testosterone as if you were cyst over the next like three to four months so like instead of it's like yes my testosterone except my problem is mine way yeah so for like a good few months I was crazy I was insane I can focus on still kind of can and so many issues use your top surgery at a hospital or plastic surgeon I think he's a cosmetic surgeon delray not that what's his name Schmidt he's in jail right a man will try to speak he's in Delray Florida his name was Drew Schmidt um all of my like top surgery videos have like links dish if you want to check it out I'm gonna get like an honest review like years and years later cuz like the meat blogging it was I'll talk about that another time but I don't know if you don't have insurance and you're a minor and German Florida I'd say set sail man just go for it but if you're like I know a lot of people are going to him because I went to him and like that's very flattering and I agree that my chest turned out really good compared to his other results trying to work my things very carefully here because he was very sweet he was very to be his whole entire staff was super sweet bedside manner was like incredible the best and they still keep up with me and they're really nice but I would say if you're smaller go to him but the results I've seen from people who have had bigger chests in the past and then go in for double incision with him I don't know personally those aren't results I would want I definitely feel like he put my nipple over here way too far over they look a little funky in my opinion but whatever I mean it's way better than not having top surgery and it wasn't that expensive compared to other like surgeons I mean like I'm gonna try to get this tattooed to try to fix it I know tattooing around this one definitely helped it look more even so I'm gonna try to tattoo around that one I hope it makes that one look more even I really wish my scars were straight and not all Jaggi and cook it but also that could have just been the way I healed I know that like something stretched over here because of the way this this right here stretched because the way I healed that nothing to do with him but yeah I don't know obviously I wish that I didn't have scars I wish my nipples weren't in weird places but I'd rather have them to the side like assist male then in the center like a female I know a lot of people who get peri I mean like I've seen really good parry results still get me wrong like really good ones like ones where I'm like can I have it can you give it to me do you want to transfer it I'll trade it I'll trade right now um and I was borderline parry but I was borderline to the point where it was suggested to get double decision and I was like woo I don't want nipples in the damn center of my chest like a woman so I'm going to get double decision and that was my reasoning for it obviously I'm not saying if you have parry your results suck like I said a lot of really good parry results but I don't know not to anyone up but touch your ears go down thank God my fingers let it out my nipples I don't know what I would have done if they didn't that's where your nipple should be if you're a dude under ears so don't be like don't be like hmm and her nipples where's this one surgeon if I figure out his name on flash it but you always do the center nipples on double incision and I'm like stop is it hard comparing your transition to other trans guys definitely not I'd say it's difficult comparing my life to sis men but also it's kind of not because at the same time I don't know it depends on what specifically we're talking about whenever I get like I want it I want to say body image issues you know it's dysphoria but like body image issues looking in the mirror and then going online I don't know people always like social media has like harm my mental health and I'm like that's crazy it's made me feel so much better about myself oh but I mean I'd be looking at people and I'm like wait I look like that I'll be looking at sis guys I'm like I look like that wait a second not trying to body shame at all this is not by you shaming because obviously no matter what body you have you're doing just fine as long as you can breathe on your own if you can't breathe on your own I'm very sorry if that was offensive I'm sure your machine is doing just well you guys are a team look at all these damn tick tock boys bro see Smitty five four love Anthony he got tiny torso big hips and sweat pants that man made me go out wear sweat pants shirtless because I look like that so from where that bitch don't even have you started on Shay's Hudson I can move my arms around now I'll be like this in pictures now yes right look my tiny ass shoulders with my shoulder this small why because she slits and has it and for some reason all these girls think he's high and I don't know like that maybe realize like yo let me look at how wide Chris Evans hips are Oh sick let me look at you know like there's so many dim it's just guys I don't know the things that I'm just spark about but mostly things I miss is wearing about I can just search of a picture of some random ass this guy celebrity and be like oh that's something that's definitely helped me out a lot I don't know ever since this summer when these tik-tok boys went all viral and I was like wait a second I'm skinny I'm skinny as a damn twig too because I used to be like okay like looking like this is fine but I wish I had some muscle I could work out but I'm lazy but then I start looking at these guys I'm like oh I need to do all that I just look her out pre-transition looking at other trans guys transitions I mean like I want that that was definitely really hard but now that I'd like oh no like I'm sorry but I went through need in it and once in it a niche in scratchin an clawin the damn devil for it and now I have it so I don't know there's nothing for me to be jealous about I guess with anyone I wake up I don't know this game's not really corny and really cheesy but I've like you can you can ask Aaron my boyfriend like I wake up every day and I'm like very thankful for what I have like I have like like I'm not like you know like I'm very able-bodied compared to most people and like I don't know I'm on testosterone like I have like the right hormones flowing through me like I have surgery like I I'm doing great like I walk outside and I get called he so like at the end of the day like I'm really happy with with everything I've got like yeah I'm a little short but we're taller shoes or like yeah a little skinny but I put on a hoodie you know like I don't know I'm very like thankful for like the body I have and things like that I don't think I would have said something like that like a year ago but or even like six months ago I'm definitely very thankful that like oh I own this what's an Inc an uncommonly liked thing about testosterone less you like I guess people don't like acne I don't like it I don't really have acne got like one spot over here do you see it that bitch if for some reason you've stayed to the end here here's what you going for I am now officially a whole year on testosterone and this is my voice two years on testosterone this is my voice three years on testosterone imma do it but old times sake stay safe stay happy umbrella of you guys okay bye [Music] you.

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