Argentine Television gets its First Transgender woman Diana Zurco News Anchor

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Smee importance of March 17 2020 way no situs Argentina Diana get did not attend her high school graduation because she refused to receive of the plumber with her birth name at age 17 years oh and considered a boy by school's official she Grover here alone at a doctor today of Diana after the Ellis character on the show V about an extra correction invasion now forty years old she recalled the youthful rebellion while sitting in a comfortable chair in the studio in Argentine public television stations ahead of her de beauté at the country's first trench in the newscast a milestone for her excluded community that often the target of a violence an has a life expectancy throughly half of that of the rest of population now my president Stalin society she said in a small voice of the professional announcer that she used on Monday when she became she began her job as the co-anchor for the public television public television primetime evening program news now it is an invitation of society that says this is me behind me there are more people like me who wants to express themselves we are capable we can study we can train ourselves we can communicate to you what is happening to our country Diana told The Associated Press in the interview the government estimated at Argentina has between 12, 000 to 13, 000 transgendered adults out of the population that extends of 44 million now it is a small group of ordinary people that don't know a trans firsthand this is a lack of connection of the daily life use prejudice and discrimination stay Espen an executive director of an institute of LGBT public policies now diana presence as newscaster will let prejudice society begin to see trans people are like everyone else the activists said according to the officials figured in Argentina the ABA's licensee is change in a person is 41 years old why the trans people live such a short lines Diana asks because they are in situation marked for the family exclusion a high percentage of transgender girls and that our country are expelled from their homes at the very young age and as in the absence of opportunities their bodies end up being like their merchandise for their jobs in the first six months of 2019 sixty crimes against trans in the LGBT community were reported Argentina now more than half of those were against transvestites transsexuals intervention to women according to the National observation of the LGBTQ hate groups diana studied the catholic school dinah study in the Catholic school until she was the age of 17 years old she said I am dying I'm not gay effing a feminine boy I'm a trans I'm a trans boy the school priests voice the boys to cook they're here above the colors of their shirt she refuses kept her here long and was spelled a year before graduating she competed she completed her studies in the school and the public school but didn't go to receive the degree because it didn't want to be called by the any males name she said the energy came close to moose she came close to prostitution but took a hairdressing course and started earning money sweeping up here in the beauty salon she also worked in the office and later took a difficult exam among 1500 applicants to study the career and announcement the study's beginning back in 2012 the same year Argentine confessed the same year Argentina Congress approved a law that lets people choose the dinner the gender they registered an official document as far as nine thousand transient people have used the laws which also guarantee access to free sex change surgery the hormone treatment only three province including way no scientists have equipment to carry out these the operations in the public hospitals however the economy crisis also slowed down supplies of treatment according to Poland up to nitrogen and women of Argentina television lowly largely been women limited to entertainment programs or soap operas we didn't look at Diana because she was a transit now so we look for her because she was a very good professional said Rosado president of radio and television Regina but what only way to get there is to have the doors open for you we all know how difficult it is for those women to win a spot circuses congratulations and God bless you good it is a hard thing to do is to compete in this world and be different but when you start true with yourself and you don't let anyone stop you or getting your hair to go against you you can do anything so on this positive day my two-spirit people out here here is a person has already on TV I'm sure there's others but I want to give you a little positive message in this day of depression with so many things the corner and in this world and a coronavirus has got everybody depressed here's a little bit encouragement so I hope you have a great day share this video we can like and remember one thing in life don't give up on you cuz you never know how close she was or how close you are to the dreams or the things that you never thought you get to you might be even closer than you ever could imagine you may be a step away or go away an hour away 50 minutes away or a second away so don't turn around whatever you're trying to do in this life and no matter how many times people get saying no no no you may be the step or the door away from yes it's like you're right there don't give up get right there you can't see it but it's there waiting for you never give up on you fight for you surround yourself around people who appreciate you love you and celebrate you and stand there and fight for you to be happy it is very important to live in a world where people that are very supportive because we're gonna get a lot of those a lot of people will make us feel like we're less than we have to stand up with each other say I am more than I'm more than what you think I am I'm bigger than what you think I am I'm gonna show you who I am and when I show you it's gonna hurt your eyes cuz you're not gonna believe the person I really am in front of you so why you shooting me down let's go give me strength to be even stronger and I'm gonna prove to you in the world I didn't give up you tried to break me you try to meet before but every time you made me fall grab something that came right back up cuz I believe in me and I'm gonna make it anyway like I said before scratch on my channel I just hop this it's grant button if you follow me on Farley Bay how do you feel about this video did it encourage you do you make you feel like fighting on let you know that somebody's out there doing it there's one that could be next and you could be the next person hold on to your dreams no matter how far away it seems you just may be five minutes away and let you I love you and thank you for watching history.

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