Bullies Attack America's First Transgender Homecoming Queen

Cassidy Lynn Campbell is the firsttransgender girl to win homecoming queen in Renohigh school and that's in Huntington Beach California and that was a really big story lastweek because everyone was elated by this news I mean not everyone but people were progressivein our favor equality were elated by it

because it shows that we're movingtoward accepting different groups of people right it's a little bit of progressionin the country however now she's getting a bunch ofhate and she took to her YouTube account to kinda talk about it and I feelterrible for her because now she's been launched into

this public figure and she has to deal with a lot of crazy peoplethat are against her lifestyle so here's what she says I'm always judgethem always look down upon them always made fun of sometimes I wonder is it even worse that it just hurts so badbecause I feel

just as much of a girl as all of them do and then she says I'mjust as much a human being as they are the fact that these other people can saythe things they say an act the way they act they think the way they think is just inhumane

so Ijust I I don't wanna be little which is goingto because which is going there is going to be horrible and is horrible there are somany people out there that are gonna put you down and they're gonna judge you andthey're gonna act like what you're doing is sinful

and you are all lower human being but atthe same time once you open yourself up to people onthe internet open yourself up to society you have towelcome the criticism and you have to welcomethe hatred because there's so many sad pathetic people out there yeah they have nothing better

to do thanto tear you apart so you should feel bad for their don'tfeel bad for yourself it anything you are and outspoken beautiful person who is actually makingor or leading to change in the countryespecially when it comes to the transgender community so I want to keep up the

good fightdon't let that happen discourage you in any way shape or form and you know thatPSA brought to you by Ana Kasparian but it's just you read this and my heart breaks forher because I really want her to feel empowered by what she's doing yet I it's unfortunate

because thisseems to have started from a news report about her winning whichwas intended to show look at how like understandingintolerant progressive her classmates are and so they weretrying to do something good unfortunately they projected out to where many more people would findout about it and it turns out

that on the internet there's like bad people really bad and there react horribly andI hope that in posting that YouTube video aboutthe experience I hope that she disabled the comments because you're gonna geteven more attention based on that hellier any more tension based onDiscovery right now you're looking

for a cheap disabled disable the cuts to really jack is justto be able but strolls like I disagree I think that you shouldallow them to say whatever they want to say just like we do with our videos Iget his comments all the time you know what fuck you

know I get that but Iunderstand the capacities in high school which is not your site you'repsychologically at a different point like it in terms a peer pressure in adifferent point Lake it its obviously especially hard fortransgendered individuals but many groups it the author absolute hellin high school and

so it's both courageous that she waswilling to do this knowing on some level that there would be a negative response16 it went out there and the the stupid basses responded to it but by the same token I don't see why ata very vulnerable point in her life she

should willingly open yourself up interms of enjoying the comets are getting theComets just avoid that appreciate the fact that the people inhigh school seem to be supporting your least on some level more than we mighthave expected and I don't know and and surroundyourself with positive people yeah I

definitely agree that you shouldsurround yourself with positive people the only reason why would disable thecomment is because these people are vicious so if theydon't if they don't have the ability to say hateful things about you in thecomments section of I do so or also feister email they're gonna

make your life miserablegive them not open forum to say whatever it is that they want to say there's no record of these people beingassholes and just don't read it liked I mean look what the heat I get isprobably nothing compared to the heat she's getting right now but

I just don't read the comments andthere's nothing that can make me sit down and read comments on any video I do unless it's my blogsometimes every comments there but you just gotta be willing to allowthem to see what they say but don't read it and i know its

really difficult to dothat at first but it'll pay off

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