Free health care services for transgender people

it was unlike any other sexual health care center I'd ever been to one it's completely holistic so they offer a whole range of services from yoga to meditation to counselling to Pilates and all the other stuff that we as trans people know that we need so to talk

to somebody about our hormone levels to talk about hormone levels and interactions what I want people to know that clinic you is it it exists and we're expanding and we want to grow and that if they have any concerns at all about their sexual health care and about

their kind of wider health care then please do call in to clinic you we've grown from a very small start with a very small attendance to actually really quite a large group of service users that attended regularly and and new people as well and that's been an important

for aggression of building up trust within the community in terms of my role it's about HIV prevention HIV testing and also coordinating people's HIV care after they've tested positive and ensuring people that have the best HIV care possible of any given Wednesday we could sometimes see between maybe

twenty to thirty people it might be for counseling it might be the case work support it might be for sexual health testing or treatment we've got a really popular acupuncture service as well and yoga classes which tend to maybe bring people into a sexual health clinic when they

wouldn't necessarily want to come to a sexual health service otherwise it works really nicely and our partner services in terms of still more housing advice once a month and also access to referrals to Gallup the LGBTQ anti violence charity for help with hate crime and other areas of

violence counseling a clinic you can offer a space to have a non-judgmental affirming trans affirming a non-binary affirming space to speak so that you don't have to explain yourself and you can just trust in that clinic you will will understand a little bit already when you're coming in

to see us it can almost be a space for exploring empowering almost like a flowering in gender identity rather than necessarily confusion it can be about going through stages of growth and growing into your skin really it's a place for me to network and connect to people meet

new people when I came here I was unhappy with my hormones and I just thought that the whole idea of this trans clinic which was actually an NHS clinic exclusively for trans people and trans issues was just a bit of a dream really and my first time I

went there and after I left I felt like I was walking on air I was just so happy and felt so good and had a really solid to the sense of well-being and I've been listened to and heard I named some pop counts name from people that understood

it which I knew I couldn't get from the normal doctors and also them having a specialist nurse there he checked me out make sure everything was okay and if I have a problem I'm annoying but maybe a prompt I just taught myself down there on the Wednesday and

he gives me a full check out very often after you've been to two or three times you find yourself engaging with other people it gives you a sense of belonging it actually is a little haven for our community and the other thing I would say is that the

people that the range of people that go to the go to the clinic is wider than any of the groups I've ever been to tackling occurred in the where we gonna because we'd be useless no check you know you go to regular Hospital sometimes and they're not really

trained in this department so they're clueless but we clinically everyone's friendly supportive sympathetic respectful it's happened we're coming out to our five year anniversary of continuous service of Kimiko and we've grown such a large on what we're looking for in the longer term there's travel more dedicated space

where we can offer our services a wider range of services for the communities and at the moment we don't have funding to deliver the services so sustainability for longer term what we need is the funding to be able to do that and the future of nuke you does

depend on our growth and our expanding to other areas

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